Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Red White & Blue Shopping Day

I woke this morning, after a crazy week,  happy that I had nothing planned and could do anything I wanted.

Looking at everyone's beautiful table settings on blogs is inspiring me.

I have been looking at my dishes and have decided I need more color on my table.

Living in a small house means limited kitchen storage space.

I gave away several sets of dishes when we downsized and of course I regret it.

Our main dishes are red, but we have a set of yellow and another of white.

So, my goal this morning was to find some simple blue plates to round out my primary color palette.

I headed first to T J Maxx - no blue dishes, but I did find some yellow place mats.

Next, stop was Cost Plus World Market.

The store was a riot of red, white & blue.

This banner wasn't expensive, but it will be fun to make one of my own.

I like the soda box and debated on buying it - red or blue?

I ended up not buying it because again, it is something I can make and I have an entire summer to create.

These little paper covered containers were cute, but I wasn't sure what I would do with them so, I passed on them.

I liked the display of US and British flags.

I didn't even look at the price of the American Flag pillow, but I might go back for it.

I really liked the star, heart and rectangle pillows in flag motif.

I might have to go back for one (or all 3) of these.

If our kids were young and still running through the house with friends all summer, I would buy this dispenser for lemonade

Since I really don't have room, I passed on it too.

I bought patriotic cupcake cups and decorations.

And, I couldn't pass up the red, white & blue chips.

I put them in the cupboard to save for our Father's Day BBQ.

Next stop was my favorite local antique store, American Home and Garden also decorated in patriotic swag 

and bunches of flags on shelves.

I picked up some fun stuff there - but will do a separate post about my finds later. 

I hit three more stores with no luck on blue plates.

I went home for lunch and Steve suggested Pier 1 so off I went again.

Pier 1 also was showing its patriotism.

I don't really have any used for patriotic glitter balls, but I sure like them.

In the front of the store was a great table dressed in red, white & blue.

I have square red chargers and white plates.

The blue bowl is pretty, but I didn't like the small blue plates that matched.

I did buy the red checkered napkins.

But, I remain plateless - at least in blue.

I set my table simply with my new yellow place mats, red napkins and white plates.

This coming week I have an appointment not far from a Home Goods.

The quest continues...


  1. platless in blue - sounds like a country western song....

  2. World Market is just like a carnival to me! So many fun things there. So entertaining while you are searching for what you need. I'm always in trouble when I am looking for someting specific. It always seems so hard to find! At least you're having fun while you look!

  3. Oh I am jealous! I would have to drive 2 hours to get to a World Market. Soooo many neat things in your post here...I would have had to have bought the drink dispenser, and I love the cupcake kit. Very cute!

  4. I'm so glad you stopped by... it gave me the chance to come over and I loved shopping with you. So many neat summer-time things to see.
    I hope you find the blue plates you are looking for.
    Enjoy decorating with your red, white and blue pieces!