Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Tale of Two Sisters

Two sisters. . . two years apart . . . living different lives in different worlds.

Marcia works in London, has a high powered job and dresses in the latest styles.

I do arty things dressed in flip flops and tees.

We spent a quick 24 hours together while she is home on vacation and I snapped some pics of her beautiful home.

A welcoming bench in the entry is decked out in lovely reds and yellows.

When we downsized to our cottage, several family pieces, such as this antique sewing cabinet in the entry, went from our home to Marcia's.

The colorful Chinaman and carved paint brush were gifts from me.

 It is difficult to buy for the woman who literally has everything so I am always pleased to see my gifts on display.

The first sight when you enter the house is the dining room table which is ALWAYS decked out in seasonal finery.

Fourth of July and Bastille Day are united on the table in my favorite color palette.

I love the little blue containers which tonight will sport colorful cloth stars Marcia purchased on our little shopping spree today.

The ceramic cups are from the yogurt she eats in London and she has promised to bring me back a set the next time she comes home.

Marcia dotes on detail and is always looking for the perfect pieces for her table.

The white pillow sat at the head of the table, but it was missing a counterpart.

On our shopping spree she found it's opposite - the blue with white stars.

 The "youth" chair in the corner is slightly taller than the dining room chairs and has been passed down through the family.  

My father sat in the chair as a child as did both Marcia and me.

The tradition continued with Marcia's children and when little Sophia is big enough, my niece will be the fourth generation to use the chair.

 I have not been to Marcia's house in several years (we tend to meet halfway for lunch or dinner) and had not seen her living room since she has redecorated.

Oh, the childhood memories the room evokes-

the oak buffet from our dining room
the tea cart which held my mother's precious tea set 
the china cabinet filled with "special occasion" dishes
the fireplace bench handmade by my grandfather.

The Queen Anne chair belonged to my grandmother and is another of the pieces that we gave to Marcia when we downsized.

Marcia tucks special pieces into corners and onto every surface throughout the house.

The library table my mother paid $.50 for at a school sale 50 years ago sits in the breakfast nook.

One of the few items I envy Marcia for getting is the Arab statue - although I hated dusting it when it was my turn to clean the living room.

Attention to detail is the focus outdoors as well with birds, lions and one of many westies guarding the front entry.

Marcia did not really want me to photograph the house and garden.

She says her house is missing "a woman's love" while she is away and the only occupants are her husband and step-son who don't notice little details.

It was lovely to sit with her in the garden last night and again this morning as we caught up, remembered and laughed together.

We followed yesterday's eating and shopping with more shopping - at a favorite shop in town and the garage of our childhood home.

I drove back home, after a long overdue visit, with a carload of goodies from favorite stores


some great finds from the garage.

I only found one thing I was looking for, but I found so much more and can't wait to find ways to use them.

. . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Good Morning Carol, How lovely that you were able to spend time with your sister. It is difficult when you live apart as my sister lives in London aswell..... but when we are able to get together, like you, it is fun reminiscing and we love shopping together aswell.
    Your sister has a beautifully decorated home with so many interesting pieces to look at. I could spend hours just "drinking in" all the wonderful things.
    You say your sister did not want you to take photographs, well I am so pleased she changed her mind. Please thank her, as it was kind of her to let us take a peek.
    Best Wishes

  2. What beautiful eclectic taste your sis has - love her space - and that garden is to die for!
    Thanks for sharing - have a lovely weekend
    Big hugs,

  3. Good morning sweet Carol!

    How lovely that two sisters can live such different lifestyles, but whose lives are so connected still, over the miles. What a lovely home, and obviously she lives in the London area, right? The outside of her home has an American feel to it, and I would think it was smack dab in the middle of California, or even here where I am! BEAUTIFUL! Anita

  4. Although physically far apart, the two of you share a love of color. The collage of her tabletop looks as though it could have come right from your home! I'm glad you had the chance to spend a special day together.

