Sunday, March 30, 2014

Come Walk With Me

The last few days have been productive, but not blog worthy - cleaning and purging in the attic.

Lulu and I thought you might want to join us on a walk through the neighborhood.

I thought it would be fun to look at gates

and signs

and doors.

We'll walk along the beach

and stop by the park for one of my favorite views to the Channel Islands.

We'll see stairways 

and garden decor.

Our walk will take us past little cottages surrounded by picket fences

and small shingled cottages 

dwarfed by multi-level homes.

We might stop by Gerry and Terry's house to check out their garden

or peek through Linda's hidden gate.

I'll take you by my friend Ginger's house -

 one of the oldest on the beach.

I want to make a wreath like the beautiful wreath that hangs on Ginger's gate, but that will have to wait.

I am volunteering at Craftcation April 1 -3 and attending classes April 3-5.

I can't wait for my first class -


The Creative Habit with Kaari Meng of French General.

I will be AWOL from blogging, but I should have some fun things to share next week.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Useful . . . Beautiful . . . Meaningful

As I was dusting yesterday (not fun, but necessary) I thought about the title of the book, The Way We Live With The Things We Love.

I remembered a quote by William Morris

and began looking around my house to see if I am following Morris' advice.

My baskets are beautiful - at least I think so.

And, the baskets are holding books which are both beautiful and useful.

My pitcher collection is definitely useful.

As I continued through the house, I decided that I would add one more possibility to William Morris' quote - Meaningful.

The spatterware pitcher and Manhattan plate are both beautiful and can be useful, 

but more important to me are the memories they evoke.

Beautiful, of no real use, but very special is this shell from the Indian Ocean.

When we downsized to our little cottage, I gave most of my family pieces to my sister, but these 3 items made the cut.

Another favorite piece is my mother's cedar chest which I painted white last year.

When I received these candlesticks, my friend apologized that they were used, but said she thought they would be perfect in our apartment.

This is one of my favorite pitchers and for years it sat on a shelf, but I have begun to use it regularly.

There is a purpose for nearly everything we have in the house.

I know you all have useful and beautiful items in your homes,

but what are the "special" items in your home that make you smile?

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tickled Pink

I didn't know what to title this post so I googled synonyms for HAPPY. 

 I chose Tickled Pink because that is how I felt about all the little "happies" I photographed yesterday in order to write this post.

I spotted my first spring rose in the garden and had to bring it into the house to enjoy watching it open.

I am definitely "tickled pink" with my new computer which is thinner, lighter and so much faster than my 5 year old "slow poke".

Flowers blooming

all over the yard

and filling pitchers in the house definitely make me happy.

I couldn't pass up the gorgeous daffodils at the grocery store.

Having old friends over for dinner and creating a pleasing table setting was a definite "happy".

These little black and white bowls tickled my fancy.

My plan to set the table with white plates didn't work out because I only had two red bowls.

So, I was excited when I found little black and white bowls at  TJ Maxx.

Little wire baskets served as place cards

I had red napkins and fortunately I hoard fabric because I found enough black fabric (left over from a curtain I made for my sister's bathroom ) to make napkins.

I was happy with the results of the table, but even happier that J and D have found one another.

J lost her son to cancer, D lost his wife to cancer and recently brought together two people we have known for years.

You may look at this photo and ask how I could use the blog title Tickled Pink,

but a new computer, flowers, setting the table and our guests excited me and brought me joy.

What has Tickled you Pink lately?

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