Sunday, November 18, 2012

Creative Space

When KC moved to San Francisco, we turned her bedroom into a workspace for me.

Previously, I created at the workbench in the garage - too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

We bought a computer desk/armoire and everything was set.

We bought an Ikea Ektorp sleeper sofa, an Expedit for holding supplies and creativity became a nightly ritual.

Steve's studio and my work area are connected so we sit working in adjacent rooms, back to back, listening to music and talking over our shoulders to one another.

The downside to my workspace is company, which has been increasingly frequent the last few months.

With the holidays approaching, I want to make cards, books, gifts, etc.

But, with guests in the room, I am limited.

I start something, but can't get back to it.

After much cajoling, Steve has allotted me a little corner of his studio.

Last weekend I painted my little wooden spool box.

Next, I painted my work desk.

The simple enamel topped table might not look like a family treasure to anyone else, but it is one of my favorite pieces.

Thirty-seven years ago, Steve found it in my parents' garage and brought it back to our little apartment in Mission Beach, San Diego.

It started life with us as a changing table for JP.

Over the years it has lived in the kitchen, sewing room, garden ......

When we remodeled out dining room, our custom table took longer than planned so it even did time as a dining room table.

Until last Saturday, it simply sat in Steve's studio holding brushes and other art supplies.

With the paint still wet, I went to work setting it up as a work station.

Steve compares living in a small house to living on a boat - only the essentials get to come on board.

I used that philosophy to decide what I need on hand and what can be left in the armoire or relegated to the garage work bench.

Our attic is home to those non-essentials that don't make it on the boat, but I do not want to toss.

I found an old red shelf that once had little drawers (what did I do with them?), a wire shelf I bought years ago in the bargain area of Anthropologie and an old plate rack.

They have a new life in my little corner holding "essential" supplies.

The lone drawer in the table holds markers.

The spool box hold tools.

A little box of drawers holds embellishments and Ikea spice jars filled with supplies.

Under the desk a crate holds paper cutters and a big box full of lettering supplies.

Steve's studio and my work area are now one in the same.

At the moment, we have no company, but I like the idea of working together, listening to music and being creative.

I am trying to finish these two books I began in August.

A new round of company arrives on Tuesday.

But with my new creative space, no problem!


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Monday, November 12, 2012

Old Wooden Box

I had great plans for my 3 day week -

swimming, tennis, painting, organizing my workspace and so much more.

I did manage time for swimming and tennis, but the only project I finished was painting this old wooden box.

Thirty-seven years ago Steve found this old J & P Coats spool cabinet in my parents' garage.

It is not in pristine condition, but I love it and its imperfections.

Over the years it has held notions in my sewing room, linen napkins in the kitchen, tubes of paint in the studio, and a myriad of other items.

For a long time, I have been torn between my desire to paint it and the feeling that I should keep it natural.

My love of color won out.

Friday night I painted my box blue.

Next I added some splashes of red.

And, finally a coat of green.

I waxed first ( on another blogger's recommendation) and then sanded it.

And now I have a little green wooden box.

I asked Steve ( begged and pleaded ) if I could have a "creative corner" in his studio.

The green box is now sitting in my little corner just waiting to be filled with art supplies.

My creative space isn't ready.

I still have to paint my work table, hang a shelf, and decide what supplies to keep in my space.

Over the last year, I have learned to enjoy the process as much as the final project.

Maybe I will get the table painted this week, maybe not.

Eventually I will get it done.


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Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm Ready For My Close Up

On Friday, Steve e-mailed me at work that Monday morning a local magazine was coming to do a feature on our house/studio/gallery.

Each month they feature a local home to show off the art.

What did Steve get me into?

Saturday I took 60 kids to a UCLA football game - got home at 2 a.m.

Sunday I coached my team in a volleyball tournament.

School commitments didn't leave me much time to prepare.

Friday night when we got home from dinner, I went immediately to work.

Steve had recently changed the painting in the entry to a Ventura beach scene so I switched the display in the bookcase from pitchers to shells and beach buckets.

Each of the shells has a special meaning gathered on beach walks and seaside vacations.

Shells from the living room, bathroom and entry were consolidated into one display.

Pitchers from the entry made their way into the dining room

and the back porch.

Every surface in the living room received an update.

 Hands from my collection were gathered together on the long green table.

 Clock faces ended up on the striped box.

The sewing machine base was edited down to some books and letters.

Steve went to the farmer's market for fresh flowers for the dining room table

and the little green table.

Our extra room was spiffed up last weekend

with new pillows and a fresh paint job on the bench.

I put in some time in the garden on Sunday.

This morning I put out a fresh tablecloth and flowers on the patio table and

pillows on the garden bench.

The studio is ready.

I have to be at work at 7:30 a.m. and rush home for the photographs and interview.

Am I ready for my close up?

Ready or not, here they come!


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