Friday, April 29, 2016

I'm a Copy Cat

The other day I saw a beautiful vignette using blue dishes and it inspired me to gather up some of my blue dishes for a vignette.

And fortunately, I actually had blue and white flowers in the garden.

Just like that, an inspiring photo created a new look in the entry.

I thought it would be fun to create vignettes or just "look alike" photos of some of my favorite pics.

First,  I had to make a run to Trader Joe's where I went a little crazy buying flowers, but these days flowers seem to be my main indulgence.

This photo shared on Instagram by Benita of Chasing Quaintness and  @chasingquaintness inspired a mantel change,

but no Trader Joe's flowers were used here.

I'm loving that I my garden is filled with cutting flowers this spring.

This gorgeous photo shared by June of Laughing With Angels and @laughing_with_angels is all over Instagram and you can see why - every single photo June shares is awesome.

I don't have that sweet little bench so my copy cat photo is slightly different and it won't stay as a vignette because those flowers will end up in various photos throughout the day.

I love the simplicity of this vignette shared on Instagram by Brittany of @frontporchtraditions

so I created my own version on my dining room table with a favorite April Cornell enamel bowl.

When I saw this driftwood garland shared by Darrielle of D.D.'s Cottage and Design (dds_cottage_and_design on Instagram), it reminded me that I started a driftwood project over a year ago.

Yesterday I dug out all the supplies and made a driftwood heart.

I don't have an armoire with the fabulous detail of this one shared by Sandra of @vintageticking,

but I'm happy any time I can find a fun way to display my old quilts.

Anita of Castles Crowns and Cottages and @les_dames_dabord on Instagram is a fabulous photographer and I had to try to copy at least one of her gorgeous photos.

I will never come close to Anita's prowess with a camera, lighting and styling, but I like this display I created on a dining room shelf.

I didn't create the vignette I had planned to copy with these hydrangeas despite the fact that I  literally played with my camera all day and completed few of my chores - now it's time to get ready for my "date" with Steve.

I never got to these flowers either so I guess that means there will be another "Copy Cat" post coming soon.

But, I couldn't stop before I showed you the vignette I copied after seeing this gorgeous shot Michelle of @the_darling_buds posted recently.

It reminded me of the pink Bauer pitcher I have been planning to mail off to Linda of A La Carte and the tablecloth I have been planning to mail to Rita of Panoply - I will mail them soon and explain what has taken so long.

And I leave you with a question, am I the only Copy Cat in blogland?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Monday, April 25, 2016

thoughts on a garden . . .

I'm so glad you're here because

it's time for the Garden Party.

I love to have people drop by for a visit especially when we can spend time in the garden.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am NEVER at a loss for words,

but today, I am relying on the thoughts of others as you visit my garden.

Thanks for dropping by my garden -  now it's time to link up your garden post.

Enjoy visiting all the beautiful gardens at the Garden Party hosted by

Jann of Have a Daily Cup, Jemma of At Home With Jemma, Laura of White Spray Paint, Stacey of Poofing the Pillows and Laura of Decor to Adore.

Monday, April 18, 2016

It takes a village ...

At the end of our lane you will find 2 benches beckoning people to sit and chat awhile.

Messages, carved into the backs, by one of our neighbors, proclaim this to be "Our Village on Brunswick Lane"

This weekend, all of our activities kept us close to home.

Saturday afternoon, we attended the joint birthday party of two precious siblings

and we ended the evening at the 21st birthday party of a young boy we have watched grow up on the beach.

Steve painted Sean at 12 for a Music Festival fundraiser - the theme of the art was to display passion and Sean still retains his passion for the ocean.

While we sat on the beach visiting with neighbors, we talked to two moms whose young sons are headed to El Salvador this summer to help install water treatment systems in villages.

Steve and I donated to both boys (it takes a village to help them reach their goals) and we talked about the powerful lessons Marley and Pitas will learn as they see life in a third world country this summer.

All our local activities got me thinking about how social media has increased the scope of our "villages".

There are a lot of different people in my village lately.

Some, like my nephew Steven and his wife Kimberli of Windecker Farms are people I have actually spent time with.

Social media has allowed Kim and Steve to create a thriving on-line business.

I have been suffering from an allergic reaction to my asthma medication since November and Windecker Farms oatmeal soap has been a life saver for me .

Francis of  ** by surprise ** is in my village this week

after sending me the sweetest little heart garland.

Francis lives in Rotterdam, Holland and we might never meet, but each time I spot the garland, I feel a connection.

I have become friends with Kim of @kimih801 on Instagram and she recently sent me hearts - I think I might post pics of hearts way too much!

Kim also sent me a set of bunny salt & pepper shakers - they are put away for now, but each year when I bring out my Easter decor, I will think of Kim.

 I am busy working in the garden this week all thanks to Stacey of Poofing the Pillows

who drew me into her village when she invited Jann of Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson and me to join her for a Garden Party

along with all the ladies of Thoughts of Home Thursday.

Last summer, Kristen of @beachyglamdecor sent me a Sugarboo tablet of 100 Gathered Thoughts -

coincidentally, today's quote on the tablet fit right in with my post.

These are just a few of my villagers - who's in your village this week?