Friday, May 25, 2012

Ridin' My Bike

Yesterday, our bike ride along the beach was a splash of color.

Matilija poppies are my absolute favorite flower.

I love these "fried egg" flowers with tissue paper leaves.

I do not have any planted in my yard nor do my neighbors.

It just isn't hot enough.

This spring we are having more heat than usual and one sole Matilija poppy plant thrives at the entrance to the state beach.

Color abounds along the bike trail.

Much of the bike trail hugs the shoreline

and The Point is always crowded with surfers competing for waves.

Our turn around spot is usually the estuary.

Riding back south, the sun is behind us and the colors are more vibrant in photos.

From The Point, we can see back to our little beach community -

 the short stretch of beach that we call home.

Just as the Matilija poppies stand sentinel at the entrance to the state beach,

this colorful little house sits at the entrance to our beach community.

A little bit of exercise, spectacular views and the smell of the ocean -

all combine to remove any stress I might be feeling.

Another day in paradise!


  1. Love your photos. Never seen the poppies before, they do remind you of a fried egg. What lovely scenery to enjoy while riding your bike.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I've never seen those poppies before either, and I just love poppies. Do you know the one called Himalayan Blue (I think that's it's name), just gorgeous.
    And yes - looks like another day in paradise !

  3. I love the poppies. Do they grow wild there? Beautiful place for a bike ride.

  4. OmG girl...I love those poppies...I've been wanting them in my yard for years....After seeing your pics....I NEED THEM!! I used to live by the beach in Redondo and Manhattan LOTS of years ago...I remember those amazing bike rides..YOUR's looks very special...glad you shared...Happy Memorial Day!! xok

    1. I saw a Matilija poppy plant at a nursery once on Santa Rosa Road- can't remember the name of the nursery. It is probably hot enough there for them to thrive.

      Neighbors on our street just moved out this week (we'll miss them) to their renovated horse ranch and I think it is on Santa Rosa Road. All of us on the street are anxious for the open house so we can see it.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog :)