Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Disguising the UGLY!

Do you have a spot at your house that you dislike, but there isn't much you can do about it?

For me, the spot is BUB -  the Big Ugly Box - between our house and our garage.

In the 60s, the city closed off all the sidewalks leading to the beach;  alleys became the streets and back doors became the entrance to the house - I wrote about the changes in our house here.

Steve and I weren't thrilled with this as the entrance into our house and wanted to create a real entry way, but the city and Coastal Commission would not allow us to put the water heater and washer/dryer in the garage.

 BUB was the solution and you can see the difference in our entry way without appliances.

The other day, I decided to embrace BUB and "dress up" the area.

In a cropped photo of the garage, BUB doesn't look so bad decorated with my new "keep it simple" sign.

In this photo, BUB looks like it is part of the garage.

I have a narrow space to create a front yard out of a back yard.

A little banner I found at Target spices up the side fence and sand dollars from our beach walks found a new home.

An old baker's rack helps to hide some piping along the house.

The baker's rack placed between the windows of my creative space holds favorite beach buckets and more sand dollars.

I would love to have a basket of flowers hanging from this beach cruiser someone left in our driveway,

but the basket of flowers sits by the door because

Steve would not be happy if he had to remove a basket of flowers every time he headed out on his cruiser to the grocery store or to check the surf.

I kept it simple, BUB doesn't look quite so ugly and I have a front yard I actually like.

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Old Wood

I think Steve might hide my paint and brushes after my latest project.

Yesterday I decided to paint more signs using an old cupboard door and a pointed piece of wood I found in the wood pile.

First, I painted both pieces with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Greek Blue.

Next I used stickers to spell out the words.

I like these stickers I bought at Michael's because they are almost 3" high.

I used the same letters on a tablecloth and napkins I made last summer - you can see the project here.

I used small alphabet stickers to spell carol's garden on the pointy piece of wood.

The washed out sign  (I like it that way) is serving an important purpose in the garden - the yarrow always falls to the ground so the sign keep the yarrow standing tall.

Steve would have been quite content for me to leave this sign as it was, but I had ideas which involved him.

Steve drilled holes in the sign and helped me attach a jar to the sign.

Then Steve had to hang the sign for me, but I can't show its home yet - that's a project for tomorrow.

Yesterday was a pretty productive day :

1 keep it simple sign
1 carol's garden sign
150 chocolate chip cookies
75 ice cream sandwiches - and I only ate one.

I hope you had a relaxing Memorial Day - ours was quite relaxed because our street party was yesterday.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Frivolous Fun

My husband and children enjoy making fun of me and my silly projects.

 I acknowledge that many of my activities are frivolous, but I have fun.

In my last post, I gave myself 3 projects to "copy".

From this view of the garden, you would be hard pressed to see my handiwork

and even zooming in, it is still difficult to find any changes.

Yet when you look closely you can see that I added birdhouses to the side fence.

birdhouse on the left via

I really should not have used the word copy, because the photos I pinned on Pinterest were just for inspiration.

With the birdhouses hung, I was ready to make the boats and that involved a long walk along the beach hunting for driftwood.

Making sailboats out of driftwood and left over fabric absolutely falls into the frivolous category.

I moved the yellow bench to under the front window and played with my new boats.

It was a silly pastime, but I had fun.

I waver between liking and hating the large boat, but you can see that the glass bowl is full of driftwood which means I have lots on hand and I can just make another boat.

boats on the left via

Just as the birdhouse picture led to inspiration, Beachcomber's boats were simply inspiration for my silly boats.

I fully intended to make a tray with numbers just like this one made by Linda from Itsy Bits and Pieces.

but when I saw the condition of the tray, I decided to use an old lid from either a bread box or a coffee canister.

When I went looking for numbers to use as stencils, I came across two different sets of magnetic letters hidden in my alphabet stash.

A magnetic sign that can be changed as the mood strikes seemed like a much more practical way to go.

The shelf in my creative space got an update and the best part is that I can change the sign any time I want.

I wanted to complete these 3 projects by Friday - it's Friday and I am done.

And, I must stop all of this frivolity because I have to make 50 different boxes, cut out tags and make a banner for an upcoming baby shower.

And that is serious business, no frivolity involved.

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Getting It Done

Have you ever brought something home with plans for a project - and never gotten around to the project?

Steve and I found this piece of driftwood on the beach a couple of years ago and forgot about it until Saturday when I was cleaning up the side of the house.

I knew I wanted to use the wood for a sign, but could not decide if I wanted horizontal or vertical and I also couldn't decide what I wanted the sign to say.

I know it doesn't show much imagination, but I went with the single word - B E A C H.

My intention was to create stencils, but with my first snip, I made a mistake so I had to trace the letters on and then paint them.

I'm a color girl so I used a different color for each letter.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint dries so quickly, that my sign was ready to be hung in just an hour.

I love the way the sign turned out,

but, I have no idea where to put the sign.

The sign is sitting on the fire pit bench temporarily, but hopefully it will have a home soon.

I was feeling pretty productive by this point so I grabbed these starfish I bought last week

to make a wreath I pinned 2 months ago from Coastal Cottage Dreams.

It took me longer to go up to the attic to find the grapevine wreath than it did to glue on the starfish.

 I hung the wreath on our side gate, but like the B E A C H sign, the wreath will probably get a new home.

I was so proud of myself for finally "getting it done" with the sign and the wreath, that I went to my Pinterest To Do board and chose 3 projects.

                              via                                 via                                    via                    

My biggest challenge will be to find some driftwood for the boats, but my goal is to get these projects done by Friday.

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. 

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