Sunday, June 10, 2012

Success & Failure

The goal was blue plates.

I failed to meet my goal.

But, I had success in finding things I wasn't looking for!

We use place mats and cloth napkins nightly.

I found place mats at TJ Maxx and napkins at Pier 1.

I have lots of red place mats and yellow napkins so this is a good switch -

yellow place mats and red napkins.

I love the attention to detail on the edge of the napkins and in the quilting on the place mats.

I went to American Home and Garden knowing full well that I wouldn't find blue plates, but I needed my AHG fix.

Kathee, of Chateau et Jardin, wrote a post recently about her expanded booth and I wanted to check it out.

I found this column (just the right height) and have it on my wish list.

I don't think I can wait too long because it is priced to sell and it might be gone when I go back.

I have no idea where I would put it and I will have to paint it, but I have wanted a column for a long time.

And, I saw something else I have been looking for way too long.

This is the first time I have seen a ladder in a shop.

I see them all the time in great houses on blogs and on Pinterest, but I never saw one that I could actually purchase.

It is a little more than I want to spend right now and I am bummed because after moving things around in the house, I actually have a place where a ladder would look great.

I hope it is still there after I finish thinking about it!

I found a cute American Flag to display for Fourth of July.

I couldn't wait for Fourth so I moved a book from the entryway shelf and put up the flag.

Just changing one element in a vignette freshens up things.

I saw this wonderful kite in the AWE catalogue the other day, but I don't really have a place for it and therefore can't justify spending the money.

Well, I found this wooden kite in one of the booths and the price was unbelievably low.

I had to buy it.

I hung it on the fence on the side of the house.

I will look at the kite each morning when I get my clothes from my closet.

I have been looking for an antique clock face to no avail.

Last week I saw a vintage scale on someone's blog and realized that it didn't have to be a clock face - I wanted something round.

I can't believe I found this vintage scale (very reasonably priced) to meet my needs.

I moved a few things around to create a new vignette on my sewing machine table.

I may have failed at my original goal yesterday, but I feel successful in making some fun additions to my decor.

And, with school out in 3 days, I have all summer to find blue plates.


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  1. So glad you stopped by for a visit.Lovely beach cottage.Your comment gave Me an idea.Now I have to write down My 10 top days of My life.You inspired Me.Denise

  2. Love the wooden kite. Great vintage scale. I have a few.

  3. Your blue scale is Wonderful! Love the color and how you have it styled. Your fence is the perfect place to hang your kite. Thanks for stopping by, Mary Alice

  4. Sweet Carol~it was so GREAT to meet you in person!! It's funny when I saw the kite in that booth early in the morning I thought of you...I knew I saw it on someone's blog...when you brought it up to the counter...I knew it was you!! Thank you for coming into AH&G that was a FUN meeting! I love all of your purchases and enjoy seeing them in your vignettes!! Thank you for stopping by to see my expanded booth space! xoxok

  5. What great finds! I have recently purchased an old scale and ladder. I found them both at yard sales. I could not believe it when I found them! Your new finds look great!

  6. I enjoyed seeing your great finds. I'm sure you will find blue plates soon.


  7. Carol, I also love your vignettes and am amazed at your creativity... Thanks for visiting American Home & Garden... It's people like you that inspire us all.

  8. I saw those napkins at Pier 1 and I loved them. Fantastic find on the scale too!

  9. I so love your red/white napkins. Very pretty. Too funny that you pasted on the AWE kite, but found a much prettier one for your fence. Good for you!!!

  10. You were totally successful! What wonderful finds! I have a soft spot for scales too!