Tuesday, March 29, 2016

On the road again...

We haven't been away since Christmas so it was fun to be "on the road again" even for just a quick trip.

We have been traveling north on the 101 Freeway regularly since 1993 when our son started attending the University of California, Berkeley.

 Due to the drought over the last few years,

 the view from the road has been a sea of brown,

but on Friday, we saw color for the entire drive.

Yellow, blue and green were the predominant colors, but stopping in Pismo Beach for breakfast we were greeted by colorful flowers -

I couldn't resist snapping a shot of a fun sign on a building.

We took a country road to cut across from the coast to the center of California - our destination was Sacramento to visit our daughter.

Our first was a stop in the town of Cool

to visit Steve's brother

and this was our view from their deck on Saturday morning.

We visited Geoff and Joanne two years ago at Easter

and the view was not as colorful on that visit.

Saturday morning we left the country and headed to our state capital

and proceeded to eat our way through the city of Sacramento

while our daughter and her boyfriend gave us a tour.

So it was a good thing that Steve and I were up with the sun on Easter morning walking around town.

Few people were in McKinley Park when we walked through

and the tree lined streets of the Fab Forties

were quiet as residents slept

so I could snap pics without feeling like a "lookie loo".

I fell in love with each house

and the well manicured gardens.

The tulips lining the walkway of this brick house had me swooning.

We had a fun visit - family, food, flowers -  but it is nice to be home again.

I hope you had a lovely Easter and that spring is coloring your life today.


  1. Gorgeous, Carol! I see the recent rains have helped tremendously in those parts of CA you traveled. It's Always nice to be back home. I bet Lulu was happy to see you.

  2. What a lovely trip! You got a lot of great pictures. Love the flowers in spring. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It all looks so green and I enjoyed looking at the houses too! It always wonderful to see views of America that are away from the tourist trails. I' m glad you had a good time but there is no where like home! Sarah x

  4. Every picture is beautiful! I'm so glad you had a pretty drive and that you all are finally getting some rain. The same thing has happened here in Texas. We live right by a big lake and two years ago it was almost dry! Now it's full to overflowing with water going over the damn. What a difference rain makes!

  5. Beautiful photos and it sounds like the trip was super special. I'm sure your family enjoyed the visit as much as you and Steve.

  6. Beautiful pictures. So glad that things are green again. What a blessing.
    I hope you are feeling better.

  7. What a lovely road trip! Thanks for taking us along. I could really use a road trip away for a few days. The houses you snapped photos of in Sacramento were so charming! Have a great week!

  8. Carol I love the Fab Forties and that McKinley park area. I remember taking my boys to play at that park when they were little guys---- It sounds like your daughter lives in a cool area!

  9. I love those houses I could walk around there all day.

  10. It is SO wonderful to see my beloved state bloom back to life!!!

  11. It is so nice to see some Green on the Calif hwys. Love the houses and pretty lawns. What a fun trip and it's always great to see family.

  12. Speaking of colors.......your post is popping with some vibrant, beautiful colors!

  13. Fabulous! The houses are amazing...just my style!!

  14. Stunning scenery - everything is so lush and green and vibrant. What a spring treat you have shared!
    All of the houses are just adorable and quaint. My sister lived in Sacrament for a few years!

  15. Beautiful pics! I don't think there's any house prettier than yours.

  16. So glad that everything is greening up in CA. Your pictures are so beautiful of the homes and flowers. I have never been to Sacramento, so may this summer when I go up to Shaun's he will take me over there.

    Thanks so much for taking me on the tour with you. My flowers are so pretty this year and the roses are stunning.
    Have a great rest of the week.


  17. Such lovely photos, Carol. The morning light makes for really gorgeous images. Those older homes have such character and grace. Thanks for taking us along on your trip.

  18. Beautiful photos!! Love the tour of the pretty old homes.

  19. Carol oh yes loving that Spring is coloring our lives, budding trees and Springs flowers blooming. Loved going on your photo journey with you - from drought brown to color lush. Country roads are always the best and it sounds and looks like your getaway was fun and very much appreciated. Love fab forties house and enjoyed seeing your captures of them.

  20. Oh, the Sacramento area has so many beautiful little areas! I love the sign and hope you are/have painted one for your home or maybe one of your kiddos! That is perfect for your family! Enjoy! Blessings, Cindy xo

  21. Beautiful pictures. Glad to see the rain has brought life back to the area. I grew up in Sonoma not far from where you were traveling.

  22. A gorgeous, poetic stroll with you today, Carol. I've never been that far up north in California, but the HOMES I've seen before. What beauty. After all my travels and my love affair with Minneapolis ( I LOVE THIS PLACE), I have to say that there is NO place like "home." California boasts some of the greatest homes scattered about in various cities, and with the marriage of land and sea, what more can you ask for. In all my 29 years living in California, I always remember BROWN hillsides, and seeing this lush greenery, one would say you're in another state!

    I just know you are having FUN.

  23. Carol, your weekend sounds lovely! I enjoyed seeing the 40's homes...and to eat your way through a city is always fun! Pam @ Everyday Living

  24. Carol, thank you for the lovely California tour. I was very impressed with the view around Steve's brother's home. What a beautiful place to live. I love that you take your camera with you on your walks, those homes were so charming, such lovely homes and gardens. Here's wishing you enough rain this year to keep things green and full of color. Happy Spring!
    Connie :)

  25. That brick house walkway and tulips had me swooning as well!

  26. Such a wonderful trip and gorgeous pictures! I loved seeing the sunshiny scenery and the pretty homes...and so many lovely flowers! It is always nice to come home again though!
    Helen xox

  27. Such pretty photos. I really like Sacramento. When my daughter was between one and two we use to take her on Sundays for a pony ride in Fairytale park in the Land Park. They have some really lovely old parks and older homes from 20 and 30s maybe older. xoxo Su

  28. Olá amiga, vim desejar-lhe um abençoado início de mês, e lindos dias
    de primavera!!!
    Encantei-me com todas as imagens.
    Doce abraço Marie.

  29. It sounds like you had such a fun trip You sure did capture the beauty of the area, especially those fabulous old homes. Eating your way through Sacramento sounds like a good idea to me.

  30. What a pretty visit you had! These pictures make me want to visit CA all the more. Looks like you had gorgeous weather for your trip too!

  31. I enjoyed your photos of the scenery. This neighborhood you posted is where my SiL lives. She has a story-book Tudor cottage.

  32. Glad you are seeing green this year Carol. That's such a nice change!! I too love looking at all the homes here in NC. We've seen some beauties. It's great to visit family and eating your way through Sacramento isn't bad either. Lol!

  33. It's nice to see the earth a bit replenished. I enjoyed your tour and each and every house is just lovely. I think I'd be happy living in any of them.

  34. What a lovely trip!! And it's a wonderful time of year to travel :)
    I love the photos....

  35. Of course Steve's brother lives in COOL. I want to live in COOL, CA. I'm so glad you guys have gotten some rain. I know that brown from living in Oklahoma for so long. I can see why you fell in love with all those houses. They are all very lovable.

  36. Thanks for sharing your fun trip with us. I enjoyed the photos! Is this the same daughter who lived in your neighborhood?


  37. It looks like it was a beautiful trip. I wish I could have a peek inside those houses!

  38. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. The view from the deck 2 years ago may not have been so colorful as this trips view but both are beautiful. Great photos. What is that tree with the white blooms? In the picture they look fluffy.