Sunday, February 16, 2020

What Others See

In the last few weeks, while I have been absent from social media, other bloggers were so sweet to feature my accounts.

Last week, Kristi of French Creek Farmhouse did a shout out to Steve and me on both her blog and her Instagram account @frenchcreekfarmhouse .

Brenda of Cozy Little House wrote a post titled, Living Large in Little Houses: Carol's House, where she talked about our colorful home and how much we use our outdoor spaces.

Kristi had us both in tears as we read her sweet post, but I laughed when I read this paragraph in her post.

I laughed because I think of our house as mostly white these days.

I created my new blog header before I read Kristi's post.

White linens,

white dishes and 

white decor are what I see.

Then I looked at the photos Kristi chose to use in her post and I saw that while there is white, our house is definitely full of color.

I thought most of the color at our cottage was in the garden.

 I snapped a pic this morning and I notice now that the white walls, windows and furniture are merely a backdrop for bright colors.

If you were to walk around our garden you would see a few white flowers, but mainly

you would see color.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Not what I imagined

On the sidebar of my blog I have this little blurb.

I love that Thoreau quote

and even put it on a pillow.

Until December 13th,  I was living the life I imagined and then .  .  . 
we were in a horrific car accident.

I will spare you photos, but suffice it to say that I will always think of Friday the 13th as a lucky day because it's a miracle that we are alive.

For the last 2 months, I have been living a life I didn't imagine, but it gets better every single day.

The first three weeks were BAD and I imagined what I would do once I could move around and use my hand.

It felt wonderful the first time I actually decorated the house - the Christmas decor is still in the garage.

The basket of flowers was arranged with one hand (broke my left hand), the center was with one and a half hands (velcro brace) and the pink roses were arranged on Sunday with both hands.

As you can see, I have started to decorate for Valentine's Day.

The challenge is using whatever I can find in the garage or shed because neither of us can pull down the attic ladder yet.

 I am not ready to polish the silver, but maybe next week.

I'm slowly decorating each room in the house

and working in the garden for short spurts of time, 

but what amazes me the most is that I am actually typing with my hands on the keys correctly.

I go to occupational therapy twice a week and on Monday, I would never have imagined that my baby finger would work voluntarily today - even yesterday was a struggle.

In December, I could not even imagine working in the garden

or walking Lulu on the beach.

But as I said at the beginning of my post, each day is easier and we just booked a flight to visit our little grandsons.

 I am back living the life I imagined - just slower for a few more months!