Saturday, June 2, 2012

Getting It Done

In April I read a very thought provoking post on Raised in Cotton titled "Blogging Is The Devil".

I am very new to blogging and it got me thinking about why I started blogging.

It might not be why I started, but blogging is making me get things done that I need to do, but don't always feel motivated to do.

This cabinet was beyond disorganized and getting inspiration from the projects of other bloggers took my cabinet from this

to this.

Whenever I took photos of my dining room windows, I was disgusted with the peeling stickers left over from a previous owner - 15 years ago!

I took photos of the dining room table the other day and asked myself why I didn't just remove the labels and "get it done".

It took all of 15 minutes to remove the stickers and now my window looks like this.

And, now this.

I can't take credit for this little change.

Steve does the dishes and he didn't know where to put the star plate after Memorial Day and he stuck it there - I like it!

Blogging is making me think about my house, not just when I am taking photographs, but when I pass through a room.

I look at my rumpled sofa and plump it.

I look at dead flowers in vases and replace them.

I see a vignette on a blog and think about how I can do something similar, and I do it.

I am taking more time when setting the table for dinner.

I am actually doing things on my decorating list that I have talked about for a long time.

If I wasn't blogging, I think I would probably say, "I'll get to that soon."

Now, I am constantly looking at what I can change for the better.

So, tomorrow I am off to the Flea Market at Seaside Park.

I don't need anything, but reading all the blogs I follow and looking at inspiring photos makes me want to find some new little bits for vignettes.

Steve says we have to ride our bikes - his plan is that I can only buy what will fit in my bicycle basket.

His job will be to take some great photos while I am hunting.

It will be fun to just look and get inspired to "Get It Done".


  1. How true! I know we're all so inspired by what we see. Confession....I have a peeling security alarms sticker on one of my back windows and never got around to taking it off.
    I'm going out to Alameda for the monthly show tomorrow, but it's too far away to ride my bike. Good idea to not buy more than what you can carry home. Have fun!

  2. Oh so true Carol - I'm inspired by things in blogland all the time, but most of all I am inspired by people just getting on with stuff, being busy and creating.
    Looking forward to seeing what you bring back from the flea market !

  3. Yes, blogging has pushed me to get things done, too and to change a lot of things after viewing so much inspiration it is hard not to. Have fun at the flea.

  4. Good morning!

    I am so pleased to meet you for you came by my blog last night. I have been blogging for four years and it has literally changed my life. This is why:

    1. WRITING makes you think. (You are so correct in all of your observations)
    2. Blogging forces you to make decisions in a timely manner (what will I post on next week, tomorrow?)
    3. You make new friends that WANT TO COMMUNICATE.

    All of these reasons and more have caused me to make a very important decision. I quit my job as a teacher and will be pursuing art and writing. RISKY BUSINESS, I know, but making some good contacts have at least but the bug in my ear and the spring in my step to at least TRY.

    I wish you WELL on all of your daily steps in thinking what your next step will be! YOU LIVE BY THE SEA??????????? I DID for 2 years in the Boston area----nothing like it!!!

    Come back again! Anita

  5. And blogging is so much fun,
    you learn a lot of things
    and get to know lovely people.

  6. I'm with you, blogging is helping me get things done, as well as keeping me somewhat sane, and it is cheaper than thearpy! Love your blog!