Friday, April 17, 2015

good things happen...

I love quotes - I always have a quote on the retro typewriter in the living room and

the chalkboard in the guest room has revolving quotes.

I googled friendship quotes for this post, but ended up finding one about strangers instead.

Blogging has introduced me to so many strangers who are now friends and those friends have been incredibly generous lately.

 Kris of Junk Chic Cottage sent me a trio of cookies

that came in handy yesterday when a friend came by for help with her website - it took much longer than we expected and sustenance was definitely needed!

 Cindy of Consider It All Joy  sent me a cute little starfish box ages ago and I have never shown it off.

I think of Vera of Rowhomes and Cobblestones every single day when I make the bed - the La Mer pillow looks perfect in our bedroom.

Kathy of Kluless sent me these adorable little place cards - I need to have a dinner party so I can use them.

I tested the cards out using stickers that peeled right off - I can use the place cards again and again!

Bobbie of Cottleston Pie bought me the sweetest numbered napkin rings and there is a funny story that goes with them.

If you notice, the #1 is not in the box although it was in the box when she took it to the cashier.

Bobbie was in town to attend Craftcation and we were able to fit in a day of thrift and vintage store shopping.

Bobbie handed the box to the cashier who tipped it upside down to check the price without realizing that there was no top on the box -  #1 shattered as it hit the floor.

When I posted this pic on Instagram and told the story many of the comments were that at least no one would be competing for #1!

Due to my hand surgery, my garden was a disaster when Bobbie was visiting Ventura, but like a true friend, she assured me that she wouldn't judge me.

It was so embarrassing when I brought Bobbie to see the house because the yard was not in any condition to be photographed much less to be viewed in person.

Today, most of the yard has been whipped into shape, but of course Bobbie is back in Idaho and can't sit here to enjoy an iced tea and

talk about all the good things that happen when strangers become friends!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Right Up My Alley

Months ago, I mentioned in a blog post that our son is getting married.

The wedding is now just 3 months away and last Saturday the first real wedding event, the bridal shower, was held.

I am so fortunate that my future daughter-in-law and her friends trusted me to make a lot of the decorations for the bridal shower - they know that crafting is "right up my alley".

Aylin loves coffee, so much, that the Maid of Honor suggested coffee as the theme for the shower and I had fun creating coffee related decorations.

A LOVE IS BREWING banner greeted guests as they came through the gate.

The background on each flag had math questions because Joshua is a math whiz and will be graduating with a 4th degree, this one in math, in just 6 weeks.

Aylin's mother's Turkish samovar served as a beautiful decoration beneath the banner.

The shower was attended by family and friends on both sides so I created a "get to know you" game to mix up the crowd - it was wonderful to see everyone beginning as strangers and hugging goodbye with "see you at the wedding" as they departed.

Aylin's family is from Turkey so each guest was given a bracelet with the Turkish good luck charm of the eye-like symbol know as a nazar.

Plants potted in teapots, cups and other crockery decorated the tables and

cards with coffee or tea quotes were strewn along the tables and throughout the house.

Unfortunately, I was too busy enjoying incredible Turkish dishes and chatting with everyone to get photos of either the food or the dessert tables.

As guests left, they filled burlap bags with their choice of coffee beans as their parting gift.

I have been so busy these last few weeks creating things for the shower and now it is time to move on to the wedding.

These boxes from Betsy at My Salvaged Treasures will be part of the decorations and she is also making me a set of Mr. and Mrs. forks.

Steve teases me about everything I am doing for the wedding, but he knows that I am in my element.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Change Happens

Change, constant change, is Steve's major complaint about me!

But, change happens sometimes when you are not expecting it.

Until last week, the guest room looked like this.

Our daughter has been staying with us during the week since October, but KC moved back to the Bay Area and took much of her decor/furniture with her.

I spent the last few days putting together the room because we have a special guest coming this week.

In my old age, I am realizing that I don't need to always be purchasing new items

so my goal for the room was to spend no money and only use things I had on hand.

The checkered shams are an old IKEA purchase and the white quilt was on our bed until last summer.

A favorite quilt adorns the foot of the bed complimented by pillows that have been used on our bed, on the window seat in the dining room, on the living room sofa and even outside on the chaises.

The little stool at the foot of the bed is one of several pieces KC returned to me after stealing it when she moved to town.

Among the things KC left behind were the navy suede headboard on the bed and her IKEA dresser - it's old, but does the trick for now.

My original plan was shelves and baskets on this wall, but I decided that "less is more" and I asked my resident artist for paintings.

The chair was a cheap Tuesday Morning purchase that I love tucking into empty corners.

While KC was with us, this little table served as a night stand, but I had other ideas for next to the bed so the table fills a space between the windows - Steve added one of my favorite truck paintings.

I have always wanted to use a ladder for shelves and finally I have the perfect spot.

Originally we hung a painting over the bed, but it was overwhelming

so an old screen hangs above the bed and a little bag for candy (empty for now or Lulu would try to get it) awaits our guest who will arrive on Friday.

 Steve's most recent painting hangs above a table I moved into the bedroom from the living room.

I am eagerly awaiting my cousin Vicki's arrival

as is Lulu - although she might be waiting for KC to come home.

I am happy with the room and pleased with myself that I didn't buy anything except flowers

and fresh flowers are a change that Steve can handle!

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

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