Sunday, July 23, 2017

Classy and Fabulous

In May I met a friend who is both "classy and fabulous" to photograph her Malibu beach house.

Cindy and I first met as freshman in high school - she moved away and we lost touch, but coincidentally we both chose to attend San Diego State University, were assigned to the same dorm and became roommates.

Cindy and her husband Tony live in a contemporary house overlooking the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

My photography skills and equipment cannot do justice to this unique home which was featured in Architectural Digest.

The two art collectors have filled their home with spectacular artwork and I did not feel my photos did captured the essence of the art, but you will spy pieces in many of the photos.

A glass stairway on the street level begins your journey up and down the multi-level (7 if I counted correctly) house which is a work of art in itself.

A wide expanse of ocean greets you at nearly every angle.

On a clear day, you can see Catalina Island off in the distance from almost any spot in the house - it was neither a clear or sunny day in May when I took the photos.

If you were sitting here, on the lowest level of the house,

this would be your view.

This deck is right above the previous level, but in between the two levels

is a lovely little spa retreat Cindy and Tony have created

 to relax at the end of a long day.

 If you are sitting at the table facing the cabinets (the refrigerator is hidden behind those doors) you don't see a view,

but sitting on the cabinet side of the table you look at water all the way to the horizon.

Here's a view from the dining room into the living room and the railing of the stairway.

This is a shot looking back toward the kitchen

and this shot shows you the street level entry and the beginning of the glass stairway.

How about this view while soaking in the tub

or this one when you wake up in the morning?

 The views from the rooftop deck and garden are spectacular in almost any direction.

Below the rooftop deck is Cindy's dressing room - she loved clothes even in college and I distinctly remember shopping with her for the perfect little black dress for her first fraternity dance.

Cindy is holding a Judith Leiber bag

Cindy put her love of clothing to good use by volunteering for many years with the Costume Council of the LA County Museum of Art.

Tony has his office on this level

and like every space in the house, it too is filled with beautiful art.

There is so much more I could show you, like the powder room on the entry level, but I wasn't happy with the photos

so I'll leave you with a photo of Jet Set Romeo - the third member of the family.

You can find Cindy at @pickyandpushy on Instagram

or read her blog Picky and Pushy - the most recent post is Legendary Beverly Hills Garden Tour.

I enjoy Tony's daily posts at @tonycanzoneri on Instagram - this is his friend Herman who appears in his posts now and then.

I hope you have enjoyed this look into the fabulous home of my classy friend.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

An Unexpected Pleasure

A year ago I was contacted by the editor of Cottages and Bungalows magazine about featuring our house in the magazine.

I posted this pic on Instagram the morning of the photo shoot last November - I recall being excited, nervous and pinching myself to see if it was really happening.

It was so exciting when the issue arrived - several friends emailed to say they had read the article so we anxiously checked the mail each day.

The photos were taken in early November and since they would be in the August issue
I had to bring all my summer decor down from the attic.

One of the things that cracks me us is that almost no room in the house looks the same as it did 9 months ago - we have a new sofa, the ottoman is gone and the green and yellow table is now blue.

The dining room looks much the same, but I do have a fun new change to show you in another post.

I hovered around the photographer and got some great tips for making my photos better.

I love that they included photos of Steve's studio - he's already gotten a few calls about his paintings.

Both the guest room and our bedroom have some big changes since the photo shoot.

Last fall we were deep into a multi-year drought and the garden was not as lush and green as it is today.

Just look at the difference after a rainy winter and actually being able to water the garden.

In a world of neutral shades, I love that this issue is filled with color and that our house was featured with so many beautiful houses including this house below which belongs to Erin of My Painted Garden.

A big thank you to all of you who read my blog, encourage me to try new things and inspire me - if not for you, this unexpected pleasure would never have occurred.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

just a few little things ...

I miss blogging and I just realized today what has kept me from writing.

I'm always taking pictures, but I kept thinking I had to have something BIG to share for a blog post.

We have been working on several big projects for a couple of months.

None are finished, but I decided it was okay to share just a few little things going on around here.

Trying to stay ahead of the weeds has me working in the garden every morning.

The red chair was sitting beneath the living room window, but the Matilija poppy plant has grown so huge that the chair was hidden.

I like its new home because it can be seen from the street.

All the gardening has me bringing greenery and flowers into the house - this is the first time I have put potato vine in a vase and I love how it climbed up the candlestick.

I made some changes to the front porch

 in anticipation of the 4th of July.

The changes I mentioned involve shrinking the amount of furniture in the house and moving things around to create an illusion of space.

The door in the guest room had a table in front of it, but that's now in our bedroom.

There was a huge armoire I used for crafting on this wall, but it is gone and our bedroom seems so much bigger.

And now that I shared a few little things,

I'm going to hit post and head over to read all my favorite blogs.