Monday, April 4, 2016

Deleting ... Editing ... Adding

As I age and parts of me no longer cooperate with my plans, I have come to realize that I need to add new things to my life, delete others and edit many of the things I already do.

I love to doodle, but holding a pen is painful so that's a deletion

as is embroidery for now - I started this piece in December and I don't know if I'll ever finish it.

The most difficult deletion is tennis (a very, very old pic of me on the left) - it doesn't look like I will be gripping a tennis racket for quite awhile

and, I will never play competitive tennis again.

But, editing how I do things I have always done (like riding my bicycle) keeps me active.

Nowadays we ride farther, but I can't grip my handlebars well for hills so the flat trails along the beach are pretty much my territory.

A year ago we switched from paddle kayaks to pedal kayaks

and that "editing" has made all the difference in the world - like a quick pedal out to the mile marker.

Walking was always just a couple of miles in the morning,

 but now we take 5 to 6 mile walks, along a variety of beaches, several times a week.

So if I can no longer say I am a tennis player or a crafter or a doodler, what can I add to my list of pastimes?

These days I actually think of myself as a photographer and I have fun "staging" photos

and playing with my camera.

On our walks and bicycle rides, I am always looking for something to photograph like wildflowers in the state park and

it's always fun to stop and watch the herons.

I no longer spend my time doing fine motor skills crafts so

with spring in full bloom in my neck of the woods,

I am moving furniture around the "garden room",

 planting flowers

and taking photographs.

The bud finally opened and all of you who told me I had a poppy were right.

Just as I delete, add and edit my blog posts,

I have done the same with my life

and after a lot of tweaking,

I think I finally have it right.


  1. An excellent post. A most poetic and TRUE post about life and as artists, isn't life what we are to express? Good or bad, just like an essay, a all requires editing and revisions. Oh how this is a perfect metaphor for living, my friend.

    My eyes are failing me. I'm only going to be 58 this month, and I can SEE it now (no pun intended) - if I'm lucky to live longer than my poor mother and at least as long as my dear dad, then I have a way to go, but I fear my eyes won't make the journey for me. SO WHAT HAVE I PLANNED? I've already thought about it. Since like you, I've taken up photography and love it, and also love to read and write, I figure that IF my eyes come to a point where I can't see to take a decent photo, or to read my favorite poets, I'll just listen to them on-line and DICTATE my own poetry into a recording. If the world doesn't fit, make adjustments. Besides, the editing we do keeps us YOUNG in spirit and that will live forever. I'm sure of it.


  2. I've got arthritis in my fingers, so I understand how painful certain movements can be. I'm ready to sell all my stained glass supplies and equipment, because it's really hard on my joints. I've been looking at the pedal kayaks and one of these years I may trade mine in for one of those, too. Love that idea! You've got such a positive attitude, Carol, and I admire your ability to move on and try new things.

  3. What a great thing to be able to embrace change and adapt as you have! I know some people who resist it, and end up depressed, angry or in a pool of self-pity. Your post is definitely a good inspiration for anyone who thinks their 'life' is over. Really great pictures, Carol - really professional looking.

  4. Great post Carol!
    Yes as we age much editing needs to be done on my part as well.
    I started a xstitch pattern many years ago and I know I will never finish it.
    Many quilts cut out and ready for sewing, need to be put out to pasture...stopped a few years ago. too hard on my neck, arms hands....These need to go to a good home.A quilting frame that sits idle.
    Your post has got me thinking!!

  5. I love your attitude! It's true that no matter how much we sometimes want things (like our bodies) to stay the same they do change. We have the choice to sit and do nothing or look for new adventures. Sharing this post on Facebook and Pinterest. :)

  6. Change is inevitable isn't it? I think that you have a wonderful attitude, Carol. As someone with a chronic illness, I am always modifying what I can and can't do on certain days. I used to get upset about things, but now I just accept what it and make the most of what I can do! Like you!! :)

  7. This is a beautiful post, Carol!
    Heartfelt and real and refreshing. How brave and wise you are to grab hold of the present and let go of what's past. You do this with a sense of style and humor that shows your positive outlook and brings encouragement to others! Your kayaking sounds fun and your walks on the beach very dreamy :) Your garden is most lovely and a reflection of your creative touch. I"m so glad that took up photography because your photos are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and life with us.


