Friday, January 25, 2019

Laying on the Couch

I am being a good girl and simply resting -

- recovery from surgery to remove squamous cell cancer on my leg 4 weeks ago was going slowing and now there are complications because I did too much too soon.

Since I can't be styling the new bistro chairs a friend picked up at a Pop Up Shop I had to skip today,


I thought I would share some of the beautiful inspiration I saw as I scrolled Instagram throughout the day.

I have been following Elizabeth @elizabeths_humble_house for years as she and her husband transform an old house into a magical home.

It would be worth joining Instagram just to watch the daily changes of this incredible house although she is working on a book about the transformation.

She is a fabulous photographer, Elizabeth Maxson Photography, and you can learn more about her here.

This island shared by Emily @our1880farmhouse 

and this coffee table shared by @dreamywhiteslifestyle are the inspiration for a coffee table I was working on.

Emily @vintage_beautyvb

I'm not sure I can convince Steve he needs a checkered floor in his studio, but it would look so cool.

I have an old wooden box and the new chandelier in the dining room might need some greenery like this beautiful room styled by Tammy @sweckerfarm.

Lindsey @repurposedandupcycle

I haven't shared my 2019 Goals yet, but knocking a hole in a hallway wall to create a closet is on my list - I have not convinced Steve that this is an efficient idea yet, but this door will certainly be fun if I talk him into the closet idea!

And speaking of efficiency, which is my Word of the Year for 2018, this chair shared by Shirley  @houspitalitydesigns, would be a much more efficient design for the chair next to our fireplace.

Leslie @lesliedawsonh

I had to share this pic just because it is so cute.

I'll leave you with this perfect little cottage shared by Suzanne @shabbymemoir.

Hopefully my next post will be of my garden or if things go well, that coffee table project I mentioned.

...   ...   ...  ...   ...   ... 

I should mention that it's possible some of the people I featured have private accounts. I'm following all of them, but you might not be able to access them.


  1. I can easily imagine you "doing too much" ~ LOL! Be gentle with yourself, my friend; be gentle. And listen to your body ~
    i NEED that thatched cottage!!!
    Hugs ~

  2. Nice sharing !
    Keep on resting - and taking care of you - heal then play.

  3. There's so much inspiration on Instagram that it's overwhelming. I still prefer blogs, but do IG, also.
    Do take care of yourself!

  4. Don't you dare get moving again too quickly - everything can wait. I have enjoyed your Insta visit today!

  5. Hi Carol,
    You have some wonderful friends that have beautiful homes to share on IG. I will have to go and check out some of their IG pictures. I am more of a blogging person that IG. I do post on there but I prefer blogging to get a more out of the communication and friendships shared. That is just me. I am going to check out a few of these peeps because they have the style I love. Thanks for sharing them with us. Have a great weekend. Stay off the leg and get better.

  6. Good morning, Carol!

    First of all, blessings to you as you HEAL! It is going to take some time, so please, please rest. You will come back twice as strong, I know it!

    Oh, those accounts. They make me want to do so much to my humble house, but I simply can't do dear husband, who has jumped on board with my ideas for 21 years while in this house, sometimes declares that we've DONE ENOUGH....not to me! We have our kitchen and my old living room to paint, so what's left are not-so-impressive photos. These accounts have master minds behind them that have achieved so many impressive living spaces, that's for sure!

    HEAL UP!

  7. Dear Carol ~ it is so easy to think we can 'get up and go' and do too much. Rest easy dear heart, your projects will be there for you to add your artistic touch when your body is ready.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos.


  8. Carol, sorry for the setback with the surgery (which is bad enough, that's nasty stuff. Mr. P. had to have a graft from thigh for one of those right on his shin bone. Take care of yourself!) I'd lost track of Elizabeth after she stopped her blog, but her photography is supreme. Thanks for the reconnect.

  9. Thanks for sharing. I had the surgery also on a squamous cancer area on my nose near my eye. I had to go in the hospital and have it sewn up by a plastic surgeon since it was near my eye duct. Thankfully all went well. I find it takes time to recovery from any surgery and it always surprises me! Take care!

  10. Sorry to read about your leg. Stay off of it. My husband's family has had many of these surgeries. The after care is very important so don't break the rules.

    So many pretty and inspirational IG accounts.


  11. Loved all the pretty pictures! Saying a prayer that you heal quickly! Rest after surgery is a good thing!

  12. I always do too much when I'm not supposed to as well. I think it's just in how you're wired. I am so sorry for what you're going through. I hope things turn out okay. Loved the photos. I never visit Instagram. Pinterest is all I can handle.

  13. Heal fast and continue to rest up a bit. Loved your post today. . .I could (can?) spend (waste?) a lot of time on Instagram!

  14. Best of wishes on your recovery, Carol. Sending all good vibes your way.

  15. Goodness, so sorry you've had complications. Stay on that couch and rest as long as possible. I know it's hard, it's a must. Great post, all wonderful pictures.

    Take good care.

  16. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration today.... now you rest up sweet lady x

  17. Carol, I'm so sorry that you had to undergo surgery. I didn't know and wish a speedy recovery to you. Thanks for sharing the beautiful and inspiring IG pics. I don't do that, only blogging but I sure enjoyed the beautiful pictures and each person's amazing talents. Take care and keep resting..xxoJudy

  18. Carol, First of all, I am really sorry you had to have that surgery. I have a cousin that has three of those surgeries on her legs. Not an easy thing to go through.
    I am off to check out a few of your features and hope some of them have blogs as well as IG. I hope you have a great weekend and Happy Healing---DON'T DO ANYTHING YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO----This is your mother talking. lol xoDiana

  19. Carol,
    Wishing you a speedy recovery and hoping you wont have any further complications. I had the same type of skin cancer on my left lower leg about 8 years ago. The plastic surgeon did an amazing job and you can hardly even see the scar. Thankfully, I didn't have any complications and it healed very nice. Rest and take care!

  20. Hope you recover, soon Carol, and that there are no further complications. I enjoyed all of the beautiful photos you shared!

  21. Oh, I hope you will recover very soon, Carol, I did not know about your surgery, I am so sorry.
    Take time to rest well❤️
    Thank you for all the beautiful inspiration you share.
    Do you know the account @solinterior? She is a very talented norwegian girl, one of my favourites.

    Hugs, Ida

  22. Take care of yourself and heal properly so you can get out and enjoy your beach again....with lots of sunscreen. :)

  23. I hope it heals soon. Try to take it easy, as impossible as that must seem! xoxo Su

  24. Forced inactivity is soooo difficult! But do take it easy - healing is critical. Hope you're back in action soon!

  25. Take care of yourself! I really enjoyed seeing your IG inspirations. I love your idea about Steve's studio if I get a vote.... ;P

  26. I hope you feel better, Carol. I am glad you are resting and taking care of yourself. I love the little cottage! Especially the roof! Thanks for sharing!

  27. So much pretty on Instagram isn't there? I spend some time saying, honey look at this house each night. I think he's hooked now too...feel good!!

  28. You can slow down some...everything will be there when you are 100% back on your feet. Don't rush recovery.

  29. I'm glad you are resting like you're supposed to! Please take good care of yourself.

  30. I hope you rest up and have a speedy recovery. I loved looking at all of the photos from IG.