Friday, October 13, 2017

Using the Same Old Things

Once October arrives, I add a little Halloween decor here and there.

For the most part I relied on old favorites and odd bits to create a my Halloween look.

I made a pillow out of drop cloth I had on hand

and used an old scarf to spruce up a garden bench.

I added another scarf to a chair in the guest room

and moved this table back to the space.

A sign I found on Pinterest decorates my old Underwood and I printed out labels for an old journal and glass bottles.

The colorful strand of beads was made from old bracelets

and this garland was made from a couple of old necklaces.

The dried hydrangeas are a couple of years old and are actually from my garden.

I made the felted cat and pumpkin in a workshop and the card is one I received from Vera of Rowhomes and Cobblestones.

I added a lot more Halloween decor than I originally planned and still have a box full of unused items.

But, this view when I pass the guest room makes me smile.

And now I'm wondering, do you decorate for Halloween?

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Soft Whites For Fall

Looking at this picture, I imagine you are questioning the title of Soft Whites for Fall,

but why don't you come in and see for yourself.

With so much color happening outside, simplicity reigns throughout the house.

The step back cupboard provides a nice background for the little bit of color in the entry.

You might question all the white, but fall in my neck of the woods is less about oranges and reds or falling leaves

 than it is about wide expanses of blues and greens.

An old bench on the porch,

and old stool in the entry provide a pop of blue.

In the dining room, yellow paired with the blue and white spruce up the plate racks, but the yellow flowers are just too much.

So, I swapped them for baby boos.

I did have to resort to faux greenery otherwise I would be changing the greenery daily.

Keeping with the neutral theme, I made a few pumpkins out of drop cloth that ended up in the hallway.

Now, I need to hit publish on this post, finish the mantel

and head to the pumpkin patch so I can fill the shopping cart with pumpkins.

Because like the front porch, the back yard is all about color.