Saturday, June 15, 2013

Time On My Hands

Usually on weekends I play catch up on the laundry and cleaning all while trying to fit in physical activity, shopping, creativity and of course blogging.

With work no longer in the picture, it is amazing what I can do - there is time for sports, blogging and creativity and shopping - although I am trying to use what I have.

 The date is deceptive - I FINISHED all of these today, but they have been in the works for several days.

I love polka dots and was was looking for an old tin to paint yellow with dots when I remembered that I already had something similar.

To complete this project, all I had to do was go to the attic, get the container, cut out some hearts from newspaper, stick them on jute and grab one of the 5 orchids I received as retirement gifts.

I like it in the arch of the porch - usually things blow off, but I think the can is heavy enough to stay put.

 I love to use words in my decorating and tried to find different size flat pieces of wood at Michael's  with no luck.

This morning, I looked for interesting shaped rocks on the beach and transformed them with a little paint and letters.

I found a crate at Michael's and was going to paint it, but I decided to live with it while I decide just what I am going to do with my creative space.

Right now it is sitting on a shelf in the garage holding favorite old containers - each filled with craft supplies.

I am participating in the Where Bloggers Create 2013 at My Desert Cottage on July 12 so EVERYTHING might get a coat or paint.

I started crocheting the bags a couple of days ago and mostly crocheted while I sat on the window seat watching Steve make dinner each night - believe me, he doesn't want my help.

My bags are not as fancy because I have not found a pattern I like so I am creating my own pattern using the limited skills I have.

They are quick and easy to make and I like the embellishments I added.

I want to start an Etsy shop and the bags are a possibility.

I know I am totally out of season, but I love the heart on the left and really wanted to try my hand at felt hearts.

They are fast . . .  easy . . . fun . . .

Won't they look cute as a Valentine banner?

The best part - no cost - using up supplies in the garage.

One of the hearts will be going to Paula at Home in Douglas because she commented that she would like to make some and I offered to send her one of her choice.

I am feeling pretty good - 8 days and 11 of the 30 projects are complete.

My old complaint was lack of time.

Now, I have time on my hands, but the 19 projects that are left are a little trickier.

I am starting a new cushion for my window seat on Monday and it will definitely not be a 1 day project.

I am getting together with my sister next week and hope to snag a few of the items from my parents' old garage.

Some of the items are proving to be elusive-

 Plates I have wanted for a long time have been discontinued.

A yellow and white striped pitcher is far more money than I should spend on something I really don't need.

But, I am determined and like my S U M M E R rocks, I may have to get creative with my projects.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. I love the time on my hands comment. I feel the same way. I don't need to rush around anymore on the weekends! I am loving it!

  2. You sound like you are having a wonderful time and I envy you getting all the projects done that you were able to!
    Love those hearts too and the rocks!

  3. Oh wow~
    these little projects are looking good. Glad to see you are coming along with all that you pinned and listed. Can't wait to see what else you have to show.
    ...could you link to your original list, so we could see ALL them again!
    I'm thinking I should make my own list and get crackin!


  4. I love everything! But I especially love the little felt hearts. The way you embellished them is so sweet! The yellow and red one with the little white flower is my favorite - it looks kind of like a forget-me-not (the Alaska State Flower). So pretty! I think I will steal your idea and make a bunch of forget me not hearts.

    Carol - you amaze me with your creativity and energy!

    Today the temps were in the low 80s! Of course, we SE Alaskans are not used to the heat, and so I admit to taking a nap. Today, Charles saw ravens with their mouths open and their tongues hanging out - the wildlife is not used to the heat either!

  5. Good morning Carol!

    I love to come to your blog for several reasons.

    I feel as if I am back home, I can almost feel the ocean breeze, I love the arch in your doorway and your blue paned window, and your creativity blooms daily. I'm not retired, but this year taught as a substitute while trying to give making art a go. I have to say that it was FUN!!!!!! To stay at home and create is a luxury that I didn't have for 31 years. I love your creations, and that you are happy. Enjoy a lovely Father's Day! Anita

  6. Oh my, it must be a ton of fun to finally get these projects done. They are all adorable. Glad you have so much time to create! YAY!

  7. What adorable projects! I love what you did with the orchids, and hearts are always in season as far as I'm concerned!

    Have a blessed Sunday!


  8. I admire your projects so much and how quickly you are doing them! Love those hearts and bags. Painted rocks to form words...perfect! I am enjoying your Pinterst list!


  9. I love the polka dot tins! I think you will do well with an etsy shop :)

  10. You have so much time on your hands when you first retire but it gets shorter as time goes on, I think you learn to relax and do things at a slower pace. A shop is a good idea.

  11. Do you have a regular white pitcher you could paint yellow stripes on? Or maybe find one at T.J. Maxx or somewhere inexpensive like that, to paint? You are getting so many beautiful things made, I'm really excited to follow along reading about it!


  12. I love to follow you in your process of retiring
    It shows me a whole other process than mine
    I always imagened this was how it would go ...
    and now I am at home since I just became 60 .
    And with my back hurting and not willing to cooperate ....
    So ....change of plans all over .....
    I am at another school now THE SCHOOL OF LIFE ....and I am a bad student !
    It is as if I do not speak the language !
    So .... I have to pay much more attention because I have decided I will graduate cum laude !
    Happy new week my by-the-sea- friend

  13. I like your "summer" rocks. I'm going to copy that idea as soon as I'm in holidays!

  14. Your limited crochet talents look good to me, in fact look fantastic. Can't wait to see you store someday, and Congratulations on your retirement.

  15. You know what I was going to say...YOU NEED TO OPEN AN ETSY SHOP!!!! But then I read down further!!! I LOVE those felt hearts with all my heart! They are adorable!!! Please let me know when you open your shop...I will feature it on my blog!!!

  16. Your summer really does rock! And I love your summer rocks too! Glad to see you having so much fun. I never get to spend as much time as I want to in Summerland. Didn't stop at all this trip.

  17. Your projects are all so fun and cute! I'm so impressed at how you're not only keeping up on your challenge but you're ahead! That's so cool! Have fun!