Thursday, June 13, 2013

Live the Life You Have Imagined

I am getting the hang of this retirement thing.

Over 30 years ago, Steve and I participated in a 3 day retirement planning seminar with his company.

One exercise asked us to visualize ourselves in retirement.

I imagined myself walking on a beach and creating whenever/whatever I wanted.

Well, this week I have definitely been living the life I imagined and working on my 30 Days of Pinterest project.

I ordered linen napkins and a tablecloth from Save-On-Crafts a couple of weeks ago to make an alphabet tablecloth like one I saw on Dreamy Whites.

I wanted to use blue just to be different, but I couldn't get the lid off the jar and I didn't want to wake Steve ( I start many of my projects about 11:00 p.m.) so I went with my standard red.

Hand painted letters are just too much work so I used stickers to create a reverse stencil.

With 26 letters and only 47 inches, I had to get creative and stagger the height of the letters across the length of the cloth.

The other side got numbers for a different look.

I used an idea from my 'Lovely Linens' Pinterest board as inspiration for the napkins.

There were still 6 napkins left so they became today's project.

I bought some Tim Holtz metal pieces the other day and simply tied them onto the napkins with jute.

Now, I imagine myself finishing reading  The Secret Keeper and going for a swim.

What are you up to today?

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. This is great Carol. You go girl. Enjoy.

  2. Well, I'm already impressed. Darling tablecloth! I saw your other fun projects too. We went to visit family in SB this weekend. Waved your way. Maybe you were in your kayak! We went to the fundraiser at The Music Academy of the West and bought more linen! Haha! (It's too high priced, but we were really supporting the school.) Carpinteria should have some in their darling vintage shops!

  3. Oh my Carol! I think we are kindred spirits! Your retirement plans sound so much like what mine will one day...:) I absolutely LOVE the tablecloth....yours is even better that the original! I love the staggered fun! Everything is are so talented! I love Tim Holtz pieces...I have some of his gorgeous label holders. I love all the projects you put on yesterday as well....the bicycle rim is my fave! I love that little vignette. Your house is such an inspiration to much color, style, and it! Keep enjoying that retirement! :)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  4. So pretty! Now sit down and have a glass of iced tea and read for awhile!

  5. Your tablecloth (and napkins) turned out beautifully ~ I love the staggered letters!!

  6. These really turned out nice and you're living your dream life! I love that! I've been working on a shabby chic pillow cover this afternoon. I'm doing some hand stitching so it's nice to stay inside and sew on a hot day like today. hugs!

  7. One day when I retire .. I am coming to hang out with you sister.. OMGOODNESS looks amazing. YOUR so talented. Love it all .. Hope that your retirement is a blessing to you guys and now you can do the I wannas instead of the I haveta's ... HUGS

  8. You're sure off to a good start. Your table cloth is wonderful and I like it even better than the inspiration version.

  9. Wow-great job! Love both the tablecloth and napkins! (I love anything with numbers/words :)

  10. Love the tablecloth! So cute! I will have to read more about your Pinterest project. Today I took a watercolor painting class for the first time. Just kind of fell into it, but it was something new to explore!

  11. Now that is a fun tablecloth for adults and children alike! I wouldn't have thought of using the stickers as a stencil.

  12. That's so awesome that you're living the dream you dreamed of years ago. So cool! Great job on the beginning of your 30 projects in 30 days. Your projects turned out great!

  13. A project a day. Wow! That is impressive and your tablecloth and napkins turned out beautifully.

  14. You have an original no one else will ever have one exactly the same unless you make them one how does that feel, pretty good.

  15. Love you napkins and tablecloth. How clever to do the reverse stencil, now that I could do!!

  16. Those napkins are adorable! You have given me some inspiration for our fall bash for the beans! Thinking farm theme??? Your tablecloth is outstanding! The fact that you get the letters to cooperate with you and look so even is amazing to me...It is AWESOME!!! SO glad you are living the life that you imagined!!!

  17. sounds like you're living your dream.
    love the reverse stencilling idea!

  18. Carol my dear, YOU ARE LIVING THE LIFE YOU IMAGINED! Isn't it stunning how we have dreams and through hard work and focus, we are many times able to capture that dream and lasso it in? I love your linen table cloth; I did something similar for Christmas. I took a gorgeous gray linen (inexpensive, of course) and stamped with gold paint, the words to a French Christmas carol all along the border. It is certainly a conversational piece with guests during the holidays!

    How I love your cottage and style. ENJOY! Anita

  19. I love that tablecloth so much, playing with letter is so fun!

  20. That is wonderful! How lovely that your dreams are coming true!

  21. I loved The Secret Keeper! Let me know what you think about it.
    What a clever project! I love your tablecloth.


  22. I love both of these projects. That tablecloth is so cute and cheery. I am so jealous of your retirement status. One year ten months to go, and I can join you.

  23. Good Afternoon Carol, How fabulous that you are enjoying retirement. I am retired and I love it, but I have to say, you put me to shame with all your projects. You are amazing.
    I love the tablecloth, it is so very different to anything I have ever seen.
    At the moment I am working on a baby quilt. Chairmaine (a friend) is expecting her baby in two weeks, so I am busy sewing blocks together. Almost there.
    Have a lovely weekend. I just know you will be a busy bee.
    Best Wishes

  24. Love that tablecloth! And loving your kitchen, too...the red, blue, and yellow are so cheery and charming.

  25. I'm so glad you are having such fun in your retirement and following your plan so well. Your makes are wonderful.
    Sarah x

  26. Love the red, and the staggered letters, and the numbers, it all works so well with the napkins. I'm a bit staggered that you start stuff at 11pm, that's when I go to bed, but whenever you do it, you're definitely 'living the life' !

  27. That turned out so cute! Wouldn't it be fun to make all of your gifts that you give? I bet every girlfriend would love one of those.

  28. Your table cloth turned out great. Great idea. The napkins are so nice too.

    I've been sewing. I hemmed 2 skirts I bought. They were just way too long. And I'm working on a quilt for the grand.

  29. Being a former high school math teacher, I love numbers, closely followed by letters of the alphabet. Your tablecloth and napkins are wonderful! I like how you reversed painted them; such a great idea.

    One of my favorite quotes in life is "Go in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined," by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

    Have a great Father's Day weekend and have a wonderful retiremet.


  30. Hi Carol,

    How ingenious of you to fit the letters like that!! Imagining something and then doing it; hmmm...kinda like visualization or the self-fulfilling prophecy theory, right? Those primary colours that we are so 'preoccupied' with, you PUT into practice and did so in SUCH a pretty way!

    Thanks for the beautiful imagery!


  31. Wow I am catching up on your colorful blog! Congratulations on your retirement. You may find yourself quite busy; I have, and have barely cracked my long to do list of badly neglected things around the house. But you, you started off running with your 30 days of projects challenge. It looks like fun! I love the tablecloth! Enjoy!

  32. Great idea! I love the table cloth and the napkins.
    Very creative...congratulations!

  33. I must have missed this post.
    I love this table cloth!

    you are inspiring me, you know.

  34. Congrats on your retirement! I love your motto. I am trying to live it now but I can't seem to get others on board with me.

  35. Carol I love this post, you're so darn talented. I might have to 'copy' that linen tablecloth with the stencils. And what a great idea with those Tim Holtz metal pieces. I've seen thenm at Michael's and I've actually stared at them, wondering what I could do with them. Very cool idea.
    Leslie aka Gwen Moss

  36. The table cloth and napkins are really cute.
    I wonder if I'd actually get much accomplished if I was really retired or
    would I waste time... mmmm ;o)

    Have another awesome day of freedom from the clock