Sunday, May 20, 2012

Far From Home

On Friday,  I left my home at 5:00 a.m. and headed to LAX for a flight to Dallas, Texas.

I have never been to Texas unless you count the 2 hour layover I spent in the Dallas Forth Worth airport nearly 37 years ago.

I don't count airport stops.

Texas makes state number 32 in my quest to visit all 50 states.

I did not actually see much of Dallas until last night when we left the Hilton Anatole and took a taxi to McKenny Avenue for dinner.

Dallas is a happening spot!

In the afternoon, I just got to see the hotel.

After meetings all day, I needed some exercise and I walked around the hotel and grounds.

It was so hot, I first walked throughout the hotel.

It is a beautiful hotel and I snapped pics of things that caught my eye.

I loved the colors in the carpeting and this great black and white bowl.

I did an online course - Doodle Camp - last summer and the bowl reminded me of some of my doodles.

I will show this simple pattern to my students in Doodle Club next week at school.

Next, my eye was drawn to this red Chinese box - totally my color palette.

It just needs something blue to fit in my house.

I love these old boxes- I have two similar boxes in my bedroom holding bracelets and rings. 

I really liked this unique jar sitting on a buffet.

I wish this guy had been outside in the garden.

All of the lights and the glare of the floors take away from him.

He would have looked much better in the garden across the pond from the fisherman you will see in a minute.

To get outside, I had to go down a curved staircase

with amazing ironwork.

Outside, the spectacular gardens were a soothing haven after long sessions of sitting and listening.

I scared away this guy trying to get close enough to tell if he was real.

The fish looked like they were coming to talk to me and beg for a handout.

The sculpture of children playing was darling.

Each of the little guys had such a cute stance.

My absolute favorite was the sculpture "Sharing".

The old man reminded me of my grandpa and though we never fished together, it made me think of the stories and advice he shared with me.

The attention to detail in the tackle box

and the fisherman's sweater amazed me.

As I ended up my walk and headed to the pool to join my colleagues,  I came across this happy fellow.

His look pretty much summed up how I was feeling -

a great big smile on my face and a giant belly from the Texas size cookies being served at snack time.

Far from home and feelin' good!


  1. Texas can really be hot, but it is an amazing place. You will be relieved to be back in ocean breezes I bet! I've always heard the Anatole was a beautiful hotel - looks like it really is.

  2. Hi Carol~your photos are beautiful~especially the fisherman sharing and that sweater~amazing details! I have been to Texas many kids used to show horses there~all I can say is HOT HOT HOT~Great food and amazing HISTORY...BUT HOT HOT HOT~!!! Plano is my favorite town to visit when I'm there...great shopping~great food!
    Anyway our sale was great, lots of fun with the girls~hot dogs, bloody mary's you know good ole girlie fun~
    Have a beautiful week girl~ thanks for keeping in touch~someday we will meet!

  3. The pond looks like a great place to unwind and maybe it's cooler there? That statue of the guys fishing is truly amazing. That sweater looks almost real!

  4. Great to read your mini Dallas tour and so many lovely pictures! :-)

  5. You did a great job with your photography!
    The fisherman statue is amazing.
    Hugs Rosemary...

  6. Beautiful place to stay. Love the statues. That fisherman is amazing. Great pics.

    I live in GA so know hot. I guess we just get used to it. And use air conditioning:)

  7. Oh I agree this place looks so beautiful! Sounds like you had a great visit.

  8. love the pictures, carol--texas is still on my to do list:) have a great week!

  9. thankyou for glimpses of places I will never see, the sculptures are amazing thanks again for sharing :-)

  10. Carol, I'm glad you directed me to this post. :)