Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Fall Is In the Air

I rarely decorate for fall in September, but the month began with cool days and I decided to go crazy with fall decor.

Faux flowers in the bag on the Dutch door got a fall treatment by simply adding a pumpkin.

I had fun going out of my comfort zone with my color palette.

First came navy and white pillows made in the summer, I added in orange and white check pillows made from napkins and then I found the colorful throw.

All it took was orange candles and a little embellishment on Mr. Goose to give the dining room a fall feel.

The colors of the fall mantel work quite well with this painting of a boat washed up on our beach.

 I am loving decorating this part of the living room since I painted the fireplace white.

I painted a new sign to hide the tv - it will be painted over for each season to fit with the decor.

 The painting of an old Mercedes Benz in the jungle fits right in with the fall colors.

 I asked Steve to change the painting on this wall too - sunflowers worked better than houseboats.

 I needed to paint a few pumpkins to get just the right colors

and added faux foliage to embellish each vignette.

My favorite vignette so far is my old typewriter -

I cut up a paper bag, tore the edges and added stickers left over from stenciling the new sign hiding the television.

I know I went a bit crazy with the pumpkins, but I don't care -

and this different color palette makes me smile.

Friday, September 14, 2018

When life gets in the way of blogging . . .

A series of events, both good and bad, have kept me from my computer,

The first event occurred on August 15, when we moved to this house on Seahorse Avenue, just half a mile from our house.

Not a permanent move,

simply a great landing place while this was happening in our only bathroom.

Our son's in-laws left for Europe on our Demo Day and we took over their house.

Event #2 was a visit from two of our favorite people

We don't get to see Andy very often

so we stayed off social media when we were with him.

Event #3 was very sketchy internet at the Seahorse house which would work sometimes in some rooms and then go out completely - once was in the middle of a call with Apple dealing with Event #4.

Event #4 involves this picture and unfortunately many others - I edit pics in PicMonkey, pop them in my photos file on my MacBook Pro, click on them and watch as they disappear right in front of my eyes.

The photos only disappear when I put them into photos and only on my computer (not Steve's or my Apple caseworkers') - I'm now 4 rungs up the ladder in seniority of trying to solve an issue they have never seen and I have spent countless hours on the phone as we try out different solutions to the problem.

We are back home now and Lulu is quite happy - the toilet is installed, but we still shower on Seahorse.

I snapped this pic 2 days ago and so much has happened since- today the tile man finished, the shower was installed, the electrician finished installing the lights and all repairs were made to the walls.

Tomorrow morning our pedestal sink (the only thing we are reusing) will be installed and we will be one day closer to a 21st century bathroom.

And I will be sharing my fall decor -

that is unless random pictures continue to disappear.