Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Sometimes I feel like I don't have an original thought of my own and I simply capitalize on the thoughts of others, 

but when I saw this quote on Instagram, it resonated with me.

I was a happy child

and I am a happy old lady.

  I attribute that happiness to my daily celebration of the "ordinary".

Each day in our garden brings a smile to my face.

The sight of fortnight lilies in full bloom this morning

was the perfect opening for another ordinary day.

Steve and I get quite giddy when we spot more tomatoes on the vine and can't wait until they ripen.

These pretty yellow flowers, or maybe they are weeds, are part of the ordinary view on our morning walks.

I enjoy an ordinary day on the beach

as much as a spectacular one.

I was talking to a friend recently about everyday life

and I told her I was content to simply watch my flowers bloom.


  1. I so agree! We dont need all that big fancy stuff!! Flowers, the beach, family, and friends who love us...bout all we need!

  2. Thanks for the insight. We all can use more of ordinary. But, I'd like my ordinary to be in a cottage by the beach like you.


    I was often teased as a child for being too ordinary, too simple, and in some peoples' words, DUMB.

    I have often been teased as an adult for my child-like ways when I see a cute animal, see the blossoming of spring, cry at the good-bye of summer.

    But this quote is correct. But only until you have lived long enough to live out the heartaches of being teased can you finally rise up and say, I WILL embrace the simple. And so true, I know this now, that the extraordinary "will take care of itself."

    I am with you, Carol. Ruben often attributes our marital longevity to being "easily amused." We laugh daily together at the silliest things. A squirrel hanging from our window and peeping in (yes, they do), an awkward puppy, a new rose on our climber, a simply good meal.

    Laugh, be in wonder, share it.

  4. Isn't it funny how finding new tomatoes growing can make you excited? Same with us when we grew them. We skipped it this year. I would love to live close to the beach to just go and walk on it and breathe in the air.

  5. I wish I had read the quote long ago. As a teacher I bet you'll understand what I'm thinking....we raise our kids now to think that they all have to be extraordinary and it's hard on them!! We are all really ordinary and wonderful. Life is too. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. This was a 'great' post! I loved the quote and all of your photos.

    Our 'ordinary' days fill us with a joy and peace that is priceless.

    Have a lovely one ~ FlowerLady

  7. After the health scare brought us racing back from Greece this summer and we dealt with it - hopefully for good -- I have been using the phrase of how 'extraordinary an ordinary day' can be. The idea that I get up to face laundry or ironing, buying groceries or cooking and not sitting in a hospital waiting room for someone to bring me good or bad news has made such ordinary things, a complete joy! Each day is a gift. Great post. Love the quote.

  8. O MY! What a great quote! Love it!! And beautiful snaps of your remarkable "ordinary" Life!! Thanks for visiting!

  9. Life really is what you make of it. I enjoy the simple things in life and find happiness each day. Your garden is lovely and your so blessed to leave by the beach. You inspire me!

  10. What a great post. Love your garden, walks on the beach and just enjoying life.


  11. I really like that quote you found. Taking joy in the ordinary is something I try to do. Your photos are beautiful. Happy day to you.

  12. Hi Carol,
    The quote is so true. Love seeing all your pics. Love love the pic with the clock and books. Gorgeous.
    Happy New Week.

  13. thanks for sharing that quote, so very very true. Your flowers are beautiful and I cannot imagine living next to the ocean, amazing!

  14. I love the simple things in life too. Just sitting on my porch and drinking a good cup of tea or coffee is so refreshing. Going for a simple drive on the weekend is so nice. Hubby has a cell phone and I do not. He does not answer it when we are going places or just enjoying the time together. This generation is too much into phones and do not enjoy the simple life.

  15. I agree. Enjoying ordinary things are what makes life extraordinary.Lovely post!

  16. I am happy too! I revel in simplicity. I love being at home and in my garden, playing with my pets, taking walks, chatting with friends and neighbours and such. I love the hobbies I have as well.

    Over the years I've been told I lead a "boring" life but I am never bored. And I'm always happy, too.


  17. Such a lovely post, Carol...the sentiment, and your beautiful photos!

  18. I soooooooo agree!!
    The real beauty in life is in the "ordinary" and we only have to look.
    you showed it perfectly with these amazing beautiful photos.

  19. YES!! I actually wrote a post about this a little bit ago after a girlfriend came home from church and the sermon was about how every ordinary day is truly an extraordinary day. It really is...and I always love your pretty photos, Carol!!

  20. What a great post and I do believe you'll open a few eyes with this one. God's beauty is all around us and all we need to do is open our eyes and see them. What joy they can bring us. The simple things in life are amazing. Thank you so much for the post.

  21. I love the quote! We are we trying to complicate things? The famous keep it simple didn't teach us anything?

  22. Carol - Great post. We just take so many things for granted in this life and don't realize how wonderful things are until they are gone and/or change. Thanks for reminding us.


  23. I absolutely agree, Carol. There is no beauty quite like the beauty of an ordinary day!

  24. Well, you've just turned "ordinary" into an extraordinary post, Carol!

  25. Great post...I love my simple life and look for joy everyday.

  26. It's the small things that can make me smile.
    Just sitting on the porch watching the birds or the water fountain in the lake. Or watching people.