Monday, March 18, 2013

Speed Shopping

Friday night we headed to one of our favorite Italian restaurants so poor Steve didn't have to cook.  

We usually go out about 6:30 on Friday nights, but we had to drop by the opening of a show where Steve is displaying some art, so we were ready for dinner about 5:30.

As we walked to the restaurant, I noticed that the lights were still on at one of my favorite shops, Meadow.

And I was in luck because the hostess told us we had a 20 minute wait.

 I talked Steve into walking across the street to Meadow - my "go to" shop when I am buying for my sister. 

She is a world traveler, for work and pleasure, and does her shopping in London, Paris and New York.

What do you buy for the woman who has everything?

I go to Meadow for little unusual gifts that she might not find for herself.

In the 20 minutes I had to spend before a table was ready, I found these sweet things.

They sat in the bag until after school today when I actually had some time for fluffing.

I love my basket of clocks, but it is time for a redo.

The birdcage is now on my antique record cabinet ( designed to hold 78 rpms) which will be changing colors next week.

A few daisies from my garden, simple books and a metal bird I found at Joanne's brought spring to the living room.

First I went with a little metal ladybug, 

but I didn't know what to do with the faucet knobs (is that what they are? ) so they replaced the ladybug.

The white heart is on my green chair,

the basket that was holding all the clocks is on the coffee table and 

some of the clock faces are on the long table.

If you read my post Losing an old friend, you might notice that "Land of the Lofts" was Steve's choice to replace the yellow truck.

The living room is fluffed and clean.

And it all came about because I had 20 minutes to wait for dinner.

The best part - our anniversary is in two weeks and Meadow has the perfect lamp to go next to Steve's old leather chair.

I think I dropped enough hints on Friday night so I hope the lamp will be mine on April 3.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

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  1. Ha! I hope he caught the hint! Your fluffing in the room turned out just perfect! I like how you placed the books in the wire basket and I love your finds and your sweet daisies!!! Wonderful!

  2. Well, I like everything you've done here!
    the patina on the bird cage is beautiful. I also happen to like the basket full of clocks and chuckled at "...time for a redo." !
    I don't know if you intended to say that; but it was funny!
    I love the painting there now. It all kind of has a eclectic modern edge to it.
    My birthday is coming soon and then our anniversary is in April too! Hope you get the lamp you were 'eyeing'


  3. Your home is so warm and welcoming with a bit of funky. I LOVE it! My favorite today is your husband's chair. I've been pining for such a chair for years. Isn't it cool how you can find a perfect little bird cage at one of your favorite stores and it totally gives you a lift and makes everything else in your room look new to you again? And you can do it for not much money and recycle something to boot! Ah, life is good. I am looking forward to exploring your blog more. I can tell there's lots of good stuff here. :)

  4. Love the birdie and cage...great finds. Your living room looks great Carol.


  5. Keeping my fingers crossed that you get the lamp! Love the different colors of the pillows on your sofa!

  6. I really hope you receive your lamp! Your room looks great! How wonderful your husband paints such beautiful paintings :)

  7. Love that bird cage. How sweet is that. Hope Steve took,the hint on the lamp.

  8. I love those impromtu shopping stops. I always figure I was meant to have it when I stumble on something like that. I'm a very good rationalizer. haha. Hey how did the kids do at their race? I can't wait to hear.
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  9. I love your basket of clocks... I love it !!!!!!! I have started the Jar of clocks....SO fun collecting them.. HUGs and have a blessed new week

  10. Your new finds look fabulous in your light filled living room! I'm envying your view of green out your windows since we got MORE snow last night!

    I like Steve's choice of Land of Lofts to replace your truck painting. :)

  11. I love to read about people's favorite shopping places and you found some great pieces! I hope that your found something as wonderful for your sister!

  12. All your sprucing up looks so fresh and pretty. Great bird cage, perfect for your home! Steve's painting looks perfect in the spot above the table.
    Mary Alice

  13. I love this new post, but love all your posts. You're such an inspiration. A wonderful imagination and your style is so perfect for me. By the way.....The placement of the faucet knobs were perfect! The second I saw them my mind jumped to working in my spring garden. Excellent finds at your favorite store for sure.
    LindaLee at
    CrossN' My Stitches

  14. What beautiful finds! Oh I love Steve's chair too!


  15. I love the little vignettes you do, and the way you always seem to 'celebrate' things as simple as switching out little accessories for a fresh look.

    Keep us posted on that gorgeous truck painting's fate. 'Land of the Lofts' looks great in its place, but that truck was just so rich and magnificent, IMHO.

    Enjoy your day!

  16. I was love the changes you are making to your home. I love the bird cage how lucky you went to eat early and couldn't get a table!
    Sarah x

  17. You spent your 20 minutes wisely and came home with some wonderful things. I really like the bird cage. Thanks for sharing at the Cabin.

  18. Fun finds! Your style is so cheerful.

  19. OH What a glorious cottage you have! Carol, how nice to see you! Thank you for coming to visit with me! It has been a long time, but I do remember your blog! I hope you are well and enjoying your home and family. The bird cages are a special addition to any décor!

    Enjoy your week! Anita

  20. Thank you for the lovely tour to show your beautiful place. I love how you carefully thought about each item and what it would bring to the vignette. I love the bird cage!

  21. Isn't if fun to foof your home when you buy new treasures? Love the birdcage and all your little changes that make your home special.

  22. I just had to come over from Creative Cain Cabin to see what you were doing with your 20 minutes : ) Everything looks so pretty, Carol. Fingers crossed for your anniversary lamp!


  23. In your life together has your husband listened to hints? Sure hope so, would be nice to have that awesome lamp you're coveting. I sure love your bird cage, awesome patina and chippy on the finish and cute bird in it. Love how you fluffed and cleaned.
    I end up changing things around when I clean, even moving furniture out to clean behind and under. We have a black lab/border collie that sheds continuously so it's very necessary frequently.
    With my hubs hints just go over his head or he ignores it. Usually I end up getting my own gifts, no matter what the occasion, lol, after the occasion. It used to hurt my feelings but after 44 1/2 yrs. it's just one of those things. The picture of the high rises is striking.
    Happy Easter & Spring

  24. Your room is just dreamy! We have a space upstairs where I will be reusing a red sofa from our old house. You've given me some great ideas for incorporating all my favorite colors in a cottagey way.

  25. That bird cage is wonderful, and 20 minutes is a ton of time when it comes unexpectedly and you are not thinking of 20 other things to do. Glad you had such a wonderful evening. I hope you get your lamp. That would be the icing on the anniversary cake.

  26. Hi lovely lady.
    I Love your birdie and cage...This was a great finds! What a glorious cottage you have! Carol, Your living room looks wonderful the way you have put it all together for your family, and how nice to see you at my Tablescape today thanks so much for your sweet comments. I hope you have a wonderful week also.
    XXOO Diane