Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pillow Talk

In the summer, I used scraps of canvas to make pillows.

I wanted to make a few more, but life and work have gotten in the way of my creativity.

Having a week off from school allowed me to finish what I started in the summer.

I love the alphabet and since my initials are CC, I decided one of the pillows should have the letter C.

I traced my big red C for the first pillow and painted it with ASCP yellow.

I am still trying to decide whether I should outline the C.

I painted another little pillow with thin yellow stripes.

After  painting my bench green,  I knew I needed to add some green to the set of pillows.

I debated on using the words Sun...Sea...Sand, but decided that I already had enough words so I just did some wide stripes.

Five pillows were too much on the sofa so the C pillow ended up on a chair.

Now, the sofa has 1 pillow in each of my favorite colors.

I finished off the rest of the scraps by making some coasters using the same method I used to make my rug.

I told Steve he needs to stretch some canvases - I'm all out of scraps.


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Friday, October 26, 2012


I am forever moving furniture around and changing things up.

My fall break has consisted of projects I have wanted to get to for weeks.

First thing Monday morning I painted this bench.

When I bought this cabinet,

I moved the red bench from the hallway and replaced it with the cabinet.

I put the red bench in our spare room, but a red bench next to a red sofa was overkill.

I was going to paint it yellow, but I like how this bench in our living room turned out after a neighbor suggested adding a yellow stripe.

My goal was to paint the bench yellow with red stripes, but after painting the yellow over the red on the top, I knew that wasn't the look I wanted.

Steve likes it, but I knew I wouldn't be happy.

I remembered seeing a wonderful green chair on someone's blog.

The color was Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Antibes Green.

Yesterday, I painted the bench green.

Today I sanded it and was actually happy that I had both red and yellow on the bench because both colors show through after sanding.

I have never used the ASCP wax and I love the way the wax makes the color pop.

And, I like the way the green table picks up the green from Steve's baseball paintings.

The green bench may be done, but the results are causing me more work.

I painted this table last summer taking it from red to blue, but I didn't have the wax.

Tomorrow I am going to sand it a little bit more and add the wax.

And, I now realize what is wrong with this white cabinet I painted in ASCP Old White.

I finally understand when I read blogs where people have painted furniture several different colors to get the desired look.

I am going to repaint the cabinet with yellow and then blue paint - maybe even a little red.

I don't have any green left.

Then I will paint it white again and sand it down for the other colors to show through.

My break is nearly over and I have a Saturday field trip next week, so it will have to wait for the Veteran's Day weekend.

I can't wait to see the results.


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hunting for Annie Sloan

It is fall break and I am off of school for the week.

We usually go away to experience of beauty of fall in other parts of the country.

In 2010 we were here.

walking across the Brooklyn Bridge

In 2011 we were here.

Sandpiper Inn  - Carmel
Hotel Les Mars - Healdsburg

But, I am tired from a strenuous first quarter and I want to be at home.

So, 2012 finds us at home enjoying sunny days on the beach.

We took our usual morning walk, but I allowed myself to sleep in so we were not on the beach at 6:30 a.m.

We sat to watch surfers and birds enjoy the water and talk about our plans for the day.

I needed to pick up some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Antibes Green, but the closest distributor is 35 miles away.

We turned it into a much longer drive by putting the top down and winding our way along Pacific Coast Highway.

Steve was zipping along the curvy road while I was trying to catch the beauty with his camera.

We finally ended up at Bungalow in Agoura.

There are quite a few antique shops in this little mall, but I don't make it down there very often.

I knew right where to find the ASCP and they had my green.

I wasn't planning to buy anything because Steve hates to shop and we were in his little car.

But, I took a few minutes to stroll through the store.

A great metal calendar.

And, a fun Halloween display.

I wish I had a place for one of these industrial tables.

I collect hands, but they were both a lot more than I usually spend.

I could kick myself for ever giving away my antique sewing machine.

We just didn't have space when we downsized to our little cottage.

I love these journals and am adding them to my Christmas wish list.

Back at home, I still had time to use the Antibes Green paint

I want to add some touches before I show off my green bench.

A relaxing way to spend a vacation day.

And I still have 4 more!