Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good Things Come In Small Packages

I have mentioned multiple times in posts that we live in a little house.

We wouldn't change it for anything.

It may be small, but our bedroom is full of color.

I mix and match the bedding- 

red sheets with blue bandana pillow cases

 blue stripe sheets with red check pillow cases

white sheets with red pillow cases.

The bedskirt, small pillow and curtains are made from a set of  Tommy Hilfiger sheets I found on sale at TJ Maxx.

The painting, "Land of the Lofts"  is a view from JP's loft in downtown Los Angeles.

He no longer lives in the old Pacific Electric Building, but it had great views!

The bookcases came from the study in our former home.

When we moved to the beach, I had no place for the bookcases so we just stored them in the garage.

Horace Mann said, 

“A house without books is like a room without windows. No man has a right to bring up his children without surrounding them with books, if he has the means to buy them.”

We had no place to put our books anywhere in our house and I hated it.

I felt that our house did not reflect the occupants - avid readers - so I found a place in our bedroom.  

When we changed bedrooms, the bookcases were moved to the hallway, after being painted white.

Now they are at home in our bedroom.

The left bookcase is mine and I have books arranged by color, baskets filled with socks and boxes full of jewelry.

Steve has the right bookcase, but gradually I am encroaching onto his side.

Last summer I hung 3 of my hands from my collection on the wall to hold my necklaces.

They are hanging to the right of the bookcases and I regret hanging them in that spot.

I really like how they look and wish I had hung them in view.

I only see them when I get into bed or when I'm selecting a necklace to wear.

I suppose I could move them, but my guess is that won't happen soon.

I bought this tiered rack at an antique store the day I completed the comprehensive exams for my Masters Degree.

It cost far more than I would normally spend, but I was rewarding myself for accomplishing a goal.

It has moved around from the entryway holding shells to the hallway and then the living room.

Now, my bracelets are constantly on display.

Previously, I used clear glass plates on the rack, but I like the colorful plates and basket.

And, sometimes I actually use it for its intended purpose and display candy or cupcakes on it at parties.

You are probably looking at this photo and wondering why it would be included, but it shows a really important addition to our house.

Several years ago we began a Domino Effect alteration to our house.

In order to put in forced air heating, we needed to go up into the attic which meant installing the pull down attic stairs.

The installation of those stairs is what allows us to live in a small house.

In February, Steve traded a custom painting for the completion of our attic which means we now have the full floor plan of our little cottage available over our heads.

One of my summer projects is to completely organize the attic.

Our entire cottage, and especially our bedroom, is tiny, 

but we think good things come in small packages.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

It's Memorial Day in America

To our fallen soldiers and those still serving

To my nephew Max on his third tour of duty in the Middle East 

Thank You!

Three cheers for the Red White & Blue.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Simple Red, White & Blue Table

May has been a crazy month -

volleyball tournaments,

a quick day trip to San Francisco, and

a long weekend at a conference in Dallas, Texas.

But, this weekend is mine.

All mine!

We have nothing planned this weekend other than the annual Brunswick Lane Memorial Day Street Party.

After a stroll through Farmer's Market, I had several hours to myself while Steve was playing tennis.

I was doing laundry and cleaning up the workbench in the garage and came across a blue bucket and some flags.

I thought I might use the bucket and flags to create a Memorial Day table for dinner.

I remembered some napkins  I bought at Target on sale last summer and never used.

When I looked for the napkins, I found the red checkered tablecloth.

We don't use the big red plates, a T J Maxx find, very often because we try to do "small" plates so we eat less.

I set out the plates and couldn't settle on a way to fold the napkins.

I finally decided to make a pocket, which I have never done.

My original plan was to create a centerpiece with the flags in the blue bucket, but it was just too plain.

These blue bottles were sitting on the window sill so I grabbed them and put them on the table.

A search through the garden provided red, white and blue flowers.

I remembered that I had some flags in my workspace that I bought last summer and never used.

I added a flag to each blue bottle.

Steve likes simple table settings-

 he wants the presentation of his gourmet meal to be the highlight at the table.

I still had the flags, so I added them to a sand and shell filled glass and placed it on the windowsill.

My last detail was to change my Scrabble tiles

to honor KC's birthday.

The table was done and waiting for dinner.

Steve came home in a great mood from tennis (he won) and we drove to Agoura.

I bought some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for my next project.

Maybe I will paint tomorrow.

Maybe I won't.

It's my weekend and I can do whatever I want!


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Friday, May 25, 2012

Ridin' My Bike

Yesterday, our bike ride along the beach was a splash of color.

Matilija poppies are my absolute favorite flower.

I love these "fried egg" flowers with tissue paper leaves.

I do not have any planted in my yard nor do my neighbors.

It just isn't hot enough.

This spring we are having more heat than usual and one sole Matilija poppy plant thrives at the entrance to the state beach.

Color abounds along the bike trail.

Much of the bike trail hugs the shoreline

and The Point is always crowded with surfers competing for waves.

Our turn around spot is usually the estuary.

Riding back south, the sun is behind us and the colors are more vibrant in photos.

From The Point, we can see back to our little beach community -

 the short stretch of beach that we call home.

Just as the Matilija poppies stand sentinel at the entrance to the state beach,

this colorful little house sits at the entrance to our beach community.

A little bit of exercise, spectacular views and the smell of the ocean -

all combine to remove any stress I might be feeling.

Another day in paradise!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day Is Done, Gone The Sun

Upon my return from Dallas, I was greeted with beautiful, sunny weather.

Most people would expect sunny weather in May, but we usually have what is referred to as "May Gray".

When we first moved to Ventura from San Diego, it was spring yet I grabbed a jacket every night when we went for our walk along the beach.

Volleyball season is over and I get home earlier than usual.

Tonight, I found Steve in the backyard basking in the sun and reading.

It was too hot to just sit and I wanted to move, so we went on a bike ride.

After dinner, we were planning to go out to "doggy playgroup", but a friend called asking us to join them for the sunset.

We sat out on their balcony watching people enjoy the beach and the balmy weather.

I looked back to the window from the edge of the balcony and saw this awesome reflection.

The neighborhood surf crew provided entertainment and I saw my first whale of the spring.

Everyone has been pointing out whales lately, but I always turned just as the whale dove back into the water.

Tonight I saw a whale surface twice, but of course my camera was in my pocket.

Dolphins decided to get into the act and I tried standing with the camera poised ready to shoot, but alas, I was not quick enough.

The sunset over, we slowly walked back up the beach to our lane.

Day is done, gone the sun,
From the lake, from the hill,
From the sky.
All is well, safely rest,
God is nigh.