Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fresh, Clean & Organized

For the month of March, I am working towards a house that is 


I sat down on February 28 and made a list of everything I want to do room by room including the front and back yards.

Oh, my goodness -

105 items on the list divided by 31 days in March equals crossing off at least 3.4 projects each day.

I got a head start on the last day of February and I am keeping ahead of schedule - 27 items are already crossed off the list.

Some items on the list are fun - like hanging a bag of dried flowers on the front door.

Some are necessary - like organizing the bathroom shelves.

Some are easy - like buying flowers for the front door bench or

putting flowers on the back porch arch.

Some have triggered bigger changes in rooms - like shells on our bedroom armoire

which led to beach beach buckets and buoys on the Expedit and now has me planning big changes in our bedroom.

Some items involve purging - I have already taken one bag to the Goodwill, but instead of tossing this vase, I put a flower in it and dropped it off on a neighbor's porch.

Washing the windows has begun, but painting all the molding, baseboards and doors will take me most of the month - I have to paint at night so Lulu won't rub against all the freshly painted wood.

I am making time for fun things too so Monday I finally got around to making a baby quilt for a friend.

There won't be any more goals met until Saturday because tomorrow Steve and I are headed to June Mountain for a couple of days of skiing.

I might not finish the list, but already the house is looking fresher, cleaner and more organized - and that is my goal.


  1. Oh I've been doing the same by room...oh your house is so cozy!!! We have been in the winter freeze for so long it's hard to imagine greens!!!
    I love winter but I'm ready to work outside!!!

  2. WOW. Carol, if I was home, I think I too would be cleaning and organizing - but spring break is coming up and I cannot WAIT! For several reasons of course, one of them taking a week off from school, but I want to clean my house. I need to clear my basement and just have a yard sale!

    I love the new angles of photos you are taking of the house; the archway looking out to the street and just the way you caught another view of your window - it all looks wonderful.

    Enjoy your skiing trip and be safe! Anita

  3. Wow've been busy! You are taking full advantage of your retirement and getting lots done. Such a good feeling to purge and organize. It always makes me feel good! Your home looks wonderful as always! Enjoy your ski trip.
    Blessings, Vicky

  4. have fun skiing. ( :
    i was thinking the same thing - giving my neighbors some flowers - need to wait until it is a bit warmer & i won't fall up (or should i say down) the driveway. ha. ha!!

  5. have fun skiing!

    I like the dried flowers in basket on the door idea ! : )

  6. It all looks so lovely and I'm sure it feels really good to be getting these things done and crossed off your list. You have so many cute things - love the little buckets and buoys on your shelves!

  7. Your house always looks so interesting ... well done on crossing so many jobs off your list already.
    Have fun skiing ...
    M x

  8. what a great idea to make a list of each room! I need to do this and not wander aimlessly from room to room working on things. I am impressed that you have already tackled 27 things! And I LOVE the idea of leaving the vase with flowers on a neighbors porch!! Have fun on your trip!

  9. If everything stands in its place, I'm really happy too. But I have to admit, you did a serious work with organisation and your home looks so fresh and pretty Carol!
    Enjoy skiing and see you soon!

  10. I could probably just take your list and go with it. Painting baseboards and trim is needed badly and on my list for after I "retired." Little by little. Have a wonderful time on the slopes!

  11. love your list, and the changes that you've made so far are just great ! A good idea to do baby steps on a big project, and now time to celebrate with some fun reward time!

  12. You inspire!! I love your fresh and colorful cottage. Have fun skiing. :)

  13. What a precious little quilt! And I love your beach buckets...I'm always on the look out for those. They add so much to beach decor! Enjoy your day my friend!

  14. I love the photo of the windows wide open to your backyard. It's so refreshing. That's a long list of to-dos. You are doing very well, I would say. xoxo,Susie

  15. Carol,
    As I said before you are goal motivated and task driven.
    I am kind of a clean freak so I get your goal.
    Have fun skiing.

  16. I like how you made a list for cleaning and projects. A list might keep me on track! xoxo

  17. If you run out of projects in California, I will buy you a ticket to Florida to come help me, Carol!

    This all looks great. Rest and have fun at June Mountain with Steve!



  18. Carol, you have to be the most organized and energetic person I know! I just adore the quilt, such pretty, soft colors!

