Saturday, March 16, 2013

Losing an old friend . . .

I was a little sad when I got home yesterday.

This is the site that normally greets me when I walk into the living room.

But, yesterday an old friend was missing in my view.

My old yellow truck is gone, possibly never to be seen again.

It is here, along with many of my other favorites , for two months.

My fear is that the exposure of this venue will bring it to the attention of many more people.

What if my old friend never returns?

Marriage to an artist, at least my artist, means an ever changing gallery.

Steve sells paintings (thank goodness or we might not eat) frequently and I am always happy for him.

Mt. Whitney will be picked up today.

Catalina Island, which has been on an installment plan since January, will be paid off and leaving for its new home next week.

 I have no problem with them leaving.

But, it is hard to lose a truck painting, AGAIN!

My first love was a red truck

which we spotted in a field at a winery in Mendocino.

I had 3 good years with the red truck before it moved to the home of friends where it graces their living room wall. 

Next came the yellow truck which I spotted in a field in Sonoma during a Thanksgiving winery tour.

I was driving on the way home and pulled over, in the rain, insisting that Steve get out and take a photograph.

First came a small painting just 24" x 30" which sold immediately upon completion.

The 48" x 60" inch version has hung on the living room wall for several years.

Its removal leaves a gaping space on the wall.

What do we put there?

This view from JP's old loft in Los Angeles?

 House boats in Sausalito?

A scene from my garden?

Or, maybe I get Steve to paint me something completely different.

I have a volleyball tournament today so Steve is going to surprise me with his choice.

My old friend is gone, but I know I will find a new one.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. I would be sad too if that beautiful painting left my home! What a talented husband you have! I love old cars and trucks and dream of having a piece of art like this.....someday!

  2. So much talent!
    I went to his page to see his works.
    The Honey was here with me when we clicked over... HE'S IN LOVE WITH THE PORSCHE!
    We sold our Porsche a couple of years ago.

    I'm sure your husband will paint something spectacular, to grace your walls again.

  3. I'm with you. The truck paintings are really special. But you do have some fab alternatives! I guess you can't really lose either way!

  4. So much talent there, love his paintings all so vivid!

  5. He is an amazing artist! His colors and lines are outstanding in his pieces! There is such a real and surreal quality to his work! Wow! I am blown away! Thank you for sharing his work with us! I would love to see more...maybe you will have a truck that is all for you! I especially like that one as well! Have a great weekend!

  6. It must be sad to say goodbye to an old friend but it must be wonderful to get new pictures to enjoy. I'm sure you will discover another truck on your travels and you will have another truck to enjoy.
    Sarah x

  7. They are gorgeous--no wonder they leave home!

  8. Oh my I loved the picture of the red truck. Ohhhhh I think I could not have parted with that one. Wow you are good to let that go. I think Steve should paint you something new but I do love the garden picture and I think that would look lovely up on that wall. Your hubby is a great artist I see why his stuff sells so quickly. He really captures the light and puts a lot of personality into the paintings.
    Sorry you had to part with another truck.

  9. You had me saddened there for a minute, thinking you had lost a real live friend! Steve's paintings are so wonderful, I can't imaging the truck painting won't be scooped up by someone.
    Mary Alice

  10. Oh, I LOVE all those truck paintings! And I'm sorry to say, but that last one did look perfect in your space! (I'm sure you'll replace it with something equally fabulous :) How fun to have a hubby that can create such beautiful art!

  11. fantastic! i love every one of his paintings.
    i recognise your garden too.

  12. They are all beautiful and I want that truck too:) What talent Steve has. I am lucky if I can make a stick figure.

  13. I'm sorry. I know you loved that picture. I hope he surprises you with something you really like. I'm putting the banners cute.

  14. It must be so hard to let go of one of your favorite paintings! Every painting you featured is beautiful, so I wouldn't be too worried about what will take its place. I love the painting of the houseboats!

  15. I love the truck paintings. I wouldn't think of trucks being so wonderful to look at. His work is wonderful!

  16. Carol, what a talented husband you have. Although I would have kept that truck held hostage so it couldn't go anywhere, I know you will have something beautiful to replace it..Happy Weekend..Judy

  17. I think that you had better get use to the idea that it is gone.
    If that painting doesn't sell, then something is wrong with our population.
    Your husband's work is awesomely amazing :)
    The good thing is . . . he'll paint another and you can enjoy it until it disappears, too :)
    Have a lovely day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  18. The House BOAT hands down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS and blessing, NOW you knew I would say something with some water in it didn't you LOL .. have a blessed weekend

  19. Congratulation on your up coming retirement. You are going to love it:)
    I have so much fun, with time to enjoy so many pleasures . . . like art, music, decorating, gardening . . . everything is more fun when you have the time to breathe a little deeper and slow your pace down a bit :)
    Thanks for visiting.

  20. How lucky you are to be surrounded by all those wonderful paintings - I'm not a huge yellow fan but I like the truck a lot and also, those houseboats! My house is full of (mainly) quilts and fibre art and although I would miss them if they went, in some ways, it would be lovely to have a rotating, gallery-style selection :)

  21. I can see why you'll miss yellow truck. It is a gorgeous painting.

  22. Oh what a beautiful painting. I would miss that old truck it too. Your husband is really an amazing artist isn't he? I love the worn leather chair you have in that space too! So much nicer than crisp new leather. Is it nostalgia that makes us love old things?

  23. Such wonderful works of WOULD be hard to see them go! Thanks so much for stopping by !

  24. Steve is such a talented artist. Beautiful work and I love that truck too. I can see why you are so sad. I also love that scene from your garden!


  25. I don't want to be mean... But I would be surprised no one fell in love with this paiting. It has so much charm and reminds me very much of the yellow truck my grand father had when I was a little girl. I would ride at the back and think it was so great! You must prepare yourself for a new painting I guess. Your husband is so talented.

  26. I always love your posts, and always look forward to the next one. What beautiful paintings and I just love your home. It just looks so comfy and friendly.
    LindaLee and
    CrossN' My Stitches

  27. Oh, what gorgeous art!! I would miss a big ole truck too when it disappeared from my wall. How lucky you are to live with an artist and how lucky he is to live with you. ;) Found my way here via Vickie's blog and your sweet pillow. Looking forward to visiting again. :)

  28. Wow, Steve is a fabulous artist and I especially love the truck paintings! Thanks for sharing your husband's talent at the Open House Party. I will be featuring your post at this weeks party.

  29. Steve's paintings are wonderful. I know what you mean about missing artwork, my husband is a photographer, and sometimes frames his pieces with custom driftwood frames. I love those driftwood ones, but I never seem to get to keep one for long

  30. Hi Carol,
    I so enjoyed your post. I, too, would be grieving the loss of such a special painting. Your husband is extremely gifted and I suspect that he will paint something that will rival your truck.
    Have a wonderful week and enjoy the salt air for me.

  31. What beautiful work! Sorry for your loss...

    Happy Monday!


  32. Your husband is such a great artist. I would miss that truck but ask him for something equally fantastic! Take care. Chel x

  33. What fabulous talent! Love his art work. My favs are the trucks, thanks for sharing them with us.

  34. All Steve's paintings are awesome but I lean towards the old trucks. They're my style. Old. LOL
    Can't wait to see what he gives you to replace the old yellow truck. ;o)

  35. You lucky girl! How fun to have an artist in your home. It would be bittersweet to have some of your favorites rotate out but think of what's to come. :)