  8. Carol, what a lovely post. As I age things change and I've tried to adapt to them. It's sad to let go of things we love to do but also wonderful to find new skills and challenges. You do an amazing job of that.


  9. How wonderful your life sounds even with the editing and tweaking... Walks, boat rides, bicycle rides for exercise, and oh your photography skills are amazing. And your garden.... so beautiful!

  10. Your fantastic attitude is what keeps you so young at heart ~ and a beautiful reminder to all of us to stay that way too.
    Wonderful pix!
    Hugs ~

  11. Carol I adore how you convey words from your hearts emotions. Editing, reinventing and recreating our artistic expressions is part of the process of aging gracefully. You my friend have a graceful and kind spirit that appreciates and embraces the life you live. Your photography is a gift for all of us to enjoy your captures. You're inspirational❣

  12. Well, I know what you mean about having to make adjustments to your life due to medical changes. I think you've made wise decisions. You haven't let your condition take the happiness out and instead have found other ways to live your life with purpose and happiness. That's great! Your photo's are beautiful. Glad that you're able to enjoy that.

  13. I really like your photographs of all the beautiful scenery and the flowers. My lovely daughter just gave me a really nice camera for my birthday. I need to get a memory card for it, so I haven't used it yet, but I will. Can't wait, love it!

  14. Beautiful post....I know the feeling. I have bad knees and have arthritis in my fingers. I retired from doing shows, because it was getting harder to make a lot of jewelry and to set the booth up & down. I have learned to make adjustments too. I now say I'm just moving on to another new wonderful time in my life.

  15. Carol, this is an excellent post. I find myself doing just what you have done. Editing out the things that no longer work for me at this stage in my life. It's important to look at change as a positive. Obviously you have done just that! Your photos are incredible. Thanks for sharing you world!

  16. Carol, I am inspired how you have managed to adapt to the changes and enjoy the new things you are doing instead! Sarah x

  17. For someone who has had to give up a lot of the things she loves, you have a wonderful attitude. I'm glad you have found other pleasurable things to add beauty and fun to your life.

  18. I am so much in the same place, Carol. Sometimes you just have to let go and adapt...there are new adventures waiting! I know change is hard, but you are facing it with openness! xoxo

  19. It's so great to live somewhere that you can get outside and walk. We love it too. And your photography is amazing! That's really a talent! Hugs, Diane

  20. Carol, I think you summed up the aging process in a kind way for all of us. I have had to delete my running, at least for a while. But walking is still great exercise! Your photography is always beautiful!
    Pam @ Everyday Living

  21. It's sad when we are getting older and can no longer do a lot of things we were once good at but that's life always time ti try new things, and taking photos is such fun.

  22. Life has so many chapters to offer if we look for them and let go of 'what was'. At 56 that is very true for me. My back hurts, I never fully recovered from my fractured arm and there are always the aches and pains and fatigue that leave me wondering. I think its great that you have replaced the activities you've decided you can't change and have found new diversions and adjustments. You make me feel that regrets are useless. Lets look for new dreams and accomplishments. You are a wise lady.


  23. A poppt, how pretty. I would never guess that because I am not a gardener, my late husband did that. I can relate to editing and deleting. I am finally able to think abut my new life as a widow and realizing some things will have to be deleted and some edited. Life is full of these changes but they also open us up to new experiences. You sound like you are doing just that. Have a wonderful week. Debbie

  24. A beautifully worded (and illustrated) look at changing our lives to fit our abilities and interests. Loved this post as it reminded me that it is okay to edit and delete and rewrite my life story!