  19. We are thinking alike. I have been doing my spring cleaning early. Just finished our bedroom this week. The livingroom will be in a couple of weeks. I have to repair a ceiling leak from last year. Yes, me trying to do it. Never have before, should be fun. If you hear a loud sound you will know it will be me screaming from WV. HA! HA!

  20. Your industry inspires me!

    Safe travels ~

  21. I think I'm going to jump on your monthly goal challenge and make one for myself. Such a great idea and you are accomplishing so much. I would like to make my home less cluttered this month of March.
    Thanks for the inspiration.


  22. Wish I had your ambition. LOL Sounds like you are going to be busy. Good luck.


  23. The spring cleaning hasn't begun here since we're still buried under a ton of snow, but I have a running to-do list on my fridge. Funny you should mention painting the baseboards and trim because one of the things on my list is doing the same thing. There's a bunch of nicks and scratches and it all needs touching-up.

    I love your idea of dropping off a flower in a vase at a neighbor's house instead of merely donating the vase. :-)

    Have a great ski trip!

  24. Wow! That is an ambitious list.
    You have already done so much. I do find that if you have a list, you do get more done. For me, it keeps me centered. I just noticed the tile in your kitchen . . . gorgeous!
    Is that the original kitchen floor? It has so much character :)
    Have a lovely day and don't work too hard.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  25. I sure wish I had your energy. I make a list and keep forwarding it over to another day LOL
    Everything looks great and fresh. Don;t you just love having the windows open.
    Have a wonderful time skiing.

  26. Love your back porch arch. So sweet that you dropped the vase with a flower in it onto your neighbors porch. You're a goal inspiration to all of us so thank you for sharing. Here's to spring that is just around the corner even though it snowed again today. :)

  27. Good for you! Wow! I am impressed with all you have done already! I am cleaning closets today-and organizing. I am taking a whole working wardrobe down to a place that outfits women who are just getting into the job market. Whoo Hooo...sure feels good, doesn't it? Have fun skiing! xo Diana

  28. You sure have a great head start on your spring cleaning and chores! Lucky you. I think you deserve a couple days away skiing. Have fun and don't break anything. I love the first photo of the door way and bench with so much glorious colour. Beautiful!

  29. Your home always looks fresh, clean and organised. I hope you both have a wonderful break. Will Steve be OK ski-ing after his recent operation? Sarah x

  30. You have gotten a lot accomplished! Good for you! I'm working towards getting my house better organized and clean for spring, too. It will probably take me into April, as slow as I am, but I'm determined to get things done. I have some painting in mind to do, but that may have to wait a bit and I want some new window treatments and can't make up my mind about those. But the sorting and tossing will be done and the deep cleaning.
    Have fun skiing!

  31. Fresh, clean, organized...or NOT!! I LOVE your house!! It's bright, breezy and beautiful!

    PS: Have fun on your ski trip!

  32. Oh my goodness, you are off to a great start! Leaving the vase with flowers at the neighbor's doorstep is a beautiful idea and I know they were delighted with the surprise. Be safe and have fun on your ski trip!

  33. I came over from Connie's blog to take a look around. I sure wish I had your ambition because I need a lot of cleaning and organizing done around here

  34. I love that you had 'flowers all over the house' on your list. That is a fun chore to do! Have fun skiing this week!

  35. Carol,
    As much as I love list making and crossing items off my lists, I think 105 items on a list would overwhelm me. I am impressed with your stamina.

    Everything is looking good!


  36. What a thoughtful thing for you to do leaving the vase and flowers on a neighbor's porch. You are so organized to make a list for the entire month...I can only stick to mine one day at a time.

  37. It already looks cheery and organized! I love the flower box with the beach sign and flags!

  38. You are getting so much done and it is very inspiring. I have been caught up in painting furniture with Ashleigh and my house is not clean and organized right now. Enjoy your trip!!

  39. All wonderful goals for March, Carol...and you are well on your way. I love everything you have accomplished so far.

    Enjoy your ski trip and time with Steve.

  40. I'm not kidding when I say that your first shot literally took my breath away! The colors about knocked me off the couch! No joke friend...such beautiful pictures in your post here! And I hear you on the organizing and purging! I am soooo in that mode! I kinda feel lucky that I live in a small house because it makes these tasks a bit easier! Love what you have go enjoy your trip! Sounds like a blast! Nicole xoxo

  41. June Mountain? Wow, that's my old stomping grounds! Where do you live? I hope to head that way this summer to see my MIL. You have quite the list going for March, but knowing what I have learned about you recently, you will complete it :) Enjoy skiing!

