Friday, October 19, 2018

A Map and a Plan

Earlier this month I was approached by Mapiful about a collaboration and I jumped at the chance

because the website was so easy to use, you can create almost any map and you choose your own labels for the map.

I love the label @juliennelle chose for her map and the caption for the map shared on #mapiful by @siwzen is so touching.

Mapiful requested that I post a pic on Instagram 

and share my story as to why I chose the particular map.

Part of the joy of a vacation is the anticipation so it's fun for now to look at this little display in the guest room.

After hanging the map on the old door, 

I hung a wire basket and went to my shed to find faux flowers -

tulips seemed like the obvious choice in my homage to Amsterdam.

While I was in the shed I spotted the book, A Paris Apartment 

which led to me looking around the house for other books with a Paris theme or title.

This little display will remain until Christmas decor takes over, but by that time, we should have our dates nailed down and the tickets purchased.

By then my daughter-in-law and I will be busy actually looking for a Paris apartment to rent.


  1. Oh Carol, part of the fun is the planning, isn't it! I hope your trip and experience will be just as fun as the planning. You'll love Paris!

  2. Your trip sounds so exciting! I'll look forward to your travel posts about it.

    Mapiful should be very pleased at the results of your featuring them here, lovely photographs! Beautiful color!

  3. YAY for you!! I will check out Mapiful; maybe get some maps of all the places I've lived!

  4. I loved the planning of my trip to Paris 4 years ago so very much. It did make for a wonderful time there. Yes a Paris apt is the way to go! Love the map, what a fun thing to have!

  5. How interesting! I'll have to check out the map site. Amsterdam is my favorite city too. Nice to have all the inspiration as part of your decor as you look forward to and plan your trip! -podso

  6. Carol these maps are lovely, I'll be checking their website out after I'm through typing this. I am so excited for you, how fun to be planning this trip; I do hope that the tulip fields will be a blaze of color in June. I'm sure that they have tulips that bloom all through the Spring season, after all they supply flowers to florists all over the world all year through. Tulips are just one of them. Do you have a bike? This would be a great time to get your leg muscles ready for biking. I've heard that it is the best way to see the Netherlands.
    Oh, again, I am thrilled for you.
    Connie :)

  7. A very interesting post. Have a blessed day.. Madeline

  8. You have so much to look forward to! The map is a real keepsake and reminder of great things to come. :)

  9. Carol this is going to be such a great trip for all of you. How fun to take time to plan it out too.
    Love the map it will be a great reminder of great things are coming for you.

  10. Very cool. I hope you take us all on your adventure. Blogging has definitely uncovered some great trip itineraries and recommendations. I look forward to hearing yours too.

  11. Carol! What a fun thing to look forward to and dream about. I love the map idea and can't believe that you will be on your way to Paris before you know it! Blessings-xo Diana

  12. Oh, my....what a great trip this will be. The map is just adorable..and no one in the world could display it better than you.
    As you know, I want everything you show us, and my first thought was our trip to Alaska 8 years ago. It was #1 on Bill's bucket list to go there and our kids gave us an Alaskan Cruise. I loved it but Bill was still talking about it when he got sick. The map would make me smile every time I saw it, I think.

  13. How exciting and hope you share your trip with us. The map is really going to be a wonderful reminder of your travels too.

    Enjoy the rest of your day


  14. What a cool map! And lucky you for getting to go to Europe! :-)

  15. I like the map, and I love how you displayed it in your home! I liked the French books you featured, too!!!