Thursday, June 14, 2012

A New Meaning To Home Shopping

I got up this morning at 5:45 - my normal rising time.

What is wrong with that?

 Today is my first actual day of summer vacation and I wanted to sleep in.

Old habits die hard!

My first goal of the morning was to go up to the attic.

While watering the garden yesterday, I noticed the pillows on the patio chairs were looking really faded.

My mission was to find some fabric to make pillow covers for two pillows.

Once upstairs, I found red checked fabric and red floral, but I also found these pillows.

It was like I was shopping in my own home.

I brought the pillows down and placed them in the copper tub we keep on the front porch.

My dad paid $2 for the tub at a yard sale years ago.

In the winter Steve stores our fire wood in it.

The reason the old pillows are so faded is that I never remember to put them away when I go inside.

Keeping the pillows in the tub should prolong their life when not in use.

Putting the pillows on the porch triggered a quickie "porch redo".

This is our front door.

This is our back door.

A painting Steve did of our house

I wrote here about why our front door is in the back yard and why our back door is the front.

I swept the porch and added a little striped rug.

We added stone to the back porch 

and I would like to do the same with the front porch.

Should I add it to the summer project list?

I love the arched cut out in the porch.

My reproduction pie safe has graced various spots in the house, but now it lives on the porch and holds linens for outdoor dining and some of my garden tools.

I used to have birdhouses sitting on top, but I moved them several months ago when I was sprucing up a baker's rack.

First I had a red pitcher, but polka dots on everything was overkill.

I found the white pitchers in another cupboard - more home shopping.

I just got the flag yesterday - mail order.  

It is one of a set of three flags.

I will put them all out soon for my Fourth of July display, but today it is for Flag Day and my mother's birthday.

The checkerboard is from my Americana decorating days when my color palette was navy and maroon.

My little project was completed before 8:00 a.m.

With a sense of accomplishment, we headed for the beach.

I love summer vacation!


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  1. So pretty! Love the pie safe and the whole porch!

  2. I wish I was an early riser - you can get so much done.
    It would probably help if the sun shined a bit more. We just had the wettest June day in recorded history !!
    I also wish I had a porch that I could put a cabinet in. I love the idea of outside furniture - love your pie safe Carol, and all your outside spaces.

  3. Wonderful Blog, thanks. June and I consider our selves early risers, but more like 6:15 or so. I then start the coffee, let the chickens out and head back to bed and June with two cups of coffee. Then we look out our windows and maybe catch up on the news. We have to get to Ventura to see your house, What you have shared is beautiful.

    Flag day does have a lot of meaning and even more now. happy Brithday Aunt Dorothy

  4. Thanks for your visit, sugar. I do like your house and your hubby's painting. I also like the beach but not the water. I had a terrible experience in Ixtapa that resulted in me never ever going in the ocean again!

  5. Home shopping is good! You have the sweetest porch! That arched opening adds so much. I love touches like that in architecture. Your place has the cheerist aura. I guess I'm full of superlatives when I visit you. I don't get up early, but I wish I did. I think it's the best part of the day.

  6. Hi Carol I love the process of how one thing leads to another and in the end there is a beautiful ahhh
    Thanks for sharing so much fun to peek into your beautiful surroundings

  7. Your porches are charming. Home shopping is often the best! And so economical. :-)
    Mary Alice

  8. Home shopping is my favorite kind of shopping, especially when I find something I had stored and forgot I had it! Your little porch looks ready for the summer...Ooooh and love that pie keeper.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  9. Your pie safe is lovelY!
    Thanks for linking up this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  10. Oh it looks like summer! But girl you need to sleep later than 5:45..oh my! I love love love that yellow cabinet, and how smart of you to keep your outdoor dining linens in it. Sleep in tomorrow!

  11. I tried this on my iPad but don't think it worked.
    I was sitting across from Jerry at the breakfast table (left over pizza from last night) and asked him if he could retrieve your blog for me. And he did it, right there--we both had our iPads.
    Yours is the first and only blog I've ever seen and wow! it is impressive. But getting up at 5:45?
    Hunh--never, unless it is for a kayaking trip?

  12. Your porch is the pops of color :) Laurel

  13. Can you tell I'm getting caught up on my reading? Funny, when I first saw the picture of your back door my first thought was "that looks like one of Steve's paintings" not realizing that it actually was.... beautiful. Love the repro pie safe for storage. The whole place just charms me.

  14. Don't you love it when you can shop from home? I love the yellow cabinet. What a good idea to put the pillows in the copper boiler. Visiting from Lavender Cottage Garden.

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