Monday, August 24, 2015

Playing House

Last week I had lunch with a long time friend who reads my blog.

Liz asked me if I actually set a pretty table each night

and surprisingly, the answer is yes.

The other night I set a colorful table because I received a fabulous surprise package from Rita of Panoply.

The vintage table cloth is absolutely gorgeous

as are the dish towels Rita included in the package - I used them as napkins in this table setting.

As I set the table last night for a dinner with a wonderful family, Steve teased me saying, " you do love to play house!"

He is absolutely right, I do love to play house, especially when we have guests.

There is always a lot of mixing and matching of dishes and flatware when we have a crowd, but I brought the table setting together with linen napkins stenciled with A B C D & 1 2 3 4.

With the numbers and letters on the napkins, I decided to use alphabet quote cards I made a few years ago in the centerpiece.

I purposely used the A quote because it reminded me of our guest Manny and I loved that his daughter, Haley, said she thought immediately of her father when she read it. - Manny asked if he could take the card home to hang in his office.

Today's table setting was inspired by the basket of rudbekia which made me think of the book, The Secrets of Pistoulet.

The dishes were a gift from Kris of Junk Chic Cottage who won them on a Pfaltzgraff giveaway - the bright colors of the dishes don't quite go with Kris's white decor.

A quote on the back of the book explains one of the reasons that I like to set a nice table each night.

Steve prepares our meals with love so it is only fitting that I set a table worthy of his efforts.

My mother had beautiful linens that she passed down to me, some in absolutely perfect condition, because she kept them in the cupboard and did not enjoy them.

I have cupboards full of objects perfect for table settings

some are even on display, but everything gets used.

Playing house is easy with all my colorful flatware

and pretty dishes.

So, even if I am eating in the garden,

I take the time to set a pretty table.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Do it already!

In my early days of being on Pinterest, I came across this quote.


I decided then and there, that I would actually follow through on ideas that I had pinned.

Recently, I created a board on Pinterest titled, "Do It Already!" and I have been trying to do one or two of the projects each week.

Yesterday's project was to alter this chalkboard 

to look like this sign I pinned from  Town and Country Living last Christmas.

A couple of years ago, I painted a mirror with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and turned it into a sign.

For the last year, the BEACH sign sat in the garage until I turned it into a chalkboard for Aylin and Joshua's wedding.

One week after the wedding, the chalkboard went nautical for a baby shower.

Getting the right shade of green was the most difficult part because the green chalkboard paint I found online turned out to be a mint green.

Writing on this chalkboard was easier than the others because I gave myself lines.

I didn't want to copy Jennifer of Town and Country Living completely so I separated my upper and lower case setters and added numbers.

The chalkboard will be used at Christmas, but I wanted to show my sister who arrives for a visit today.

Flash cards dress up the chalkboard and a box of quotes seemed appropriate for the vignette.

I need to finish creating one quote card for each letter of the alphabet.

But first, we have to finish redecorating the kitchen which is inspired by this kitchen on my "Do It Already!" board.

Pinned from

The shelves are hung, but both the walls and the shelves need a fresh coat of white paint.

The pendant lights arrived yesterday - now we have to wait for the electrician to rewire the ceiling.

After my sister's visit, our pantry door will get a facelift of a full chalkboard.

Pinned from

Steve has to okay every change I have make in his kitchen and he likes the idea of a chalkboard to write his grocery and To Do list on.

We are off to San Francisco next week to visit our daughter and one more item on my "Do It Already!" board will be completed because we have reservations at Chez Panisse and we are all excited to finally eat there.

So, I am curious about my blogging friends - are you on Pinterest and do you do anything with what you have pinned?

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Gifts ... Gratitude ... Friendship ...

Over the last month, I have received lovely gifts ... from strangers.

An Instagram friend sent me gifts with a sweet card about GRATITUDE.

The line that resonates with me is turning "a stranger into a friend".

Nancy of @nantiques00 and I became friends when she left a fun comment on a picture I posted of my kitchen.

I cracked up when I read the part about being separated at birth.

Nancy seems to know me because the gifts she sent me were a set of vintage look patriotic cards

and three cute beachy style bracelets.

I signed up for #swapitlikeitshot on Instagram and received great gifts from Kristen of @beachyglamdecor.

Connie of Crafty Home Cottage sent me a set of Bingo balls because she knows that I love numbers.

I won an Instagram giveaway from @clothnshard - I am using the bag to hold flowers.

A totally unexpected gift was a tablecloth from my new Turkish cousin, Aysegul  (my son married into a Turkish family and apparently I too am now part of the family) she promises to take me shopping at the bazaar if I will visit her in Istanbul.

 I am thankful for all the gifts, but more important I am grateful for all my new friends.