Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Attention to Detail

This morning as I was ironing my top for work, I thought about the detail and how it makes the top just a little bit more interesting - tucks . . .buttons . . . butterflies.

The detail in the back with the row of buttons isn't seen if I wear a sweater, but to me, it makes the top.

And tonight I was ironing a top for tomorrow (much more organized today) and I realized that I also purchased it for its detail - tucks down the front and buttons on the sleeves.

Attention to detail is how I have been decorating lately.

Daisies in a mason jar look sweet, but the little red heart provides the little something extra.

Attention to detail in the kitchen- 

paint it, move it, remove it, tweak it 

get the details right.

The red heart and the hand work, but the yellow heart dish is better.

Getting the color of the cabinet right.

Getting the color of the quilts right.

Metal boxes instead of wooden balls.

It's in the details.

Cloth napkins, candles, a centerpiece  - little details to show my family they are worth the effort.

Steve doesn't usually notice details and rarely comments - unless I don't pay attention to the detail.

Then he notices.

And, since he is out in the garden grilling a steak for dinner, I think I had better stop blogging and set the table.

. . . . . . . . . . . 


  1. Carol
    I agree setting the table does show your family they are valued and that time you spend together is important. Love all the attention to details you showed.

  2. Seeing the photos side by side is a really effective way of getting your point across! I do have to try different things together before I find the arrangement that "works," and sometimes I even have to photograph a vignette to see what it's missing. Beautiful photos!

  3. I found your lovely blog through Vickie at Ranger 911 - and i'm so glad I did! Your home is gorgeous and inspiring. I look forward to following.

  4. I love your details, Carol. So warm and cozy.

  5. I already thought your home decor was awesome, and now you've taken it to a whole new level - love the changes! Mary

  6. I really like your tops and thank you for your inspiring attention to details tour, it has made my morning today.

  7. Everything is simply lovely! Blessings, Patti

  8. Hi. It's true that it is in the detail. What did your husband replace the truck picture with.
    Your packagae was mailed two days ago. Please let me know when it arrives........let's ope it does this time. If it doesn't we'll know that there is a thief hanging out somewhere.....not funny. Hope your week has gone well. It is so cold here......I am ready for warm weather. I have mogaes I have to mail today.....brrrrr.

  9. You are awesome! I always so enjoy your posts! And how lucky he is to have you because all of your attention to detail is that table with the it all!

  10. Your home is amazing and beautiful Carol. Love the table setting. Its so important to eat together as a family and share those special moments!:)


  11. Isn't it a good feeling when everything comes together just the way you want? Your attention to detail is what makes your house shine. :)

  12. I like seeing all your tweaking details. Love all the "something extras".

  13. I have been photographing your beautiful home over the years each time we come for a visit. It is an ever changing visual feast. Thanks for posting so I can see what we have been missing since our last visit. Love from your admiring Cousin, Vicki

  14. Carol, it is the little things that make things just right. Just like the quilts. Isn't it funny how mixing them up made them more appealing? I have turquoise ramekins just like your gold ones. Aren't they fun? I use mine all the time. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. Oh yes, it's all about the details - so pretty!

  16. Very cute - the details look great!
    Thanks for linking this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  17. Love, love, love your style. You are so right about details. A pretty red heart, a gingham ribbon, any little thing added in just the right spot changes the whole look