Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Steve said he was tired of the blue and white display on the kitchen shelves and believe me I try to keep the head chef happy.

I love yellow 

and thought it would be a nice accent color in the kitchen.

 3 vintage English plates with a sweet floral pattern took center stage on the shelves.

With the plates stacked on top of each other, the pattern didn't show at all so I used a letter holder to balance the plates.

 Yellow trimmed cups hanging from the letter holder add a touch of whimsy. 

I raided the cupboards for any more yellow pieces,

kept a little bit of blue and white on the shelves

I love the cheerfulness of yellow

so I perked up the dining room

 with yellow flatware and roses.

And now, I'm off to the garden to find some yellow flowers for the living room.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

a goose . . . a pig . . . and a bit of blue

The goose 

and the pig 

have nothing to do with the bit of blue 

other than the fact that they arrived on the same day I was painting my bench blue.

The goose and pig are an example of being caught in the World Wide Web where our preferences are known and advertisements pop up on my side bar luring me to specific websites.

I found the Christmas goose and Advent pig on the Maileg USA website for half off with free shipping - they sure know how to get to me!

I know he's an Advent pig, but he is just too cute and some Instagram friends have tagged me recently to show off a little "farmhouse" decor.

The entry is still in the development stage after moving the red cart to the living room - it took up too much space in our little entry.

 I think Mr. Pig looks cute sitting on the cabinet.

The little green step stool fits beneath the window and it doesn't take up nearly the space of the cart.

And now to that bit of blue.

In my last post, I showed you my major fail when repainting my old bench from a bright yellow to what I thought would be a light yellow - yuck!

Yesterday I painted the bench with an undercoat of mint green mixed with Saltwash.

For the top coat I used remnants of the paint used for our house trim

and I love how the mint green peeks through after sanding.

A lot of people suggested that I paint the bench the original yellow, but I am loving this blue bench on the porch.

Miss Goose looks quite cute sitting on the bench, but she is hiding in a cupboard and won't come out again until December.

Have a great weekend!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Win a Few, Lose a Few

Yesterday I read a post shared by Anne of Design Dreams by Anne titled, Wardrobe Makeovers, Flubs and Being Sidetracked , and I had to admit that Anne acknowledging a flub made me smile.

I  had a big fail recently and it made me feel so much better to know that others have flubs too.

This bench on the front porch was looking ratty and I decided to paint it using Annie Sloan English Yellow softened with Pure White.

I don't even know what to call the color it is now and I HATE it - I'm open to color suggestions that will work well with my white house, red door and blue trim.

I lost that one, but I did have a couple of winners over the weekend.

I'm still making changes in our bedroom and I needed one more pillow on the bed (Steve would absolutely disagree with that statement) so I painted a big C on fabric left from another project.

I'm not sure about the pillows and I still have fabric left so the pillows on the bed might change again.

Lulu thinks there are just the right amount of pillows on the bed.

When I mixed the paint color for the pillow, I made too much so I created a sign using scraps of wood left from the headboard Steve built last week.

I am still organizing my supplies in the garage and came across some ladybug buttons so the sign got a little embellishment.

I'm still looking for the perfect spot for the sign, but for now, it's sitting in the garden.

I spent the rest of the weekend tweaking things - like adding a new quote to my typewriter.

I think this vignette in the dining room is a winner,

but I'm still struggling with decorating the cart I moved to the living room.

We have company arriving in 4 days so I hope I can come up with a winner by then.

Friday, August 19, 2016

A Scatterbrained Ditz

Several years ago, someone meeting me for the first time, later described me as "a scatterbrained ditz with a short attention span".

Fortunately, that person is no longer in my life, because I think I'm pretty good about starting a project and seeing it through.

Yesterday I painted and stenciled a chippy old box and now Steve has a little herb garden on the porch.

This morning I was cutting flowers in the garden

when I noticed the window hanging over a garden bench was looking sad.

 I may be a little bit ditzy because I dropped the flowers and headed to the computer to look for a quote for the window.

I found this cute sign at The Country Workshop so I grabbed my stencils to embellish the window.

I went back to cutting flowers to create a bouquet.

Then I had to snap a pic for Instagram,

but after I posted the picture, I thought the space looked lopsided

and needed a little height by the flowers.

The GARDEN sign was just leaning against a bench in the garden so it was added to the flowers.

And of course I had to take another photo

or maybe a whole bunch of photos and I ended up moving the flowers into the house.

Then I remembered that I started rearranging the entry on Tuesday and I haven't finished it yet.

Okay, maybe I am a scatterbrained ditz!