Monday, August 15, 2016

Lazy Days

Lately I've been feeling a bit lazy and this morning,

one of my most devoted followers (that would be Steve) questioned me on my lack of posts.

I told him that beach walks and sailing adventures have cut into my productivity.

I have been enjoying the last days of wonky views through our wavy 1920's windows - replica windows have been built and will be installed soon.

I bought some beautiful sunflowers and set them on the windowsill - Steve liked the sunlight in the picture and asked for a copy of it.

He liked my last photo of sunflowers, painted it and sold it on the same day he posted it on Facebook so I can't wait to see how he paints the sunflowers in the window.

I made a few changes on my desk in the guest room,

 broke my rule of nothing new in the house - I couldn't pass up that blue box 

and freshened up the cart in the entry.

Then I remembered the biggest project of all - the headboard Steve built for me last Tuesday.

The bedroom is in transition - the yellow walls will be painted white as soon as the new living room windows are installed.

When Steve asked me why I hadn't posted, I thought I had been lazy like this little one, but I guess I did accomplish a few things.


  1. I don't think you are lazy at all. You really do accomplish a lot of things. I think when your working it's go go go all the time. When we retire we have more time to accomplish our tasks. I really don't know how I did all I did. Now its a much slower pace.

    Your home always looks different and so pretty.

    I see Lulu is taking it easy.

    Have a great week.

  2. Well Miss Lulu, Miss THANG! teeeheeeeee she makes me laugh.

    Carol dear, I HAVE MISSED YOU! First of all, congratulations to Steve for having sold that gorgeous painting in ONE DAY! WOOO HOOO! It's absolutely stunning, and yes, I can't wait to see what he does with the image of the other bunch of sunflowers!

    That yellow bedroom photo, OH MY....I wonder if he'd paint that? Could you imagine how gorgeous a soft, pastel yellow painting of that scene would be?

    I hope you are feeling well dear friend? Your hand, is it OK?

    I seem to have missed you on Instagram, are you not posting as much there either?


  3. Wow, congrats to Steve for selling that delightful, summery painting in one day!

    You're always busy, having fun and making lovely things even lovelier.

    I'm always inspired when I visit here.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. I would rather be on a beach walk than in front of a computer...any day! Looks like you both have gotten lots done this summer! Hugs!

  5. Wonderful pictures, you have real pieces of art. Congratulations!

  6. Yes I agree that we should spend more time smelling the roses and lovely beach walks than sitting in front of a computer.
    Summer here are too short to be wasted.
    Congratulations on Steve's painting!

  7. I'd say you accomplished a lot of things. I love Steve's sunflower print :) I love the yellow paint but can't wait to see how it looks in white.

  8. Walks on the beach sound much more fun then blogging to me! You do a lot and I enjoy it when you share. Steve's art continues to delight me!

  9. I've been at the computer working on the last of freelance articles I agreed to write this summer and the minute I pushed the 'send' button I was out in the garden and have limited my visits to the computer, blog and all things indoors since then. BTW, what is Steve's FB page? I'd love to follow it.

  10. There will be rainy days when posting beautiful beach photos will be a comfort. For now I'm enjoying the sunshine and the water and storing up the memories for later.

  11. YOU?!?!? Lazy???

    I simply DO NOT believe it!!!


    Hugs ~

  12. I had to come right over and see what lazy looks like to you! ;0) What a nice inspiration you are to Steve. That painting is wonderful!

  13. Dear Carol, I am surprised that you even know what the word "lazy" means . . . you are so far from lazy that it is like night & day. New windows will be nice and now you can start looking on Pinterest for old window craft ideas:)

  14. I always love looking at your photos. They are cheery and colorful and makes me want to go out and pick bouquets of flowers to place in each room.

  15. Sounds lovely, just taking it easy...
    Beautiful post from you!
    Warm hug, Titti

  16. It's the dog days of summer, so you have the right to take it easy and enjoy! I'd never call you lazy, though. Not you!!!!

    I like your sunflower vignettes. It reminds me of a page in a new book I just got. I might post about it next week. You're my inspiration!


  17. I love the way you inspire Steve too! I can;t imagine you spending a day doing nothing! I spent an afternoon just picking flowers and arranging them, it was so relaxing.

  18. Seems a lot of bloggers are slowing down right now. It might be the dog days of summer, whatever that means. Here the endless heat and lack of rain is making me feel a little lazy. Amazing accomplishment from vignette to photo to painting to fb to SOLD!!! In one day. I would think your photos would give Steve lots of possibilities.

  19. I would never think of you and the word lazy! Fun to see your happy photos, Carol. I'm surprised you are replacing the windows. Are they leaking? I love the old glass. Hope you don't toss the old windows. If you do, you should salvage the old glass. It's hard o come by. and might be useful in old pieces of furniture. We have two different old pieces where glass had to be replaced, so one can see that it isn't the wavy glass like the other pieces. I'd love to find old glass to replace these.

  20. Even your lazy days aren't lazy! :) But I think we all need a few more of them. Let's enjoy the 'dog' days of summer. Someone has it all figured out. Love Steve's sunflower painting and can't wait to see the new one. I'm sure I don't need to tell you, but don't toss those old windows!

  21. Gosh Carol you being lazy??? Never will happen! Love the sunflower painting Steve sold. I hope once the room is painted you will do a tour de bedroom so we can all check out the headboard.

  22. Love the lazy days of summer too Carol. Little Lulu looks so cute napping away. Everything looks beautiful.
    Happy New Week.

  23. You have clicked beautiful pictures. You have warm and cozy home. Loved the bay window picturesque.

  24. Carol, it sounds like you have been enjoying the simple things...and what could be better? I can't wait to see Steve's painting of the sunflowers in the window! Happy Wednesday, Pam @ Everyday Living

  25. Beautiful photos. You are not lazy at all. I loved the yellow in your home, but the white is looking just as good!!

  26. It has been very humid here in NJ. That tends to make us lazy. Lulu looks adorable. Steve, what a talent, love the picture he painted of the sunflowers. Not sure, I think he should become a painter, what do you think? HA, HA


  27. Sometimes, I think I've been lazy, too and when I look back at the week, it wasn't LAZY, just a whole lot slower....:)

  28. You've been lazy??
    Dear Carol may we all be "lazy" like you. You accomplish a lot in these "lazy" days of yours.
    I sense warmth and tranquility in your house from the photos

  29. You, lazy? I doubt it! No one says you have to "accomplish" anything in a given day. Just enjoy life! If that means long walks by the ocean, lying around to enjoy a book or magazine - go for it. It's all good.

  30. I love Steve's painting of the sunflowers from real to still life. So pretty! Lazy days can be productive too!

  31. Hi Carol, Lazy is sure not a label for you. You do more in a day then most in a month. Lovely to view your home and always an inspiration.
    Have a great evening. xo


  32. I was on SYC and happen to spot your gorgeous pup in the pic and came over to your blog to see if ya had more pix of her (lol) AND see whatcha have here!

    Is she a poodle? Poodle mix? Or some other breed?

    I love curly dogs...can't get enough!! We have a Mini Schnoodle named Quincy...he's a mommy stalker! He has to know where I am at all times.LOL
    He was sick after we rescued him in Dec, and was not crate trained (but was house broken) so I had to stay home with him until he was better AND crate trained. So we "bonded". LOL

  33. I actually thing you did a lot. And your husband's paintings are always a delight for the eyes.

  34. Loved the sunflowers and really loved how Steve painted them. That is awesome that he sold the painting the same day. Congrats to Steve.
    You lazy never. You're just taking time to smell the roses.