Monday, January 21, 2019

Keeping It Cozy

Welcome to the Cozy Winter Homes Blog Hop hosted by Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home.

If you're following along in order, then you were just at Decor to Adore

Laura has such a great style.

This is a typical January view in my neck of the woods so I had to look back at old posts to see what I usually do to make our house cozy after Christmas.

For January, the common theme over the last 7 years of blogging was flowers.

Be they fresh, faux or dried - flowers appear in every room so come on in and check out my winter flower displays.

You might question my use of these particular faux flowers for winter,

but presently both blue and yellow flowers are growing in our garden.

 Flowers brighten up the white entry -

 tulips and chamomile are a perfect touch

as are dried roses.

I am constantly changing up the flowers on the dining room table - these are from the garden.

But garden flowers are limited this time of year

so weekly visits to Trader Joe's provide lovely colorful blooms for the dining room.

Like the entry, the kitchen is mostly white and flowers add the perfect bit of color.

Chamomile fills a fun pitcher on the kitchen counter

and garden flowers dress up the kitchen shelves.

 Flowers appear throughout the guest room - on the shelves, on the nightstand and even in the pattern of the new bedspread.

My grandmother's rocker sports a teapot full of faux greenery

and dried roses adorn a little dresser.

Faux hydrangeas are perfect next to our bed.

Dried roses and greenery appear in the hallway.

If you are new to Art and Sand, you might not know that my husband is an artist and our home is his gallery.

This cozy spot on the sofa has been lovely on the cold days we have actually had this winter, but my fern was not thriving sitting right beneath the heater vent

so I replaced it with more faux hydrangeas.

The fern now sits atop one of my father's old tool boxes.

As you can see, it's a lovely day so let's head outside to see how I've cozied up the garden.

Fresh flowers from the garden sit atop a table on the porch.

A visit to the nursery filled up Steve's wheelbarrow and I have my work cut out for me in the garden this week.

And now I'll send you off to visit Cecilia of My Thrift Store Addiction.

I hope you enjoy all the other blogs on the hop.

Thursday, January 17, 2019


In January, 2012, I began writing Art and Sand and I chose Continue as my word of the year.

I didn't choose a word every year, but in my reflections back over the years I summed them up

in a word or words.

Or I simply used my goals as my Words of the Year.

Intentional was my word for 2018.

I said I wanted to be deliberate in all I said, did, purchased, put into my body, read, etc. and I think I did a pretty good job

I originally chose ENJOY for my 2019 word, but I realized that to fully enjoy 2019, I need to get my act together and get things in order.

My word changed to EFFICIENCY - if things are running smoothly and orderly around here,

 I'll have a lot more time to play and simply enjoy life.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Up To The Challenge

This is the first time I have joined other bloggers to participate in a challenge.

We all looked at the same pic, a wreath shared by Christina of The DIY Mommy, and created our own version of the heart.

 I decided to make one of my easy wire wreaths.

Having just made this wreath for the guest room, dried roses were out,

but I remembered I had a few dried sunflowers from last summer.

It's a super easy wreath to make:

 1. Take wire - I don't know the size because it was what I had on hand

 2. Twist the wire into a circle

 3. Twist and turn leaving loops along the way - my wreath has 4 layers of wire

4. You can leave the wreath as a circle or simply push it into a heart

The next step was greenery - I looked around the garden and snipped leaves from a neighbor's tree that hangs over our fence.

Just like I twisted and turned the wire, I twisted and turned the leaves, adding more until I liked what I saw - the last step was to hot glue the faded old sunflowers onto the wreath.

I love styling vignettes and with the wreath finished, the fun began.

I didn't want this vignette to be strictly for Valentine's Day so I went with a simple message

and snipped flowers from the garden for a bouquet on the table.

On sunny days, door swung open, I sit on the window seat in the dining room and look out at this little spot - I just put the table and window on the porch in December and I love them their new home.

The next morning I decided that the table needed a little tweaking so I shopped my storage shelves and came up with a few heart items.

I snapped pics, liked what I saw, but . . .

I visited the tree to snip a bit of greenery for one little tweak

and with that I was done.

Now that you have seen my version of our Pinterest challenge,

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