Friday, October 19, 2018

A Map and a Plan

Earlier this month I was approached by Mapiful about a collaboration and I jumped at the chance

because the website was so easy to use, you can create almost any map and you choose your own labels for the map.

I love the label @juliennelle chose for her map and the caption for the map shared on #mapiful by @siwzen is so touching.

Mapiful requested that I post a pic on Instagram 

and share my story as to why I chose the particular map.

Part of the joy of a vacation is the anticipation so it's fun for now to look at this little display in the guest room.

After hanging the map on the old door, 

I hung a wire basket and went to my shed to find faux flowers -

tulips seemed like the obvious choice in my homage to Amsterdam.

While I was in the shed I spotted the book, A Paris Apartment 

which led to me looking around the house for other books with a Paris theme or title.

This little display will remain until Christmas decor takes over, but by that time, we should have our dates nailed down and the tickets purchased.

By then my daughter-in-law and I will be busy actually looking for a Paris apartment to rent.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Joining the 21st Century

This old house was built in 1928 and at 90, some parts are not working the way they used to - believe me I can totally relate.

In July Steve said it was time to bite the bullet and bring our early 1900's bathroom into the 21st century.

The end result made the 6 weeks of chaos and dust ( you can read about it here ) worthwhile.

In 6 years of blogging, I only did one post about the bathroom which should tell you how bad it looked.

The only things we reused are the pedestal sink and this shower curtain - I just haven't found another one that I like yet.

We were thrilled to remove this cabinet - we needed the storage, but in a small 5'x7' bathroom, that cabinet took up prime real estate.

We like the cabinet and hated to toss it so I found feet on Amazon and now it's a mini cabinet in my She Shed.

On Fixer Upper, Chip makes Demo Day look so easy, but this is our bathroom at the end of Demo Day #5.

Here is the bathroom a month in with a couple of weeks left - there are always glitches like the plumber's wife going into labor on the day he was scheduled at our house and our two getaways in September.

 We love how our builder took a limited amount of space and created a bathroom with a spacious feel.

The woodworker created custom cabinets 

 that are deep enough to store extra toilet paper

and even hide our electric tooth brushes.

It's funny how small details please me like this custom medicine cabinet instead of a stock pop-in.

One way we created a more spacious feel was to remove the tub - Steve and I are old (and getting older) and stepping into a tub is something we no longer want to do - without a tub, the eye travels all the way to the wall.

We wanted only the towel rack and a sign on this wall.

 I found the sign painted on glass and the lettering provided just the amount of color I was looking for.

Originally I tied the black and white ribbon around the towels just for the photos, but I kept it when my neighbor brought me over the cutest little Halloween hand towels.

The original tile was white with black hexagons (far fewer black tiles) - I chose black grout because all the bathrooms that jumped out at me on Pinterest had white subway tile with black grout.

We found the lights at Lamp Plus on our first outing to find all the items we needed to select for the remodel.

I wish I had a before pic of the old bathroom to show the change 

because it still amazes us that this is the same room.

Friday, October 12, 2018

. . . and then I screamed!

In December 2014, when Steve asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I shocked him by saying, "a house".

I showed him my Pinterest page on garden houses and he surprised me by actually having a house built - you can read about it here.

I am constantly playing around with the interior of my little 4'x6' shed striving for the right balance of fun, storage and a place to sit.

I began following @sheshedliving on Instagram for inspiration and I would often send Erika Kotite, the author of, She Shed . . . a room of your own, pics of cute She Sheds.

Fast forward to a week ago when the mailman delivered an unexpected package and inside was a copy of She Sheds Style, Erika's latest book.

I began flipping through the pages of the book and then I screamed

 because there was a picture of my little shed right there on a page in the book.

You see, I was not expecting my house to be included - Erika had not mentioned it.

In September 2017, Erika sent the sweetest photographer, Rebecca Ittner, to our house to photograph my She Shed and I knew from past experiences that it's a long time between a photo shoot and a publication.

In July, Erika sent me a copy of her new calendar, She Sheds 2019, with my little shed featured for the month of July.

So I was totally surprised, and yes, I really did scream, when I saw my little shed on page 93 and again on page 121.

What an unexpected and thrilling moment to see my She Shed there on the pages of a book.

It may be the size of a phone booth (really dated myself there) and there is no enormous chair, but my little room suits me just fine.

...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   

And now for a little bit of housekeeping - just wanted to let you know that the winner of the tote bag

from the giveaway on my 26 Miles post is BJ of BJ's Sweet Nothings.

...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

On the Porch

 Welcome to the Fall Porches and Patio Tour hosted by Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home.

If you are visiting from Poofing the Pillows

I'm sure you loved Stacey's style as much as I do.

I went with a blue and orange color palette for fall,

but with a bright red door,

the main focus of the front porch is my usual red, white and blue.

But as you can see,  there are many colors on the porch this year - sort of my "the more the merrier" style of decor.

The back yard is a whole new story - I never used to decorate with orange, except for pumpkins, but I'm having fun this year.

The first thing I did was buy orange fabric for pillows to compliment the blue and white checks.

The pillow with the truck was made from a tea towel.

My garden went along with my color palette by sprouting bright orange Mexican sunflowers all over the yard.

I would love to have the bench filled with pillows every single day, but the head chef and grocery shopper (whom I need to keep happy) hates to have all the pillows on his bench.

The pillows are now on the chaises and that's fine with me.

They are perfect for relaxing on October days that are perfect for naps in the garden.

And now, it's time to head over the Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson to see what my dear friend Jann  has going for fall.

Scroll down to the links to each of the homes on the tour.