Monday, January 28, 2019

Home Shopping

We don't have much space in our little cottage so over the last couple of months, I have been moving furniture to create an efficient and pleasing flow.

I bought one new piece of furniture, but otherwise I have been "home shopping" and moving or deleting pieces.

I love my old classroom stool, but it got bumped upstairs to the attic after I bought a fun bistro chair - I'm sure on my next home shopping spree the stool will come back downstairs.

I hated to delete the ladder from the house, but due to space, it is now in the garage rafters.

This shelf on the porch got bumped to the garage where it holds paint and craft supplies.

The table holding the sailboat was moved from our bedroom 

to the porch and cut down to fit - the window had been waiting for a place to land.

The little white table in the garden house was moved to the hallway

where it takes up far less space than 

the sweet little green pie safe did.

The color is perfect in our bedroom, but it's not styled as cute - it's earning its keep by housing some of my sweaters.

This little cabinet was hanging in our bathroom before our remodel - after adding feet, it was moved to the garden house for storage.

It merely got bumped to the other side of the garden house when the little table went to the hallway.

This cabinet was pretty in the guest room, but there were too many tall pieces competing in the room.

It's now it's in the garden house holding linens - far more functional.

 The table in front of the door is now in the living room.

It's the perfect depth for the space, but just a tad too long so I'm on a slow hunt for the perfect skinny table.

The table holding the typewriter and the red bistro chair both got moved.

The little red chair is now in the entry and I don't think I will ever move it.

When the ladder went into the rafters, my grandmother's rocker came down - that's the little white table in its original green.

 I originally bought the table for the guest room and it looks right at home once again.

Wearing white, the rocker fits right in even though one of the rockers is broken - it's probably 125 years old.

The red cart from the living room is in the guest room and because the blue clashed with it, the door is once again white.

This vintage look shopping cart was out by the garden house- the cart seems to rotate inside and outside all the time.

With a more efficient use of the furniture and space,

 I will have lots more time on the beach 

and I can whip our garden into shape.

...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...

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  1. I am blogging once again....and soooo glad to be here. I want to tell you how much I LOVE your home, and the way you decorate. Your choice of furniture, and colors is so cheerful! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how you pull everything together into the cutest vignettes that continually make me smile. Your rooms are always bright, and sun-kissed due to the happy colors you choose. The inside is as colorful as the outside!! Cute, cute, cute. Debbie xo

  2. Hi Carol, everything looks so pretty as always. Thanks for stopping by today, so nice to hear from an old friend! I've had some health issue in the past few years so I'm more overseeing the running of my site (my daughter helps me with it). Anyway, that's why I'm not that involved in the blogging world anymore.

  3. Wow, you really were on a roll. I love all the changes, what great fun.

  4. Big grin here... so this is your idea of "taking it easy"?!?!
    Tsk... tsk...
    It all looks great, though!

  5. I do a lot of this, too...and your place looks great. Hope you're feeling well...

  6. I know you said your place is small but you certainly make it live big! I love moving things around, too. They just seem to gain more importance in a new spot---at least for a while.

    I had my dad's rocker that had a broken bottom rocker, too. It was worth it to me to have someone craft a new one and not terribly expensive. I am happy you have the rocker that belonged to your grandmother.

    Have a wonderful time and go to the beach for me, will ya? It is below zero here an are snowed in- not a plow through our area yet. xo Diana

  7. I agree with everyone above . . . you have a eye for arranging and for color and your home is a jewel inside and out.
    Absolutely charming in every way :)

  8. You have really moved a lot of things. It all looks good and that's good frugal rearranging!

  9. Your house always looks beautiful - no matter how it's arranged!

  10. All your photos are great I enjoyed this post very much. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  11. Good morning beloved friend...

    You probably posted this yesterday after I did my morning blog roll call.

    Oh the color and warmth you share! I adore that rocking chair you painted and all the flowers you gather! I also want to thank you for your kind and wonderful comment on my blog post; I too tell my husband about "my friend in Ventura..." - and even though we've never met, the words between us have formed a bond. Thank you dear Carol for the spirit of perseverance, creativity and kindness that you've shared over the years. NOW...go to the beach and soak up some sun for us; we are off of school today and Wednesday thanks to that vicious Polar Vortex! It's so insanely cold, it's like being on MARS!!!!!

