Friday, June 29, 2012

Feeling Red, White and Blue

I love the American Flag and have a couple little flags on display all the time.

After reading a myriad of blogs today, I decided I needed to be showing more patriotism.

It isn't hard for us to look patriotic because our house is white with blue trim and a red door.

Steve headed out for a few appointments and by the time he got back, Fourth of July was evident all over the house.

I created a vignette on the red cabinet in the entryway.

I have to be honest and say that I got a lot of my ideas from looking at blogs today.

I collect letters to use in my vignettes to spell out words or messages.

The little flag is one that I have out all of the time.

The heart and hand were already on the red cabinet - I just had to add the blue star. 

I set the table in red white and blue despite it still being June because we won't be home for dinner again until July 5.

As soon as Steve got home, he said he wanted to eat outside so I had to move everything.

After dinner, just the centerpiece went back to the dining room.

Now, we are ready for Independence Day.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's In A Name?

June is not usually sunny and clear, but we have been having spectacular weather.

This afternoon, after a morning spent in my garden, we grabbed out kayaks and headed out to sea.

In reality, we just cruised around The Keys paddling at a relaxed pace.

I took Steve's underwater camera along in case there was something I wanted to photograph.

We don't ever plan to get dunked, but we learned the hard way that an underwater camera is best.

One day we were kayaking in Summerland and Steve snapped some wonderful photos of dolphins leaping all around us.

When he drifted to shore, his kayak tipped over and my camera was soaked, destroying the camera and our dolphin photos.

So, no matter the conditions, we always take a water camera.

One of my favorite things to do as I paddle through The Keys or the harbor is to look at names of boats.

I love the play on words and all the creative names people use.

I often wonder what the story is behind each name.

This little electric boat, SOLEADA, belongs to our friends Sunny and Tommy.

I googled the word soleada and discovered that it means "sunny" - obviously an appropriate name for their boat.

I get a kick out of the names of all the electric boats.

FINALLY - did they finally get an electric boat, finally move to The Keys, finally retire?

The DO-OVER - what they are doing over?

 JUST KIDDIN' - is the owner a joker or does he feel like a kid running around in his little boat?

What is the story behind Knot A Woodie?


Will YACHT IN TRAINING ever grow up?

TWIZZLER - because it is red?

I loved the primary color thing going here and the name of the blue boat- TRUANT.

It took me awhile to figure out that SINITRAM is martinis spelled backwards.

HERS is always the last boat we see as we drift into the cove at the end of our paddle.

I have never seen HIS.

I have always gotten a kick out of the name LOST INTEREST

and, I am curious the story behind MISSPENT YOUTH.



and REEL RELAXED are fishermen.

I don't imagine these boat owners have hit ROCK BOTTOM if they can afford to live in The Keys and own a boat.

But, I expect there is some HIGH ANXIETY in owning a boat.

I love this little boat - GO FISH.

Just as I was finishing up my paddle, I saw this boat.

I have never noticed the name before, but it was definitely how I felt at the end of my paddle -


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Red Letter Day

Yesterday, in my pursuit of blue plates, I went to one of my favorite local shops - B on Main.

I have NEVER entered B on Main without leaving with a brown bag in my hand.

I saw plenty of things to buy, but I held my purchases to a minimum since I am still looking for blue plates.

I love to stroll through the store and look at all the themes.


The beach theme is always a favorite of mine to look at, but I rarely buy any beach items.

Most of my 'beach' decor is shells which I pick up free on our morning walks.

I love the rustic wood bench, but I have 4 benches already.


I ALWAYS leave the shop with at least one number or letter item.

Yesterday was literally a RED LETTER day because I bought a red O for my Expedit.

I love the rusty letters,

I think I might go back a buy the 11 - I was born in November.

The numbered hand will fit into either my hand and my number collectionbut it was more than I wanted to spend.

I have one of these number napkin rings in yellow and thought about buying another, but I couldn't remember which numbers I still need for my collection.

When I got home I realized that I need a 1.


I love the blue and white striped duvet cover, but it was the wrong size.

I am thinking about calling to see if they can special order it for me.

I special ordered a duvet and pillows from them years ago.

The yellow polka dot quilt on my bed is fading and I like the idea of replacing it with stripes.

I couldn't decide which of the primary color stripe towels I should buy.

I settled on the thick stripes.

Now that I look at the photo I think I need to go back and buy the thin stripes.


I bought the larger of the little chalk boards.

I'm not sure what I will do with it, but tonight I have set aside time to actually do some art projects.

I couldn't pass up the little black wooden tags.

Again, not sure how I will use them, but I am sure I can find a use.

I just have to stop at the hardware store for some heavy magnets today so I can copy this idea.

The display was a cake plate with utensil magnets.

I have the forks sitting in a bucket in my workspace just waiting for a creative idea.

So, I need to get busy, make the magnets, create some cards and

stop thinking about blue plates.