  42. You are inspiring me to do the same thing. Being organized makes life so much easier in the long run!

  43. Just discovered your blog! Love all the colour (especially living in the "still" very snowy Midwest). I will be back! Jewels

  44. Your house does look so organized and fresh, but I think it looks that way through your photos all the time! The photo of the ski hill threw me off ... I hope you enjoy your days on the slopes (dress warm!). Wendy x

  45. Wow! I'm impressed as I'm the least organised person in the world! And painting at night, you're very devoted to your cottage!

  46. Carol, you inspire me more than you will ever know. I thought I would point out one of the projects on which to comment, but, truly, every. single. one. is just AMAZING! Leaving a vase for your neighbor shows you have a heart and soul of pure gold. Also, the baby quilt, precious. So inspiring. xoxo Jen

  47. I love all of the wonderful color you have decorated with in your home. endless task!!!! Have fun at June. The snow should be great. We were there a couple of weeks ago just as the storms started to hit.

  48. I need to make a project list too. I love your colorful beautiful home.

  49. You. Are. Amazing. And lately you're making me feel very inadequate! :) :)

  50. Wow. That's some list. Your home is going to look great by the end of the month. And you'll be exhausted! Have fun skiing.

  51. Good luck on accomplish all the MArch goals...and btw, love the baby quilt you made

  52. wow hefty task but its looking so good so far i'm your newest follower from HouseKaboodle

  53. Oh I adore your home and I hope you are having a wonderful time skiing right now.

  54. My house is in need of a good cleanup and organization. Since your close to finishing your list do you want to head over and help? Just kidding, with a smaller house like the Charmer is it seems like she can go from organized to clutter in minutes. I love your color of your home since I am a lover of color. But I am so envious that in March you are putting out flowers. It's still snowing here, 74" and counting! Hope you reach your goal!

  55. Carol when you are finished you can come here and clean!! You know I clean homes for a living so my cottage is at the bottom of the list . Yesterday I finally dusted and oh my did it need it!
    Your place is so cheery and happy. Have a great time skiing!!

  56. Wow, you have already made a big dent in that to do list!!! I need to do the same thing.....I am not exactly the most organized person. Have fun skiing :o)

  57. You have so much nice colours in the house and grounds! On my list is only cleaning the windows and clean the garden fresh for the gardening year.


  58. Hi Carol,
    Hope you and Steve are having a great time on your trip........
    Wow, isn't it amazing what you get
    accomplished when you write it on a list.......I am so much more ambitious when I do that, because sometimes when I have extra time I
    just forget about things that I could be doing and later think of you should have done so and so today, and then am aggravated with myself, cause I didn't think about it.......
    You have really gotten so much done. I am looking forward to April because I can then concentrate on the house again,
    Starting the end of February we have 3 birthdays in a row and then mine comes the end of March, so
    don't get a lot done in March,
    accept tablescapes and cooking....
    cleaning and shopping and gift wrapping in preparation for all
    the birthdays. I love it tho....
    cause I love doing special events and holidays for my family....they
    are good times......

    That quilt you made for your friends baby was absolutely beautiful, what a special gift,
    she will be thrilled........

    Loved the idea of sticking the flower in the vase and giving it to a neighbor as a surprise.
    Those simple acts of unexpected kindness are always the most wonderful..........and bet your
    neighbor got a real kick out of it.

    After all the work you have done
    you deserve a trip away, and it will be nice to come home to your nice clean fresh home. I always love coming home after being away for a week.......cause I am recharged and excited to do something creative.

    Have a great weekend,
    Blessings, Nellie

  59. Carol, you are always so industrious makes me wonder where my time goes. I love lists and boy do I have some long ones also. I had one for January - that has moved to be done in March and believe it or not I am actually making headway on it now. It involves cleaning, organizing and purging in the kitchen and I am almost done. Now the February list will have to be hit next and then I can start on the March list. Wonder where I will be come December. Hopefully, caught up... Love all the changes you are making and cannot wait to see what is up with the bedroom.... Cathy

  60. I can't believe how long your list is, but having been visiting here for a while, I know you'll achieve your goals !

  61. You're putting me to shame Carol! I'm a list maker, but geez Louise, you're kickin' my butt into next Sunday! You go girl!

  62. If this is just not the cutest little cottage I have ever seen. love the combinations of yellow, red and blue. Sooo sweet! Love every inch of it and would to just spend a week there. I'd only ask for a week. Please:)