Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Welcome to Share Your Cup #207

Welcome to Share Your Cup (SYC), the party where you share what makes you happy – it’s what your hosts call “filling your cup”.

It is Jo's turn to select the features, but first let’s see what kept your hosts busy this week.

Jann shared her wonderful sewing room and she must have been a very good girl because not only does she have a sewing room, but a craft room and a She Shed too! 

 Jann's friends threw her a fun travel themed birthday party.

bar leaf

Jo, who has been decorating with florals this summer, loves bringing the outside in to brighten up her little nest which doesn't have much light.

Sofa 1.jpg

She made new pillow covers for her antique sofa in florals and stripes and will be attempting to make a tufted mattress for the sofa - is she crazy or what?

My husband's art and sweet little gardens are among the Great Bundle of Little Things in my life lately. 

Now for the features.

From Thelma's Days we saw a lovely party with roses - heavenly to sit among the roses sipping tea out of a rose tea cup.  

Build your own beautiful Reclaimed wood coffee table with free plans and picture tutorial from MyLove2Create!

Mindi of My Love to Create did an amazing job on another wonderful creation- a reclaimed wood coffee table. 

Pinky of Designs by Pinky shared a lovely tablescape all set for the sea shore - what fun it would be to enjoy a wonderful dinner there!

The amazing cottage makeover at Hello Lovely is a must see - stop by and check out each stage. 

Distressed Harlequin Art Deco Side Table Makeover

 Harlequin print on anything is great and The Interior Frugalista did a fun pattern on this cool table.

Caramel Peach Cake with Caramel Topping

Sherry of The Charm of Home has my mouth watering with her recipe for Caramel Peach Cake with caramel topping. 

It’s time for you to share and don’t forget to grab the button if your were featured.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Great Bundle of Little Things

Oliver Wendell Holmes knew what he was talking about

when it came to his philosophy of life.

Flowers in the garden were among the little things in my life this week.

We rode past this sweet little garden on our bicycles and I made Steve turn back with me to snap a photo.

Steve has been moving old paintings around the house to make room for new pieces.

The aqua tints of the painting called for a change on this wall of the guest room and it all makes me quite happy.

Another little thing this week was Steve hanging a new painting over the mantel.

I'll wait a month to show you how it looks on the mantel because one of the best little things this week was that we made arrangements for the last 3 rooms in the house to be painted white.

In a post, Change . . . Always Change, I showed Steve working on a new plein air painting in the garden.

Steve diligently painted the tall skinny painting at my request for a specific wall in the living room.

Like the painting of the boats, I won't show off this painting on the wall until it hangs against a crisp white background.

All these little things add up to a wonderful week

and I hope you had a great bundle of little things in your life this week.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Welcome to Share Your Cup #206

Welcome to Share Your Cup (SYC), the party where you share what makes you happy - it's what your hosts call "filling your cup".

It was my turn to select the features this week, but first let's see what your hosts have been up to.

In her Salute to Summer, Jann shared her Cool Coolers.

Here we get a glimpse of Jann and the progress on her She Shed which looks like a small guest house to me.

We all thought Jo was taking it easy, but as you can see, she has been quite busy creating a Shabby Chic Bedroom for her granddaughters.

Can you believe that Jo found a dilapidated sofa on the side of the road and turned it into this?

In my post, In Living Color, I talked about how I use color against a background of white.

I talked about decorating with pieces that mean a lot to me in my post, Dancing With History.

And now, it's time to see the features from SYC #205.

I have been seeing lots of pics of the Saltwash logo on Instagram and just ordered some online

so I was excited when Lucy of Patina Paradise shared this lovely Coastal Table she painted using the Saltwash product.

I love the chalkboard Jolena of While I Linger created in her Summer Kitchen.

I want to go vintage shopping with Sharon of The Blue Willow House - the enamel camping dishes, that ladder, the beautiful embroidered towel  - I love them all!

Winnie of Something Sweet always shares wonderful recipes and these sweet yeast rolls look absolutely delicious.

I know that the 4th of July has come and gone, but I am in love with the beautiful table shared on Fabby's Living - I'm on the hunt for those star shaped plates so I can set a similar table on Labor Day.

Butch and Pam of Everyday Living shared their beautiful Summer Garden.

Now it's time for you to share and don't forget to grab the button if your were featured.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dancing With History

Yesterday I was honored to guest host on the Instagram "party" #magpiemonday.

My duty as a guest host was to read and comment on every tag and then select a favorite - this stack of colorful tea towels shared by @patch_russell was my choice.

What I loved most about reading all the entries was the stories shared about the collections.

Ann of @collectingmama shared her grandmother's china.

Sandra of @vintageticking shared her thermometer collection which was started by her mother 3 years ago.

Cheri of @queenastuff started a teapot collection for her mother 25 years ago and she shared a portion of it.

As I scrolled through the Magpie Monday collections, the lyrics to the song, You Mean So Much To Me, came to mind and I looked around the house for pieces that have meaning to me.

There are lots of things on display in this cabinet, but there is only one collection that means a lot to me.

One of my childhood chores was dusting and these little pieces of Torquay Pottery were among the things I hated dusting.

Today, they remind me of my mother and as you can see one of the little pieces is broken yet I keep it on display out of love.

There are lots of things I love in this photo, but that yellow platter (another chipped piece) is what "means so much to me" - it sat in our family kitchen when I was growing up.

I vividly remember the day 42 years ago when I bought these little enamel bowls in an open market in Kingston, Jamaica - we didn't get to bring much home from our time as Peace Corps volunteers, but the bowls fit easily into our bags.

The red bowl sits on Steve's kitchen scale and is used daily.

This canvas bag goes with us on long walks with Lulu and the pink bowl is always inside the bag and ready when Lulu needs water.

I love the line, "dancing with history".

Our house is filled with pieces of history like the painting Steve did of a family vacation in Kauai,

furniture passed down from generation to generation and

and new treasures like the tablecloth and napkins from my dear blogging friend Rita, of Panoply.

"It seems to be like heaven to me, with you at the end of the day" might be referring to a person in the song, but for me it alludes to all the treasures that create our little piece of heaven.