  5. I know you must have had so much fun catching up with your sister, Carol. Beautiful photos of her home and love the memories from some of her special family pieces.
    Mary Alice

  6. Her home is beautiful; you BOTH have that artistic gene!!

  7. Your sisters home is lovely. Isn't it wonderful to have so many items passed down through the family so that you have an emotional attachment to it. Her outdoor space is wonderful and I am in need of some of my own.
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  8. You and your sister share a wonderful sense of color and style. I love that little Westie!

  9. Hi Carol,

    If there was a game where you had to match sisters' homes, you and your sister's would be the easiest, I think!! I see a common denominator for our beloved primaries, a love of country style and sense of family history! I love the brick in the front entrance and the relaxed look of the patio and pool area. Thanks for sharing these beautiful scenes!


  10. I am so glad you got some sister time in! There is nothing better! I love all of the detail she puts into her table...though you live differently I can tell from her table that you have something in common...COLOR! Her home is beautiful! Loving those family pieces as well!

  11. Your sister's home is beautiful and elegant. I'm confused though - if Marcia lives in London, how did you snap pictures of her house if she's in CA visiting you?

  12. Aren't sisters fun? I have always enjoyed my sisters so much. We have so many fond memories of growing up in a houseful of girls. Glad you got to visit with yours. Her home is beautiful.


  13. She does have a beautiful home, I like the oriental touches and the old furniture with its stories attached.

  14. I am so glad you had a good get together with your sister. Her home is lovely and so full of family treasures!


  15. So fun to have some time with your sister. She has a lovely home made even better with all of your family memories. I have those red and white placemats and I love them. Mimi

  16. Such a pretty home and garden. Smiles, Dottie

  17. In the first several photos, I noticed that as sisters you had similar color choices! How wonderful of you to give her the heirlooms :)

    And your story reminded me of a room in my sister's home; I told her how much I loved it, and I really did. Then later at home, it dawned on me that I had given her all the furniture and linens over the years. She had arranged them so artistically, in her own manner, that I had not recognized it as previously my own :)

  18. That's a hell of a long way to travel for work !
    I bet she enjoys going home to her beautiful house and garden, but it must be a wrench to travel back to the UK and our dreadful weather !!

  19. Hi Carol,
    While you and your sister are different in personality and living apart you are both very similar with your color love!!!! Her table setting could be in your house. So beautiful and full of vibrant colors. Glad you had a nice visit with your sister.

  20. This is why I LOVE BLOGGING so much .
    The stories shared by others bring so much MORE
    than just the words and the pictures ....
    they bring connection with
    hidden feelings
    neglected feelings
    forgotten feelings

    They remember me ME .......
    Once upon a time we were with FOUR .....sisters .
    I am the oldest ..
    Now we are with TWO .
    Reading about you and your sister
    living so far away and yet
    you always are and will be SISTERS .
    Since we now are with just two
    I try to connect more .....
    Thank you for all you are sharing overhere
    hug from rainy Holland

  21. I love the bench in your sister's entry. Such beautiful carving. I can find some of these blue containers for you if you want some... I used to even find some green ones I gave my mother as her house has a green theme.

  22. What a fascinating post. You and your sister live such different lives and it was so apparent from the photos. Thank you so much for sharing this slice of your life, I loved seeing the photos of her home and I'm so glad you had such a wonderful-and sentimental-time together. It is amazing how seeing and touching old objects can take us back in time.

  23. Your sister's house is lovely and her dining room table immediately made me think of you! It must have been lovely to reacquaint yourself with some of your family heirlooms.
    Sarah x

  24. Carol, your sisters house is so lovely. Your styles are so different, but you share the same love of color. The little chair is precious! I have a star pillow like the square one. Wish I could find the opposite. I think my star is red. Haven't brought it down from upstairs yet. The outside is as lovely as the inside. Thanks so much for sharing with SYC. Glad you got to spend time together. Fun to see the things that you gifted to her.