Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Creativity is a NEED for me.

I express my creativity in constructing a vignette

or taking a picture in the garden.

For the last few months, the guest room has been "Wedding Central" and most of my creativity has gone toward props for my son's book themed wedding.

A Just Married banner will be held by Aylin and Joshua in pictures after the ceremony

as will the Thank You signs.

My birdcage will hold cards at the wedding - after the florist adds flowers to the top.

The Mr. & Mrs. bunting is ready for the backs of the chairs.

My favorite creation for the wedding is my vintage ladder.

Aylin and Joshua had loads of pictures from the engagement photo shoot and I decided to use the photos to decorate the ladder.

The florist is creating a garland of flowers that will drape around the ladder.

We had fun choosing props for the Photo Booth and I am pleased with the chalkboard.

The only major thing left to finish is the chalkboard for the entrance to the wedding  - 5 attempts have been erased and we have finally settled on a message, but now my chalk pen is dried out.

Steve is happy that the guest room is once again livable and ready for company, but he knows how much fun I have had creating for the wedding.

But, we have company arriving tomorrow so my "FUN" will be put on hold for a few days.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Whatever Floats Your Boat

As I took this photo yesterday,

 the term, "whatever floats your boat" came to mind.

I love this definition from The Urban Dictionary and the phrase, whatever "soothes your soul".

Sitting in the garden lazily looking at decorating books, I was reflecting on what "soothes my soul" when Steve dropped some mail onto the table.

Reading letters from former students, despite the tears that flowed, definitely soothed my soul.

This beautiful young lady who played on my volleyball team and was in my AVID class wrote to let me know that she had graduated from high school and is off to UC Santa Cruz in fall.

Nini remembered my blog and said she included the card for me to display in the house.

Decorating is always something I "feel like doing", 

but I am not doing much lately because I am knee deep in wedding decorations.

Creating for this wedding brings me more pleasure than I could imagine.

The guest book is finished - except for flowers that the florist will add to the card catalogue.

I love the quote Aylin chose for the papier mache books I painted - it sums up the "Love Story" of the two English majors.

Lately, taking photographs is a daily activity that "floats my boat".

Every single day, I take one photo to post on Instagram.

And now I'm wondering, what "floats your boat"?

.. ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. 

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Garden Party

 When Brenda of Cozy Little House invited me to join her 
Summer Cottage Garden Party, I was excited for several reasons.

First was to be joining some of my favorite bloggers who boast of beautiful homes and gardens.

But more important for me, was the motivation to get my garden in order.

The lyrics to Ricky Nelson's Garden Party (I grew up with Ozzie and Harriet) came to mind.

The line that I always liked best is,

"You see ya, can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself".

That line really resonated with me as I was planting flowers, weeding flower beds, moving furniture and fluffing the garden to please myself.

A major change in the garden this summer is new covers for the IKEA chaises.

I'm on a "use what you have" kick and remembered an old duvet cover with matching shams that were languishing in the window seat.

Essentially, I made tablecloths with ruffles that just drape over the chaises.

They can quickly be put on, whisked off and stored in my little Garden House every day.

Lulu thinks the chaises are for her and spends more time on the chaises than we do.

With the chaises ready for summer, the next step was to move a bench from the side of the garage to underneath a tree next to the fire pit.

I found another sham in the attic to use as a cushion for the bench.

The fit of the pillow is "close enough" and an old SUMMER banner finishes off the look.

On the trip to the attic, I also unearthed the yellow pillows that used to be on our sofa and brought them down for the adirondack chairs.

 I came across a scarf my mother brought me from a visit to relatives in Norway.

 The scarf works well as a tablecloth and I smile when I look at it wishing that my mother could be here sitting in the garden having a cup of tea and reading - she was never without a book.

It has been 14 years since my mother passed away (she would have been 101 last Sunday), but I still remember the last time she visited me -she sat in the garden and chatted with me while I planted flowers.

The rest of my preparation for the Garden Party was weeding, planting, trimming and adding little touches.

A little red, white & blue on my vintage window,

 and a patriotic display on the porch

will remain through Labor Day.

Everything I did was to please myself

and of course Steve, who likes to see his quiver of old boards in the garden.

I only wish that all of you could actually drop by today and visit me in the garden.

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