Wednesday, October 3, 2018

26 Miles

This is a big year for 4 of us in my family - we're hitting the big "seven - oh" 

so we planned a 4 day birthday party on Catalina Island.

In July I wrote a post titled, A Fun Collaboration about tote bags I made with iron on transfers from

 StickerYou.Com  .

9 days ago the time finally arrived to fill those tote bags.

We stayed in Avalon, one of the two "cities" on Catalina,

which is filled with cute little beach cottages

and the main method of transportation is a golf cart.

The views are as spectacular from the dock

as they are from the hills.

I love this shot looking back at the mainland.

We chose Catalina because my cousins' other grandparents lived in this house on the island and we all have memories of staying there.

Right across the street from the house are the cottages the Chicago Cubs stayed in during spring training on the island from 1921-1941 and 1946 -1951.

My cousins sold the house which is now a rental and it was perfect for a family BBQ on Saturday night

and to celebrate the four 70 year olds (Steve will be 70 in December and I'll hit it in November) and the matriarch of our family who will be 94 in November.

To thank you for letting me drag you along on our family reunion, I am doing a GIVEAWAY - it would be great if it was a week's stay on the island, but you'll have to settle for this little tote I made.

If you would like to win, please comment so I can add your name to the drawing - I'll draw a winner next Wednesday, October 10.


  1. I just hit the big 70 myself!!! It's not so bad!!! I am glad to be here!
    And I LOVE the tote!!!!
    Great pics of a great time with family!

  2. CAROL!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, I'm barely going on 61 in April, but I can only imagine that your 60s have been rich and will continue to be spectacular in your 70s! I only went to Catalina Island once as a young woman, fascinated by the flying fish on my way there....what an enchanting place. ENJOY! Oh, put my name in for the prize!

  3. This looks like the sweetest little family reunion!! How wonderful to celebrate all of those birthdays in a place that has such meaning to you. I can't even imagine how the stars all aligned and you were able to have that house! I bet that brought back so many memories.

    I didn't know a thing about Catalina Island but now I know it would be amazing to go there. Love visiting California!

    Happy Birthday to all of you. :)

  4. Carol, I would love to spend a week on that beautiful island. :) Your whole family getting to stay in the cottage with so many memories, that is wonderful. Oh the fun stories !! Everyone looks so happy to be there too. Happy birthday to those having them. Wow, there's good genes in your family. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  5. What a great post. Wonderful photos. I know some sweet memories were made. Have a blessed day.. Madeline

  6. Joel hits that big one in February and I hit 65 this year. Amazing how those ages don't seem 'old' anymore, do they? What beautiful photos and what a great reunion it looks like it was. Happy birthday to you both and wishes for a continued beautiful life ~ xx Jackie

  7. Oh what a special trip and what a lovely house. Happy Birthday early to both of you! Thanks for a chance to win your drawing.

  8. What a wonderful trip! I have been to Catalina only once but it was magical! I have already told my kids that in two years when I turn 70 we are doing a big get together and celebration! Put my name in for the sweet bag! I'm trying to be a 'good one'!!

  9. Oh, my....what a dream reunion.Such a beautiful place that would be a dream come true.
    I was 80 last Dec. so I have a few years on you....:)
    I am keeping my fingers crossed to win that adorable bag...and have just the place to hang it...thanks for the chance.

  10. Wow you all look great. And the 94--amazing. Sounds like a wonderful time. We are right behind you!

  11. Oh, Carol - how fun! What a great reason for celebrating and getting away. Everyone looks the 94-year old the woman sitting on the bench? If so, she does not look anywhere near that age! Of course I'd love to be included in your giveaway - anything you make is fabulous!

  12. How fun to have this family time together at such a beautiful place. The pictures are stunning.
    You and Steve look so great and are in such good health to reach the milestone of 70 this year.
    Wooo Hooo! Glad you had a fabulous time.

  13. Happy, Happy Birthday Carol. I’ve never been to Catalina Island so thanks for the photos. It is a beautiful place and perfect for your gathering. Love the tote, please drop my name in the hat!

  14. HAPPY Birthday and so nice to have all in the family around! Oh so lovely pictures, looks so beautiful...
    It´s been a cold week here and leaves are falling.
    Have a lovely week, take care!

  15. What a great trip, great destination, and celebration! Y'all look terrific and your matriarch's healthy glow bodes well for all of you! One of my Panoply sisters hit 70 this year, Mr. P. last year. I've got several to go, but as the bag so perfectly states, "whatever you are be a good one"

  16. Cute tote and what a good looking and happy family. Oh, how I'd love to take photos there.

  17. What a lovely celebration with the family. I love your tote and would love to win it. I always look forward to your posts.

  18. How fun!! What a wonderful way to celebrate...

  19. As a Chicago Cubbies super fan, I enjoyed seeing the cottages the Cubs lived in during spring training in the past. It made me happy to see that photo because I've been sad since the loss to the Rockies this week.

    What a great place to celebrate special birthdays! Catalina is beautiful! I remember when the hotel burned not too long ago. Has it reopened?

    Thanks for hosting such a neat giveaway. I do love the pretty tote!

    Ricki Jill

  20. Soon as I read 26 miles, I started singing that song!! Catalina LOL

    Oh I would like to see that island person some day before i,m to old to travel
    It looks so pretty, picture perfect

  21. Carol, what a great trip. We have taken many trips to Catalina but have never stayed there. Such darling cottages and such a beautiful island. That tote is so cute..Hope you are enjoying fall so far..xxoJudy

  22. A place I have never been - looks lovely!! You are all looking great for your ages! Everybody needs a tote for their "stuff"!! And this is a cute one

  23. Catalina Island . . . it has been on my bucket list since I saw an old Mickey Rooney movie when I was a kid, LOL. I love that there are old cottages and that it isn't totally modern. Driving around in golf carts sounds fun, too. Your bag is delightful, please include my name and thank you again for a lovely post.
    Connie :)

  24. Would love this tote for knitting! Ahhhhh. Catalina! Haven’t been in years and I only live in Thousand Oaks. No excuse.

  25. Hi Carol!

    I always enjoy your blog! Your photos are gorgeous!


  26. A lovely place for a family reunion - I love the idea of staying in a place for a few days where you have so many memories. I guess many stories were told!
    This summer we had a kind of small family reunion in Istanbul when my husband's cousin got married. It was lovely to discover this magical city with people we see way too seldom.

  27. Well you all look great! It gives me hope, I just turned 60 and feel like I’m falling apart! Catalina island? I’ve never been there but it looks adorable. And sounds like a lot of history for the island and your family. Happy Birthdays!

  28. Good Afternoon Carol, What a beautiful place to visit and such a treat to have your family around you. My husband will be 70 years next year and we are going to visit Atlanta and Siesta Keys, which we are so looking forward to.
    Your bag is lovely and if I were lucky enough to win, I would fill it with fabric to take to my sewing group.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Best Wishes