Friday, May 29, 2015

filled with joy


I love how blogging friends get my mind going.

Last night I was reading a post on Gwen Moss titled, The Sacredness of Ordinary Days, and fell asleep pondering my ordinary (probably boring to most) life.

On Thursday nights, my thoughts always turn to my friend Monica of Prince Snow Farm who does #filledwithjoyfriday on Instagram.

This morning I grabbed the camera and went looking for anything that filled me with joy.

The fact that I have the time to just walk around the house taking pictures fills me me joy.

These Turkish towels fill me with joy, not just because they are lovely, but because they are a recent gift from the wonderful woman who will become my son's mother-in-law in just 50 days.

On a recent trip to Turkey, Vega hunted for towels for me in the bazaar - she says we should go to Istanbul together to shop and bring things home to sell.

My Mother's Day gift from Steve fills me with joy because it keeps me hunting for fun quotes to display - unfortunately this typewriter does not work.

My garden

from inside or out,

weeds and all, fills me with joy - I should have gardened today, but I chose to be lazy instead.

This young lady fills me with joy because she makes my son smile and

pardon the poor quality of the photo - Aylin texted me this photo
of one of the gifts at her "Palm Springs Weekend"

will share my name in less than 2 months.

What fills you with joy?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I feel the need . . .

As Steve and I walked early this morning 

through the state beach

and past beautiful old homes,

 I was planning the rest of my day.

 I thought of the line from Top Gun, "I feel the need, the need for speed."

But, in my case it was, "I feel the need, the need to create."

When I got home, I finished up the Bachelorette bags for the Palm Springs Weekend which starts tomorrow.

 I need to get the Mr. & Mrs. garland made and clear off the bed for a visit tomorrow from KC, but instead I decided to do a couple of quick projects for the house.

The oar has been hanging above the sofa for about 17 years and I have wavered between painting the oar a primary color or keeping the weathered wood look.

I decided that some simple stripes would be an easy compromise.

While Steve was grocery shopping, I took the oar down, quickly painted it

and had it back up on the wall before he got home.

He has yet to notice the EAT sign I put in the kitchen on March 8, so it will be interesting to see if he notices the stripes on the oar.

I also had time to paint a sign for the garden.

I love the old cabinet door I painted blue, but sitting on the potting bench on the side of the house, it is never seen.

I thought it might look good on the sewing machine table.

Steve noticed this change because it is the table where he sets the food and his tools when he is barbecuing, but he didn't complain because I already put the books back in the garden house.

I guess times have changed since Cicero spoke this quote before he died in 44 B. C., because I have a garden and a library, but I also NEED to create.

 And, I need to stop slacking and get busy on the garland because there are just 52 days left until the wedding.

Monday, May 25, 2015

It's Memorial Day

Enjoy a wonderful day with your family and friends as we remember those who served our country.

Friday, May 22, 2015


It is just short of two years since I retired from teaching and I still am not adjusted to the realization that I can pretty much do anything I want on any given day.

I like this Bob Dylan quote because it sums up our days.

Yesterday, we walked Lulu on the beach - frequently we are the only people on the beach.

I took the time to pull threads to fringe the edges of this checkered fabric to make a tablecloth.

When I was working, I wouldn't have had the time to fringe the edges nor would I have the time to set a pretty table for the great meals Steve creates.

I found the time to switch things around like changing the contents of my vintage shopping basket from letters to numbers,

I found a spot to store some of my wire basket collection

and I finally switched the knobs on the way too bright red cabinet in the living room - I need to put re-painting it on the "WANT TO" list.

I popped over to the nursery to buy some flowers - these will end up in the garden, but for now they look pretty in my grapevine basket.

Moving a chair into my little garden house

allowed me some time to do some doodling.

The other day I found the time to decorate the dining room shelf in a patriotic theme

and it will stay that way at least through the 4th of July.

As will the patriotic look in the living room.

The wedding invitations are out for Josh and Aylin's wedding

the most fun I am having each day

is creating things for their library themed wedding.

By Dylan's definition of success, I am there, but please wish me success for today.

I brought home my new glasses yesterday, but Josh, Aylin and Steve all say they are "UGLY" and now I "HAVE" to go back to the shop to see if they will possibly exchange them.

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

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