Thursday, December 6, 2018

A Cottage Made for Christmas

I'm honored to be joining a talented group of ladies to showcase our homes at Christmas time.

You will find the list and links to all the homes at the end of this post.

Welcome to our humble little cottage.

I love decorating our home any time of year, but our white house and red door make our cottage feel like it was made for Christmas.

My grandparents' step back cupboard dominates the entry

and it's one of my favorite spots in the house to decorate.

The chippy red chair, a recent find, is perfect for a Christmas house.

My numerous Maileg pixies are an homage to my Scandinavian roots  - read here about the history of the pixies or as they are called in Norway, Nisse.

This year I went with all white dishes on the plates racks,

but there are of course pops of red.

As you can see, the red dishes ended up in the kitchen.

I moved things around the house this Christmas - like the grocery cart holding a little faux tree I bought in 2003.

No ornaments for the tree this year, just a felt and wire garland that is over 30 years old and strips of paper with carol lyrics for an upcoming Merry Musical Christmas blog hop.

New stockings I made from drop cloth hang on a cabinet.

My favorite treasures on the cabinet are my aunt's 1927 edition of A Christmas Carol and my mother's 1926 edition of Little Women.

Our faux pencil tree (perfect for our tiny cottage) got a totally different look this year.

In years past I have displayed my fragile ornaments in bowls and baskets,

but this year they are all on the tree along with my treasured wire stars.

 I don't usually do green, but I love the way it pops off the fireplace I painted white last summer.

When not in use, our television hides behind a sign - I painted over an Emerson quote for Christmas.

 I limited decor in our bedroom to a little tree for Steve's sake, he gets a bit overwhelmed by my Christmas enthusiasm - I did not even think about putting any Christmas decorations in his studio.

One of the swaps I made was to remove a cabinet from the hallway and exchange it for a simple drop leaf table that Steve found in my parents' garage over 40 years ago.

Without the tall cabinet, I love this view down the hallway to the guest room, but I have a whole new appreciation for those of you who live in gloomy rainy places because I struggled to get a decent picture on a rare rainy Southern California day.

The guest room is one place where I go all out for Christmas.

The blue cabinet is new this year and a perfect spot for Christmas decor.

I moved my vintage hospital cart from the living room and gave the old door a fresh coat of paint.

More pixies - yes, I probably have too many

but Olaf, my first pixie, needs friends.

Thanks for stopping by our little cottage.

And now, it's time to visit the other houses on the tour -you are in for some fabulous inspiration.





Monday, December 3, 2018

Christmas Magic on the Porch

Welcome to Christmas Porches and Holiday Decor Blog Hop hosted by Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home.

If you are following the blog hop in order then you just visited Shannon of Belle Bleu Interiors - I love her gorgeous style.

And now I welcome you to our humble little cottage.

In 1928, when our house was built, this was the front of our house and the view people saw as they strolled down the sidewalk to the beach.

When the sidewalks were fenced off in the '60's, the back porch became the front of our house.

I love the details of the true front porch and have fun decorating it throughout the year.

The bells are one of the few items I bought for Christmas decor this year yet I struggled to find a place for them to hang.

It's one of my favorite vignettes I created this holiday season.

I am looking out the door at this view as I sit on the window seat writing my post and it makes me smile.

I have had fun dressing up junk as Christmas decor

like this old lantern.

It's amazing what a little greenery and ribbon can do to everyday objects.

I buy holiday tea towels yet never let anyone use them so this year I turned a few of the towels into pillows- I'm big on using what I already have in new ways to get a different look.

Some of you might question leaving all of this out on the porch, but we live in Southern California where sadly it rarely rains- I did have to bring everything in the other night when rain was in the forecast and it sounds like I'll have to do the same this week.

All the decor on the covered porch just stays right where it is.

For any of you "eagle eyes" out there, this is the photo in the collage for the hop, but one of the good things about taking pics for my blog is that I can redo things that I don't think are quite right.

I "liked" the original design, but the version on the right is just a notch better.

And now, 'tis the season of Christmas porches and time for you to visit Katherine of Katherine's Corner- you're in for a treat!

 Have fun with the rest of the tour.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Gather 'Round the Table

Welcome to the Gather 'Round the Table blog hop hosted by Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home.

If you're following the tour in order, then you were just at Belle Bleu Interiors -

 Shannon's home is beautiful and her style is impeccable.

As I was setting up to take my pics for "An Al Fresco Thanksgiving" last week, the sky began to rapidly change color - all due to the fires in Ventura County.

I moved inside and went ahead with my photos despite the sky turning darker by the minute so please bear with the editing - it was difficult to get the colors and clarity right with dark photos. 

We'll be away for Thanksgiving, but my cousin is coming the day after and I'm planning a festive brunch for her visit using my Pfaltzgraff Pistoulet dishes

based on the drawings from the book, The Secrets of Pistoulet, by Jana Fayne Kolpen.

The flowers in my garden are limited, but I found exactly what I need - fortunately I only needed yellow flowers for 3 vases!

The "vases" are pottery yogurt containers my sister saved each morning and brought home from her frequent London business trips.

The green plates are not part of the Pistoulet collection, but I like pairing the green with the yellow.

I embroidered the napkins in the summer when we moved out for our bathroom remodel - I kept my fingers busy at night while we watched television.

The center piece called for something more and I found this narrow roll of butcher paper in the garage.

 I'm told Steve's mom used it somehow on the backing of her oil paintings, but it works perfectly with rosemary from the garden to add interest on the table.

The pitcher of flowers has been on the dining room table for weeks - dried roses and fresh eucalyptus branches.

When I bought the yellow handled flatware I had no idea how well it would match the dishes.

I love how this table setting turned out and when we get back in town from Thanksgiving with our daughter,

I just need to look at my post as a reminder on how to set the table.

I'll let Steve worry about what to serve 

while I hunt in the garden for more yellow flowers for the vases.

And now, it's time for you to head over to visit Paula at Virginia Sweet Pea - you will love her style.

And be sure to visit all the different blogs for loads of Thanksgiving inspiration.