Sunday, June 3, 2012

Flea Market Finds

We had full intentions of riding our bikes to the Flea Market this morning.

When we looked at the end of the lane we saw crowds of people and remembered there was a marathon running through our little beach community.

Obviously the operators of Seaside Park and the city don't communicate because marathoners mixed with Flea Market bound shoppers equates to traffic jams.

Just like in my blog browsing, I was looking for items I might buy, but mainly getting inspiration.

It sits in my garden and I am thinking I might paint it yellow.

I also have a tin hanging basket sitting in the attic.

I just might paint it like the red, white and blue tins in the photo.

Or, I might paint my watering can red and fill it with flowers.

I think there are several crates in my parents' garage left over from the 'orange grove' days.

I will have to check into them when I visit my sister in a few weeks.

The old rusted chair caught my eye, but I really don't have any space for more chairs in my garden.

I love the old crib filled with pillows.

I need to make new pillows for my garden chairs and I am thinking of simple white because my colored pillows fade so fast.

I guess if I remembered to take them in at night it would help!

I like the basket filled with plants.

I have so many baskets filled with books, maybe I should try plants in one of them.

The yellow wheels are great.

I have no idea what I would do with them, but if I look at this photo now and again, maybe some idea will come to me.

Then I will have to go out and find wheels to paint yellow.

I have always had a fascination with letters and spell out words in little vignettes all over the house.

Just lately I have added numbers to that and have numbers on my mantle.

I love this pile of linen and would have spent much more time combing through it if Steve was not showing signs of fatigue - shopping isn't his thing - ever!

So what did I buy?

Not much.

I spent a total of $17.

Had I seen the letters and numbers at the beginning of our shopping, I could have spent more time and bought lots more letters, but I saw the letter bins right near the exit.

I found this little table runner in the pile of linens.

I am always changing the linen on the table so after it has a bath, this lacy runner will have a stint on the dining room table.

We eat outdoors a lot during the summer so this tablecloth will get a lot of use.

I have to launder it and hem the edges before it can grace our table.

I love the pattern and that it is my primary color palette.

I did not find a vintage clock face.

That just means I have to continue the hunt.

Two months of summer vacation to scour antique shops - 
I think I am up to it!


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  1. Thanks for taking me along on your shopping trip. What a wonderful place for inspiration. Love the pretty table cloth and I'm always on the hunt for numbers.
    My stuff from today is still in the back of my truck.

  2. Love your new tablecloth and numbers. My husband hates shopping, too.

  3. You did very well with your bicycle basket sized limitations! That tablecloth is perfect for your place! I caught up a little on your posts and admired your red white and blue table scape. So lively and petty. But when I saw your bedroom it struck me that you have color tastes similar to Mary Englebreit. I miss her Home Companion magazine. I'm so glad you have a free summer to fool around with!

  4. The Flea Market looks amazing - what great inspiration.
    Love what you bought, especially that table runner.
    Next time, leave the hubby at home and take the car - that way you'll have more time to look round and be able to get more than a bicycle basket's worth !
    What's more, he'll probably have a lovely lunch set out for you when you get home !!!

  5. Looks like a good pile of treasures you brought home. I loved seeing the great stuff at the flea market.

  6. So much wonderful inspiration! Love it!
    Thanks for stopping by, Mary Alice

  7. Looks like so many great things there. Love the tablecloth.

    I've been on Pinterest looking for red, white and blue inspirations.

  8. I was able to snag some numbers and letters just like those. I hung them on our mudroom bins.


  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. I came on over to your beautiful blog, and am now a follower. Love all the looks at the flea market, I am impressed that you only spent $17.00, with all the wonderful eye candy I would have went way over any budget I had set : ) Thanks for sharing,

  10. Hi Carol I love all your finds purchased and inspired
    There are no good flea markets close by us but lots of antique malls.
    Have a good week

  11. Nice finds, especially the table cloth. I am a lucky girl, my hubby loves flea markets too. Only problem is he wanders off and I have to hunt him down for more money1 lol

  12. You really controled yourself with so many great things available to buy. I love the vintage tablecloth that you found. The colors are so cheerful!