Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Surfside Style


 I have followed Fifi O'Neill for years

reading all her different magazines

 and numerous books.

I was definitely interested last summer when my friend Deborah, of Sakura Blossoms in May

told me Fifi was looking for beach houses for an upcoming book and said I should submit my beach house.

 I sent off pics, Fifi and I exchanged emails and in November Lulu was quite happy to have Fifi visit.

I was beyond excited when the mail was delivered on Monday.

I cannot believe our little shed is on the cover of the book and I am honored to see our little cottage on the pages of this book.

"Flip Flop escape" is an appropriate tag for our house - there are always flip flops on our front porch.

The best part was watching Fifi take things from all over the garden to style this pic.

I enjoyed the banter between Fifi and her photographer Mark Lohman.

I know the flag blanket wasn't on the love seat when the morning began, but it looks great there.

Fifi moved things around in the guest room 

to create just the look she had in mind for the book.

She stole the green bottle full of sea glass and shells from our bedroom and in doing so created my favorite pic of the house.

There are 12 beach houses featured in the book

and each one has a unique style.

This is one of the bedrooms, in my favorite house on Instagram, belonging to Sandra of Old Silver Shed and every picture of her home is fabulous.

This is the home of my friend Molly of Molly in Maine - another of my favorite houses.

 If you want to see more, you can find the book here.

It is definitely a fun book featuring "relaxed living by the coast".

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