Saturday, March 9, 2013

Keep Trying - 'til you get it right . . .

Do you ever walk past a piece of furniture day after day and then one day decide it isn't right?

I bought this chippy cabinet last fall -

great color, fits just right in my hallway yet something is wrong.

I've been thinking that it makes the hallway too dark.

Steve is still recuperating from his surgery and I passed JP's cold on to him so he went to bed early.

I was relaxing after another crazy week at school (just 88 days left) and looking at beautiful blogs.

I don't remember exactly which one got me off the sofa, but I knew that a change was coming.

A quick trip to the garage produced a new can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.

I worked in the living room so I could enjoy a fire while I painted.

ASCP is great because it dries quickly and is easy to clean up - I was able to get a second coat on before going to bed.

After breakfast the cabinet was back in the hallway waiting to be decorated.

With the cabinet white, the painting pops against the yellow wall.

Since Steve's income is from the sale of art, I should want all of his work to sell, but this piece has special meaning. 

On a vacation to New York City, we saw the great door with incredible patina on Bleeker Street.

I insisted we stop to get photographs so Steve could paint me my own door.

I wanted to keep the focus on the painting so I tried several different items on the cabinet.

I began with the same items that had been on the blue/green cabinet.

The whole look is much lighter without the blue/green, but a new color deserves a new arrangement

Next up was my vintage basket of croquet ball - from my childhood croquet game.

Same colors as the door - still not right.

I gathered things from all over the house and came up with this little vignette.

The cabinet is finished, I think I got it right.

And now it is time for garden therapy.


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  1. I love the cabinet white. You know me and whites!!!! I think it makes the painting pop too. I like the vignettes on top very pretty.

  2. I like the fresh white on the cabinet! Really the painting does stand out much more now. Your little basket of gathered things is perfect!


  3. i like how you left some of the blue coming through. it looks great. your hubby is very clever with the painting. did he do the one looking through the door as well?

  4. We are all so much alike...that's why I love my blogging friends. We want everything just right! You certainly hit it out of the park with your hallway changes. Painting the cabinet was the perfect solution. Really makes the fabulous painting show off nicely. Love the vignette you settled on and the way you filled the dish drainer. Charming as always!!
    Mary Alice

  5. I like the cabinet white, because it doesn't compete with the artwork. And I am jealous that you get to start gardening--I have to wait a couple more weeks.

  6. It looks great in the lighter color! I did not realize that your husband was the artist. I have been admiring your art for sometime. Did he also do the truck painting? Does he have a site where he sells? I am very interested. I love his style. I am suffering from that nasty cold, hope he is better soon.

  7. Yep, white was the answer. Love it now and the arrangement on top is perfect in the dish strainer:)

  8. As much as I loved the chippy paint it looks much better painted white next to your artwork!What a beautiful vignette!

  9. I love it. Did you just paint over the green and it turned out like that? No sanding? Wow. Love it. It's light, bright and sunny!

  10. It was the right thing to do. That painting is amazing and now the cabinet compliments it rather than distract from it.

    Great job!:)


  11. I know just how you feel. I painted an old cupboard yesterday, and there's something not quite right. I need to walk away for a few days and think about what's wrong with it. Your old cupboard really brightens up your hallway wearing its new white paint and your cherished painting is now the focal point!

  12. I like the cabinet much better white, and I really like all your vignettes, especially the croquet balls in the basket. :D

  13. I did like that it all matched, but I do like this look too-and I like seeing the colors come threw a bit on the white--good job!

  14. It's amazing how different it looks - I love Steve's painting too hope he is making a good recovery.
    Sarah x

  15. after you left such a sweet comment about my little stripy table, i just had to stop by and check you out. i am so glad to be your newest follower, love your little vignettes!

  16. Did you put a wax on it after the two coats of paint? It looks great and I love the vignette.

  17. You nailed it!!! The white is so subtle which makes the painting the main event!!! Love that painting by the way!!! I think painting by the fire is the way to go!!! Have a great week!

  18. I love the cabinet in the white. That painting is amazing. Before you started writing about it I was studing it. Amazing artist your husband is. Hope he gets over the cold quickly.

  19. I loved the original paint on the cabinet, but the white gives it a beautiful new look. Really does lighten things up. I always ooh and ahh over your collection of balls. The wire basket filled with fun items really is perfect for Spring! Hope your hubby gets feeling better soon. Sorry to hear that he caught the cold. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  20. GIRL... I am loving that chippy paint and that pic above it .. JUST perfect.. YOU married the two just perfectly .. Love it all .......................... I always enjoy the inspiration from your blog sister............Hugs adn hope the new week is blessed for you guys !!!!!!!!!!

  21. Cute cabinet and you can never go wrong with white. LOVE your hubby's painting of the doors. Really, really nice!

  22. Love the croquet balls and the new color on the cabinet!

    Have a great day rock star!

  23. Your cabinet looks so nice. I love the way some of the old color peeks through the white. Tweaking until you get it right is half the fun right?

  24. I often do that walk by, look at pieces of furniture or decorative items until I get the 'aha' moment. Love the transformation to the cabinet and to your final vignette you created - looks amazing and compliments the amazing painting well - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  25. Loving the artwork! You're both very talented people, and I think your pillow covers are a winner! Visiting here from Down by the sea. H :)

  26. Oh, I love it with the white cabinet! Your vignette is perfect with it. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent last week. So sorry I am just now visiting. Hope you are having a great weekend.


  27. I have the same question as another reader Did you put a wax on it after the two coats of paint? The white does brighten it up and I love all the little things you threw together to place on top.