  25. Carol, such a beautiful post, it makes me happy just to look at your everyday doings. We really don't need a lot of stuff bogging us down and you have a wonderful spot on this earth just take time to enjoy it. .You live on the west coast and I live near the Gulf of Mexico . Would really like to see the western coast some day.

  26. What a great post! I am starting to tweak a little, as looks as though you may become my role model!

  27. Beautiful post and while I love all of these photos I think my favorite on this round is that lovely field of wildflowers ! :)

  28. It was a very moving post, about how sometimes things change in life, but we must adjust and find a different way to be happy.

  29. What a wonderful post and I am right there with you! Which makes me very happy! Your photos are gorgeous...I think you have found your niche!

  30. Bravo Carol. So glad you are adjusting to life changes so eloquently and in a positive way. Life changes constantly and so do we. You still have so many wonderful things you can do to stay healthy and happy.
    Your photos are beautiful and you have a good eye with your camera. Your post is a good inspiration for all of us as life throws us some curves and change ups. Have a great week my friend.
    Love and hugs,

  31. Life and time don't stand still for any of us, so resiliency is the key. You've shown how you've been able to adapt so that you are looking forward to what you CAN do instead of back to what once was. Good for you!

  32. Hi Carol
    I love this post. I've always been good at adding , but not so good at editing and deleting things from my life. I'm 69 this year and keep thinking I can do all the things I've always done. But just yesterday as I was in the garden, I realized that I don't enjoy gardening like I used to. My gardens too big for me and I have to figure out what to do about it! Time to begin editing and deleting. Thanks for the encouragement!

  33. Carol, I would call you a stylist too. A nature lover. Now you have me wondering what could I add after my name in the history of things. LOL Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  34. Editing is such a good word. Wisdom comes with age is very true.

  35. It's a beautiful post Carol! And although I'm much younger I do understand. There are things I can't do now (and at the moment I don't know if I ever will be able to do again), as I have broken/destroyed ankle and can walk only with a special boot and a stick. I don't "delete" anything as everything was part of my life, but I do EDIT :)
    You inspire me now! If you can do it, I must (even when it's tough sometimes)

  36. Good Evening Carol, You are an inspiration to us all. Instead of feeling sad about what you cannot do, you have found pleasure in things you can do, which also make you happy.
    I know a quite a few people who could take a leaf out of your book.
    With warmest wishes.


  37. Girl you are a lot more active than I have ever been

    I am trying to just go for a 10 block walk every day or so and haven't got that down even

  38. What a great post Carol!
    Your photographs are beautiful, and photography is an art form just like doodling or stitching so I can see why you are so good at it!
    I love that you have found other ways to stay active, with a long time back injury I can relate - you find other things that you can enjoy that will keep you active.
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week!
    Hugs, Kimberley

  39. Hi Carol, your post really hit home . . . as the years roll by there will always be things to edit and delete, but hallelujah until we are one foot in the grave, there will always be new and exciting things to take there place. You have a great eye for the camera and for staging photos . . . it's one of the things that I love about visiting your blog. I didn't know that there was such a thing as a paddle kayak . . . something for me to look into, thanks.
    Have a great week!
    Connie :)

  40. Carol,
    I LOVED this post!!! As we all age, we need to change things in our lives. Recently, I "deleted" a lot of things in my life that were taking up too much time, stressing me out and literally sucking the life out of me! I also "deleted" a few hours off my work schedule by going part time. I edited a lot of things that I do from a physical stand point because of my need for a knee replacement. And when Joe retires in September, I hope to add some new things to my life!!
    Thanks so much for the inspiration that I so need and got from this charming post!!


  41. What a beautiful post and great example of aging with grace and flexibility.

  42. I loved reading this! YES, we have to make adjustments for what life deals us and focus on the things we CAN do. I think you got it right.

  43. Aren't we all tweaking adding and deleting as we move through life? I know when I have to realize something I love doing is too difficult I have a little spasm of grief try to get over it and either modify changes or find something new that brings me joy. Hugs to you and bravo!