Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When I Can't Sleep

I have not been able to sleep lately, lying awake and thinking even when I finally climb into bed at 2 a.m.

Last night, after going to a movie, I came home wired and started organizing the linen closet.

And, I kept going . . .

I moved furniture from room to room and even outside.

When KC was in town for my retirement party, she commented that she wasn't loving the sewing machine base in the entry.  

I moved my mother's cedar chest into the entry and grabbed some pillows from the guest room sofa.

Other embellishments were sand dollars Steve finds on the beach and some flowers still fresh from the party.

I moved pillows around and settled on the BEACH pillow along with a green stripe.

I started with a blue and white striped canvas bag hanging from the hooks, but I changed it for a few of our grocery bags.

The bags are special to us because they are from the city visitor's bureau and have 2 different paintings of Steve's on the front.

The base to my grandmother's sewing machine ended up on the patio.

All the embellishments that had been on my green bench were divided between the table and the ladder to create a welcoming sight when we walk outside.

I brought out the Button Checkers game my sister bought me last week when we were visiting and put it out on the patio table.

Steve says he is drawing the line on the game - you don't play checkers with buttons- but it is just so cute and so me!

The green bench which had been living on the patio is once again in the living room and vignettes were moved around and/or deleted to freshen up the space.

I am pleased with the new look, but there is TOO MUCH green.

The box in front of the fireplace is something I found in my parents' garage and I love that it was already green, but the color will have to be changed if it is going to sit where it is.

The green box on top of the green cabinet is definitely over the top, but I love the box, so the cabinet is going red this weekend.

Across the room is another green table (when did I get so much green?) and it will get a new color also.

I finished freshening up the house this morning by moving items to the hallway cabinet

and to the dining room.

Steve actually noticed the changes and asked me this morning what I had done with the sewing machine base - he didn't think to look outside.

When I explained my motive to him explaining that I couldn't sleep, he figured my problem out immediately.

We bought sodas for my retirement party - something we never have in the house and I have been drinking a diet soda each night, but not tonight.

Hopefully I will get some sleep!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Don't you just love it when your insomnia is productive...works for me ! The house looks gorgeous!

  2. Every time I see your pretty house I want to go paint all my furniture in bright colours. Then I chicken out.

    Maybe your insomnia is related to thyroid issues? That's what happened to me anyway. it went years without being diagnosed...

  3. I could use some of your energy. I'm an early riser, but not worth much after 8pm at night:-) I LOVE that button checkers game, I've never seen anything like it.

  4. Ha! I get the jitters from soda!!! Can you come to my house and tweak things for me?!?! I think that movement in a home is so important and you do it so well! Your vignettes are way to awesome as is the view out on to your garden! Oh and I am loving the button checkers! That is so adorable as is that box in front of the fireplace!!!

  5. Wow, you were productive! There are nights I can't sleep and I get up, but I don't think I've every been that productive.

    I host a weekly party called Seasonal Sundays and would love to have you link.

    - The Tablescaper

  6. Carol,
    Everything looks great. Diet Coke can make a person very productive especially late at night!!!! It was a good productive!!!!

  7. Hope that is the problem. It's such a pain not to be able to sleep well. But look at all the stuff you got done! Everything looks very summery. Have to say I love it. Mimi

  8. All very whimsical and fun! Amazing how it all looks so different. Love the painting on the wall of the water-can on the blue table.

    I saw a sewing machine base made into a kitchen table. Yours is much more delicate.

  9. your house is so pretty and cheerful!

  10. Anything "diet" is a big "no no" on my list... I've been sleeping for two lately (I think it's because I was so tired after the renovation), so maybe if you sleep well again, I'll sleep less?

  11. I do the same thing when I can't sleep. As I'm thinking about changes I'll make in the morning, I finally just get up in the middle of the night and do it. You were quite productive!!! Carol, you have so many great pieces to "play" with in your home. LOVE that red scale!
    Mary Alice

  12. Well, if drinking soda gives you this much creative energy, I need to buy myself a case pronto! No matter how you change things up it all looks good. The checkerboard tablecloth and game are such a fun addition to your patio!

