Thursday, June 7, 2012

Catalogue Crazed

I have been catalogue crazed for as long as I can remember.

I think it began when I was a stay-at-home mom and couldn't get out all the time to shop.

I was into Americana and there was no place locally I could find fun things so I ordered from catalogues.

When the internet opened up I was introduced to a whole new world of shopping.

I receive this new catalogue in the mail the other day.



I can't believe that I have never seen this catalogue before.

I found so many things that I want -

none that I need.

But, I have a final "extra duty" check arriving on tomorrow.

Here are the things I am contemplating :

 I REALLY want this set of 3 Round Baskets.

I can picture them in our front yard holding clay pots of flowers.

The trouble is, the set is $129 - not gonna happen!

But, those colors are beautiful.

My love of letters is spilling over to numbers also.

The Metal Numbers are 6" and $15 each.

 This Giant Paper Clip - on a stand is $19 - the price is right.

I have a thing for oversized office supplies.

I picture it in the living room on a side table holding different words or letters.

I would love to have this recycled kite because of the colors.

Since our home is also Steve's studio, I don't have wall space, but I am thinking of a space outside.

But, at $59, I think it will have to remain on the list.

The a to z Ceramic Bookends are high on my list mainly because I am into letters.

They are 11" high and are $39.

I have to think this one over, because as much as I love them, I'm not sure where I can put them to show them off.

Ignore the cigar -

I would use it to hold jewelry on my dresser.

I have to really think about this one.

I haven't had a new hand for my collection in quite awhile, but if I want to buy the paper clip and the metal heart box, than I don't think I can justify $39 for the hand.

Lately I have been into vases holding individual flowers.

I can picture this Fleur de Lis Bud Vase in three different spots in my living room.

Should I or shouldn't I?

Numbers, balls, and primary colors - this Pool Ball Candle Holder hits three of my favorites.

  I know just where I would put it, but at $59, I think this is just a wish


I will save the catalogue and ask for it for my birthday.

This Woven Wire Heart Box is only $12.

So, what did I end up ordering?

Just 2 things

They should arrive just about the time school ends so I will have time to play around with them to find the perfect resting place.

After I order something, I love the anticipation and knowing that any day there will be a package waiting for me.

And if there isn't a package, maybe there will be another catalogue waiting for me.


  1. What an amazing catalogue - I love all your choices, especially those candles and that hand. And as you say, you now have extra things to go on your birthday list !

  2. Catalogues are great sources for inspiration. Love the wire heart! I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  3. Carol~loving that catalog! I love what you purchased and I agree~put the rest on your birthday wish list!!
    Have a great weekend~

  4. The hand was an excellent choice! If I were your purchasing adviser that is what I would have picked. Think I'm going to look this place up and get on their mailing list. The second thing I would advise as your new purchasing adviser is the pool ball candle set.