Saturday, April 14, 2018


Recently my friend Rita of the blog Panoply sent me a panoply of vintage goodies.

Rita could not have chosen better.

I absolutely love vintage linens and primary colors.

The time is coming for al fresco dining and I'll be using these beautiful tablecloths frequently.

I'm not one for putting things in the cupboard to save for a special day - every day is a special day.

The cute tea towels with the beach themed embroidery are perfect for our house.

I'm in love with this beautiful ironstone vase - all of the flowers were picked in my garden.

And then there were the faucet knobs - they are so cute and fun to tuck into vignettes.

The cute red/yellow and yellow/black flatware inspired a fun new display in the kitchen.

By far my favorite is this sweet little piece - the minute I saw just those few letters, I knew exactly what it was.

The blue matches perfectly with the new cabinet in our guest room so I'm going to sew the hankie onto a pillow.

I'm amazed at Rita's talent to have chosen items that fit right in at our house.

Thank you Rita.