Thursday, June 6, 2013

Visit Cozy Little House

I'm not here today.

A few months ago I commented to Brenda at Cozy Little House we "color" girls needed to stick together.

She followed that comment with an invitation for me to be a contributor to her site.

And so, today, I am over at Brenda's sharing How We Live With the Things We Love. 

Check out some of my "hidden" secrets about living comfortably in a little tiny cottage by the sea.


  1. Hi Carol,
    I read your feature at Cozy Little House and I loved it. I always love seeing your cute home. Like I said there it may be small but it is large in charm. You have it fixed up so cute and it really reflects you and the hubby and that is what is important. Congrats on being a contributor.
    Have fun on Saturday. I will be thinking good thoughts for you.

  2. Brenda's a special friend of mine, too! I'll go visit you there! HUGS!

  3. I love your color sense! I'll go over there.

  4. I went over and read your post. It was interesting to see how you addressed lack of storage. Sometimes I think we are too rigid about where things should be placed. My friend had diapers, cream etc in the drawer of the entertainment centre. It was perfect, central to everything.

  5. I love Brenda and have often thought you were a perfect match for each other....lots of color and small spaces!


  6. Wonderful post over at Cozy Little House!

  7. Oh hay! I love reading CLH and all that Brenda has to offer.
    I could totally see you contributing there!
    I'm off to read it. :)

  8. Carol,
    Your cottage looks soo inviting!! My house isn't super small, but I love the feeling of a cozy room. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Little houses are so cozy and are easier to heat, and what a good use of storage, I do the same thing but I forget where thing are most of the time but that way everything gets a good clean when I'm looking for things.

  10. Oh how fun!!! I am jumping over friend!!

  11. Great post. Love all your ideas for storage. Love the colors of the cushions.

  12. I live in a small house too, and wouldn't change it for a mansion anytime! I have to be very tidy, and No Junk! No hoarding.When I start hoarding (I used to be a teacher, so we are terrible hoarders),I have a blitz, and toss out or give away.
    Nice post.


  13. Carol my dear one,

    YOUR COTTAGE is a haven, a castle to me. Living in a small space (and I know the feeling) makes us even more productive to find ways to LIVE in it. Your home is a perfect nest to live a happy life and I love it all. Anita

  14. Carol, you did a fantastic job at Brenda's today!!! Left my comments there. Mary

  15. I checked out the great post. It's always a joy to see pics of your pretty home.
    Love Steve's painting of the doors, hanging over the white cabinet. I don't think I've seen that one before, it's gorgeous !

  16. Love the color! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  17. Ooh, hope you're still over there...on my way :-)


  18. I saw you at Cozy Little House. I fell a little more in love with your cottage!

  19. I fell in love too!
    I am also one of the color girls, in fact Brenda and I are constantly repinning each other's stuff on pinterest.
    We have a little stone cottage and you have given me some great new ideas.
    Thanks for sharing and I am your newest follower.

  20. So cool! Congratulations on being a contributor!

  21. I just read your feature, Carol. I loved it! I love your cottage, too. My favorite thing is your fearless use of color, especially primary colors! :D


  22. I just read your post on Cozy Little Cottage and loved it. I had to giggle when you commented about the shoes under the bed etc.
    I'm not sure I could go that small with all the debris I have. Nice word for crap. lol