Sunday, September 28, 2014

Crisp & Clean

In 2001, we knocked out a wall to create an entry way and give the illusion of a larger dining room - I chose Benjamin Moore, Provence Yellow for the walls.

circa 2012

With the limited space in our little cottage, we wanted each room to flow into one another.

summer 2014

But, times have changed - in 2001, Steve was a businessman, not a full time artist and our house was not the art studio/gallery that it is today.

In 2007, after studying under the artist, John Comer, Steve began prepping his canvases/boards with orange tone house paint to make the colors pop.

beginning of a commission Steve is working on of a neighbor's daughter and fiancee

The trouble is, against the Provence Yellow walls, the paintings do not "pop" and for a long time, I have wanted to paint the walls white to create a better backdrop for Steve's work.

Recently, "Mr. Bill", our neighbor and house painter, tackled the entry way, dining room and guest room.

We are happy with the crisp, clean look in our little cottage.

Previously, the sand of Hanalei Beach in "The Descendants" blended into the yellow walls, but now the sand stands out.

There were no decor changes made in the entry other than to organize the inside of the cabinet.

For now my old classroom stool graces the entry, but I have some ideas for Halloween decor soon.

"Ha'ena From Tunnels" pops against the white wall reminding us of our recent vacation.

Like the entry, there were few changes in the dining room decor.

Blue and white dishes tie in

with the blue and white of the new SUN SEA SAND pillows on the window seat.

The yellow of my favorite skinny table looks better against a white wall too as does the Ventura Visitor's Bureau poster that features one of Steve's paintings.

I opted to use just two chairs for now and am deciding if I will paint them both blue or leave them as is.

I have no idea if this crisp white color scheme made the difference, but in the 2 weeks since Mr. Bill transformed our entry and dining room, Steve sold a painting and received 3 commissions from visitors to the studio/gallery.

And that is a good thing because after my "asthma episode" we need to be able to go away on a mini vacation while Mr. Bill is painting the rest of the house.

With the entry way and dining room complete, I had time to finish organizing the garage for my creativity.

But, there will be very little creativity for me this week because I need to sand this floor before the bed arrives on Saturday to finish off the guest room.

I work around the house and garden every single day, but it doesn't seem like I ever finish - how did I ever decorate my house when I was working full time?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fortunately . . . Unfortunately

If you are familiar with the childrens' book, Fortunately Unfortunately by Remy Charlip, you will understand my life lately.

There has been a series of good things,

bad things,

good things . . .

Fortunately, we will be having some family members stay with us off and on over the next few months . . .

Unfortunately, that means I have to dissolve my creative space . . .

Fortunately, I can move it back to the garage . . .

Unfortunately, I am not finished with organizing the space . . .

Fortunately, we had a painter in to update the room and he painted the entry and dining room at the same time . . .

Unfortunately, the fumes from the paint triggered an asthmatic reaction in me so not a lot of work got done while I struggled with breathing . . .

Fortunately, I am on meds, feeling better, and got out of the house to visit a few of my favorite shops yesterday.

And, fortunately, I found a bunch of fun things.

Light blue tapers and a small olive green candle finished off a new mantel display with Steve's latest painting, Sentinels.

I didn't need the #2 jar, but it looks right at home with my glass bottle display in the entry way.

I didn't get around to planting the sweet peas so they are just grouped with some roses on the patio table and hopefully I will get to the planting today.

I have no idea what the big yellow dried flowers are, but I like the touch of color they add to the olive bucket display.

The patina on the blue ball is wonderful, but  I think I need to go back and pick up the red and green balls today.

The zinc hearts, numbers and Days of the Week clothes pins will end up in the Advent Calendar I am planning in my head - can't believe I am thinking about Christmas.

And, fortunately, I was able to turn lemons into lemonade to use my down time with asthma

to create 3 books on Shutterfly for Steve & me, KC & boyfriend and JP & girlfriend.

Fortunately, the rest of the living room is coming together and

the garage is organized enough that I was able to make a couple of banners for friends.

And now, I am headed to the beach because fortunately, it is a gorgeous day.

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Passing on the "Blog Love"

I have been doing little in the way of "blog worthy" activities lately.

I did some fluffing on my kitchen shelves,

moved my front porch furniture around 

and spruced up the side of the garage, but nothing that merits a full blog post.

When I received this Home Goods gift card in the mail, it reminded me that I have never posted about the lovely gifts I received from sweet blogging friends.

I was the winner of the giveaway from Dagmara of Glamista Home and I can't wait to make the drive to nearest Home Goods; maybe I will buy some Halloween decor because I promised Steve I would stop buying dishes.

Earlier this summer, my friend Bobbie of Cottleston Pie sent me a fun package

lovingly wrapped in handmade tissue paper.

Inside was the cutest little magnetic mousetrap decorated with our sweet Lulu and a beautiful handmade card now hanging on my bicycle wheel.

And then, there was a great piece of fabric in my primary colors - still waiting to be made into a table runner.

Not long after I received Bobbie's gift, a blog friend I have actually met sent me a surprise package.

Patty of Patty's Pretty Things loves to use her Silhouette to make all sorts of things and she chose gorgeous gold speckled paper to make the tags.

Another item Patty made using her Silhouette is a little book with a great vintage seaside picture - that cute little outfit might have been worn by my mother when she was growing up in Ocean Park.

Just like Bobbie remembering Little Lulu, Patty threw in a pair of poodle socks that won't be worn for a couple more months if our warm weather holds.

Jann of Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson sent me the cutest framed vintage cloth

that found a home on my nightstand.

And last, but not least, Monica of Prince Snow Farm sent me some lovely home grown lavender.

My blog post written, I headed to bed, but I felt like something was missing from in the post - through the night, I realized that what was missing was my personal take on all of the sweet gifts so I got up this morning determined to do be creative.

The piece of fabric from Bobbie was torn in half (lazy me), sewn together and fringed (more laziness) to become a table runner.

Patty's sailor girl and Jann's sailor boy ended up in a shell display - it's still summer here!

Monica's lavender now holds a prominent spot in the living room in an old metal pitcher.

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

And now, it is time to pass on the "blog love".

I made "boo" sachets pillows to thank Monica for the lavender and a few other things she sent me - I won't show them until they are embellished.

I will draw the names of 3 winners who may request whatever words they would like on the sachets.

obviously no one wants a S U M M E R banner now, but it was all I had to show a sample

Or, the winners can opt for a banner with the letters of their choice.

To participate, just leave a comment telling me what letters you would like if your name is drawn and whether you would like sachet pillows or a banner - length is no problem because I have plenty of drop cloth fabric.

 Names will be drawn on October 1.

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

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