  13. Beautiful Carol!

    I wonder if you can't sleep because you are TOO EXCITED about all the fun you can create? I know that is my dilemma! It is a good one; rather to not be able to sleep because you have so much you want to do rather than not be able to sleep because of depressive thoughts....create, live, ENJOY!

    Your cottage is most enchanting, as always; I missed your posts as I was away for three days. Have fun! Anita

  14. I love all of the bright, cheery colors of your decor! (I love cleaning/organizing to calm my mind...it is like therapy)

  15. I sometime do that too...stay up way too late.For me is that when I have an idea, and start doing it...I just can't stop until I am done. I see you had quite a workout last night.

  16. Nice changes! And there is no such thing as too much green!

    There is a shout out to you at Home In Douglas!

  17. I don't even know where to begin on what I like the most... well, all of it of course. Your vignettes are fabulous and rearranging and being creative when you can't sleep I think is one of the most satisfying things to do!
    I just love your home! Ahhh to live by the sea!
    Beth P

  18. Oh, soda is keeping you awake; I wonder if that is what makes me have trouble sleeping sometimes now too. You sure have been busy moving things around since your retirement, and I love it all. What color will you paint the box by the fireplace? Yellow or red? No matter the colors, it all looks beach perfect to me.

  19. Great little changes, I have been having sleeping issues too, then I am exhausted during the day.

  20. All that sugar and caffeine will do all kinds of things to you!

    Cottage always is so pretty and happy looking! Love all your changes and I hope you get a good night's sleep!

  21. Love your changes and how it always looks like summer is at your house:) I really hate not being able to sleep but your bout with it sure was productive!

  22. The lack of sleep sure has been productive! When I don't sleep, I just get grouchy and get even less done! LOVE all of the changes! LOVE your colors too! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  23. You use your late night time a lot more productively than I do. I love all the details in your house. Makes me want to move furniture around, but I only have three rooms. Not much place to move things to.

  24. You've done a great job organizing and rearranging. I love all the color in your home. Hopefully you can get some rest now! Or . . . if you are still on a roll . . . come on over to my place for a visit. I'd love to work side by side with you! Blessings to you, Patti

  25. I hope you had a better night sleep. At least you used the time to good effect. Your home look so lovely, I love the way you are always making changes to it.
    Sarah x

  26. I'm glad you figured out the cause of your insomnia. I wish I had a tenth of your energy! Everything looks great.

  27. Oh, and I agree, the checkers game is darling!

  28. Hey if you can't sleep at least you did something good. I have that problem too...quite often. Hope you can sleep better tonight. :)

  29. I love all your changes! I hate it when I can't sleep. I'm really sensitive to caffeine so no soda's for me late in the day!


  30. I love all the changes! I love it when I get that creative burst of energy and start moving things around. It's amazing how just moving things around makes it look fresh and new! Can't wait to see the paint job on the cabinet & table! I love green, but agree that those need a different color for balance. Have a splendid Friday!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  31. I bet you couldn't sleep because you were drinking pop at night! Well, at least you were productive. Your house always looks great to me; love all the color and your creative vignettes.

  32. Carol , trhank you somuch for inviting me into your wonderful house
    You have to thank the soda's for all what happened in your house ....
    Now you can enjoy it all and leave the soda behind !
    Enjoy your tea and your good ninght sleeps !
    I love the way you color your things and your home
    and your life . Thank you so much .
    Have a wonderful weekend I wish you
    from grey-sky Holland

  33. What a fun place to play in, moving things around. It's just adorable. Yes, the caffeine will keep me awake too. I gotta watch that. Love the button checkers!

  34. I just love all the gorgeous color in your home!

  35. Goodness it's been ages since I stopped by to say hello! I love all of your challenges especially the window seat in the kitchen! Nantucket Daffodil suggested I stop by and check out what you've been doing! So glad I did. You've given me lots of information and ideas. I have my own decorating dilemma going on right now if you have time please stop by and comment.

    Have a great day!

  36. Okay,now that I am here, I have been drawn in and am amazed and visually delighted with the way you put things together. I could use your clever ways with my 'Playhouse' I haven't quite got to the decorating part, but have gleaned several fantastic ideas from your posts. You can read about the house on my blog,
    just search -playhouse- it is about 12' x 8' I would seriously love your input?
    Keep smiling and creating.