Tuesday, March 29, 2016

On the road again...

We haven't been away since Christmas so it was fun to be "on the road again" even for just a quick trip.

We have been traveling north on the 101 Freeway regularly since 1993 when our son started attending the University of California, Berkeley.

 Due to the drought over the last few years,

 the view from the road has been a sea of brown,

but on Friday, we saw color for the entire drive.

Yellow, blue and green were the predominant colors, but stopping in Pismo Beach for breakfast we were greeted by colorful flowers -

I couldn't resist snapping a shot of a fun sign on a building.

We took a country road to cut across from the coast to the center of California - our destination was Sacramento to visit our daughter.

Our first was a stop in the town of Cool

to visit Steve's brother

and this was our view from their deck on Saturday morning.

We visited Geoff and Joanne two years ago at Easter

and the view was not as colorful on that visit.

Saturday morning we left the country and headed to our state capital

and proceeded to eat our way through the city of Sacramento

while our daughter and her boyfriend gave us a tour.

So it was a good thing that Steve and I were up with the sun on Easter morning walking around town.

Few people were in McKinley Park when we walked through

and the tree lined streets of the Fab Forties

were quiet as residents slept

so I could snap pics without feeling like a "lookie loo".

I fell in love with each house

and the well manicured gardens.

The tulips lining the walkway of this brick house had me swooning.

We had a fun visit - family, food, flowers -  but it is nice to be home again.

I hope you had a lovely Easter and that spring is coloring your life today.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Cottage Garden

I love this time of year.

Every morning when I look outside, 

there is more color in the garden.

I've been sprucing up the yard because we will be away for Easter and I want the garden to be a welcoming retreat for Lulu's sitter.

Buckets of flowers on the ladder add vertical color to the garden.

I will plant all of the flowers in the garden next week and choose new flowers for the ladder.

I even found time to organize La Petite Maison

just in case our sitter, Suzanne, happens to look inside.

We don't use this area behind Steve's studio much

but the nights will soon be warm enough for us to sit by the fire pit.

Steve and I both enjoy reading (and just maybe snoozing) outside this time of year.

Fortunately, since Lulu likes to sunbathe on the chaise,

we have a second chaise for Steve and me to fight over.

The planter in front is bursting with color

and there are a few flowers I am watching closely.

I swear that our garden is planted by the birds and I'm keeping my eye on this fuzzy little bud.

Two more have developed since I took this photo and I am curious to see what the flowers will look like.

By the time we get home on Monday, I expect the hibiscus to be in full bloom

and maybe the rock rose hidden in the jungle will finally show its face.

I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to gardening, but I love our funky little cottage garden.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Monday, March 21, 2016

on the side . . .

When you live in a small house, 

on a small lot (3 houses are shown in his picture to give you an idea just how small our lots are),

you make the most of every little space.

Several years ago I bought a 3 tiered wooden cart for $3 at a yard sale.

It sits on the side of the house in a nook between our dining room and the fireplace.

Last week I spent a morning cleaning up the table after a winter of neglect.

The old screen was just sitting in the Garden House

as were all sorts of metal containers - the little wooden lamb is a left over from my days of "Americana" style.

After the cart was cleaned up, 

I had fun playing with pictures,

taking shots for Instagram.

I was pondering the idea of painting the cart, but after seeing all the pictures

I decided that cart is just fine the way it is.

It makes a great backdrop for photos

This is what the cart looked like this morning

as I got ready to plant seeds.

After planting the seeds, I had fun taking photos 

 at different angles - 

zooming in 

and out.

It's a beautiful spring day,  the side yard is organized, my blog post is finished

and I'm going to follow Lulu's lead by spending the rest of the day just lazing around.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

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