Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Permission To Simply "BE"

I am a "doer".

I constantly make lists and I'm always on the go with just 2 speeds - On & Off.

A couple of  things occurred lately that really make me question my need to always be "doing".

First, I took a felting class on Saturday and loved it,

the Scaredy Cat on the far left is the sample and the cat in the middle is mine

but my by right hand hurt like the dickens on Sunday.

I thought about all the crafts that I can't do right now, but then I asked myself, "do you really have to be making something all the time?

The second occurrence was something my daughter wrote - "I can be really hard on myself about being lazy and doing nothing on a weekend. I have a history of trying to cram a ton of activities into 2 days which usually leaves me no time for rest and relaxation".

I felt a little guilty because KC said she learned her "always on the go" lifestyle from me.

As I was taking pictures yesterday for an Instagram post, I looked out at my garden and asked myself why I rarely ever just kick back and relax on the chaise.

 The answer is that I am forever tweaking things around the house

and coming up with projects

like the new latitude/longitude sign I convinced Steve to make for the entry.

Yesterday I posted this picture of my garden on Instagram

with this comment.

So, I greeted the morning with no list, no deadlines and gave myself permission to slow down and simply BE.

We took Lulu to the park

and slowly walked along the dunes to Soter Point.

After lunch, I made peanut butter cookies and headed out to the garden to read.

I looked around the garden feeling restless although I had vowed to sit and relax, - I really am a "doer" and I needed to do something.

I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures

and then I decided to set the table for dinner -

it's still warm enough to be eating outdoors each night.

As I stood back to look at the table, I noticed that I was in the garden and I was relaxed despite the fact that I was busy.

When I began writing my post last night, I gave it the title of "Permission To Simply Be", but as my day developed, I accepted that, like Popeye, "I am what I am".

Instead, I am giving myself permission to simply be ME.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

What Am I Doing?

Those of you who are on Instagram are most likely familiar with the hashtag #widn which stands for What I'm Doing Now.

I am not working on any projects, but I am keeping busy.

Every single day I post one photo on Instagram.

I have begun to bring fall into my decor

now that it is officially the season.

My rain boots haven't been out of the closet in years and I hope that setting them out with flowers might actually entice rain.

I met a new friend, Renee of Joy in Every Season, for lunch

and she brought me a gorgeous vintage tablecloth.

Do you think it works with my color palette?

Vicky of Life of Willie Mae Lane posted about a book of her Instagram pics she made on Chatbooks 

so I made one for myself.

It was fun, easy and an inexpensive

method of printing some of my favorite pictures.

This Saturday, I am taking a felting class and I wanted to make something for each of my classmates.

I thought a little bag (filled with chocolate for sustenance) would be nice for taking home our creations - assuming that they are small.

I brought some of my fall decor down from the attic,

but this is all I had time to set out before it just got too hot and we had to run down to the ocean to cool off.

Well, that's what I have been doing- what are you up to?

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

at a snail's pace

It has been hot and humid in our neck of the woods-

 literally too hot to move.

Steve and I took Lulu for a walk into town yesterday

and we all moved at a snail's pace, melting with each step and

stopping multiple times to cool off.

 Projects around the house seem to be moving at a snail's pace as well.

We're still working on the kitchen (waiting on the painter) so I have been simply freshening up things all over the house.

 Costco mums from my neighbor were too big for the house so I had to move things around on the porch.

I found on old linen tablecloth (with a few holes) in the attic and used it in the garden for dinner, but it didn't survive a washing so I cut it up to make tea towels.

My garden window got an update with a quote (I used dry erase pens to write on the glass) and a metal garland of hearts.

 I have to pick up the pace tomorrow because an blogging/Instagram, Renee of Joy in Every Season is in town and dropping by to meet me on Tuesday.

I still have a few things left on my list,

but I am not worried

because another Instagram friend @pmacaulay was in town over the weekend with her whippets

who didn't seem to mind that there are a few weeds here and there.

photo by Patricia MacAulay

Although I think they had more fun at Lulu's favorite beach.

We really do need to get the kitchen finished and maybe what I need is to have more blogging friends drop by.

Does anyone want to stop by next week?