  12. Good morning Carol
    I love how you are always rearranging furniture in your little cottage and you have such interesting pieces to work with. It always looks wonderful!! Hope your week is off to a good start!

  13. There's a great feeling of satisfaction in shopping the house. (My ladder made it outside to hold plants!). I think it may be time for a redo around here too! You're inspiring.

  14. Your little cottage home is so charming, an I enjoy seeing your little tweaks! I really like the bistro chair!

  15. How nice that you can decorate both inside and out! I always love what you do

  16. Boy Carol you have busy doing the furniture shuffle. Seems the moves make sense and look great. Your garden house and cottage are always dreamy. See flowers and warm everyone of us dealing with the cold.

    Enjoy your garden I know it makes you happy


  17. Hi Carol!
    I love your ideas! Our daughter Tracy is expecting our first grandchild due in June. I will be caring for him three days a week, so I get to set up a nursery! I have a rocking chair that is about 40 years old that is presently dark pine. I plan to paint it - probably white. Any tips on painting a rocking chair?

  18. I love it all...moving things around makes it seem like we have new pieces. I do it a lot.....
    I don't have many flowers in the place to buy them on the cheap ...waiting to grow some come spring...

  19. Oh, I know how this goes. It's like dominoes falling. About your sewing machine table: I once sold one of mine. I have regretted it ever since. So think twice before ever doing away with it, as you might regret it like I do.

  20. I love everything ! You are an amazing decorator . Loving that stool with water pitcher on it . What an awesome idea ! Beautiful pictures . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  21. I have to admit -- especially living in our tiny Stone House on the Hill -- that I have wondered what you 'did' with items when you weren't using them. We simply don't have attics or garages and I am envious that you can store things. Once something goes in our place it must stay until it leaves permanently. Great post once again! xx J.

  22. I thought you were supposed to be "taking it easy"!!! ha ha... guess that didn't work! I love everything you did, painted, moved, rearranged, reworked, etc. Everything looks like it's where it belongs (for the time being anyway). Your way with vignettes and placing your sweet items is just wonderful and I love it all! You are lucky to have a place to store things away for awhile and to have the garden shed to hold items you've taken from your house. The very old rocker looks wonderful in white. I have one that was my grandmother's mother's rocker, but it is currently stored at my sister's house many miles away, as I had not a single wit of space here in our little home. I keep hoping to make room for it, but my hubby seems to "collect" chairs from the thrift stores! My goal is to make a "porch" area along the front of the house (that is covered) so I can put the rocker there, along with another very old one. I love all the whites in your home, plus the bright pops of color... the reds, blues and yellows and flowers everywhere! We live in central Oregon and right now it's been COLD, dreary, gray and dull and not a flower in site! Seeing your place, and the ocean, does my heart so much good! Have a wonderful (restful???) week! Marilyn

  23. It all looks so pretty! The cabinet really helps in the garden house! Would the table that was in the garden house fit by the chair or is it too wide and too short? xo

  24. Wow, Carol. Your Home Shopping Network beats all I've ever seen! We could all take a lesson in small space design from you, given your experience. That's an amazing shuffle, very practical and pretty, too!

  25. Carol, you have so many wonderful things, and your colors just are perfect. What a great Home Shopping Network you have. I especially love the blue stool with the bowl and pitcher arrangement. I have one similar in red..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  26. So many wonderful views of your cheery beach cottage! Always so cute. Thanks for your sweet comment!

  27. Hi Carol,
    Isn't it fun to move things around to get a new look. Always love seeing every inch of your sweet cottage. Hope you are doing better and your leg is healing nicely.

  28. Everything looks so fresh and prettily arranged with much love and care!

  29. Carol, you have so many fun pieces! I especially love the heirloom ones. The changes look great!! I would love to do some, but right now don't have the energy to do it. :)

  30. Hi Carol! Your home shopping spree was a delight and it all looks wondetful! I love looking at my things with a fresh eye - especially this time of year. Jane

  31. You have such pretty home and so fun that you can move the furniture around for a different look. The beach is so beautiful and seems like such a long way off for some of us where it’s so cold.

  32. Carol, You seem to be on the mend. Making something new with what we have is a great idea. Love the new layout. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  33. Wow! So much moving and storing and moving again! Super fun to see how it all comes together, Carol! Thanks for sharing at Homestyle Gathering! Hope you'll be back next week!