Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pillow Talk

In the summer, I used scraps of canvas to make pillows.

I wanted to make a few more, but life and work have gotten in the way of my creativity.

Having a week off from school allowed me to finish what I started in the summer.

I love the alphabet and since my initials are CC, I decided one of the pillows should have the letter C.

I traced my big red C for the first pillow and painted it with ASCP yellow.

I am still trying to decide whether I should outline the C.

I painted another little pillow with thin yellow stripes.

After  painting my bench green,  I knew I needed to add some green to the set of pillows.

I debated on using the words Sun...Sea...Sand, but decided that I already had enough words so I just did some wide stripes.

Five pillows were too much on the sofa so the C pillow ended up on a chair.

Now, the sofa has 1 pillow in each of my favorite colors.

I finished off the rest of the scraps by making some coasters using the same method I used to make my rug.

I told Steve he needs to stretch some canvases - I'm all out of scraps.


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  1. I love your pillows! and that table is divine with it's two tone vibrant paint. LOVE it.

    Have a happy weekend xox

  2. I LOVE your pillows. They are so cute and perfect in your home!
    Mary Alice

  3. Custom painted pillows, I love it. You did an awesome job...Now it's my turn to say....Love the C :-)


  4. The coasters are adorable... I've got to start a new pin board for Homemade Christmas junk! I'm pinning those little coasters!
    I love all your pillows too. "C" for couch, cushion and chair!

    love it all! Pat

  5. Great cushions, love the look of those hand-painted stripes and such cute coasters too - they've just given me an idea Carol (don't hold your breath though, as I may take a while to get round to it !!).

  6. I love your pillows and your rug(s) but can I ask what ASCP paint is? Is it specifically for fabric? Excuse my ignorance but I would like to do that too as I am on a budget (big time) since I retired and need some inexpensive and washable rugs. I don't have sand but I have dogs....could be worse than sand! LOL! I love the colors your yellow and green table and your red couch. Great job and so "colorful"! LOL!

  7. As a pillow lover myself I think these are fabulous...such a nice reflection of you and your style. Good job!

  8. I think the best part is that you have something nobody else has I love that!

  9. I love all those pillows! If you weren't so busy already I'd say set up an etsy shop and sell them!

  10. These are really cute! Thanks for sharing at HSH!

  11. Of course all of the pillows are to die for. You could have a store and sell them. I like letters too!

  12. Hi Carol,
    I love the way your pillows turned out. What kind of paint did you use? Is the canvas painters drop cloths or fabric intended for pillow making?
    Love your alphabet shelves too.
    I used to be a teacher aide at our son's elementary school. Teachers are the best!

  13. Thanks for the sweet comments.

    I used left over Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for the green, blue & yellow. The red is left over milk paint. My husband is an artist and stretches his own canvases so the pillows are freebies - just scraps of canvas. I have washed them and a rug I made from scrap canvas and they all wash fine without running.